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Cadillac Escalade



  • bigpimpinbigpimpin Posts: 1
    Hey Chuck !!! $37,500 is a decent price for the 2000 Escalade. I just purchased a 2000 Escalade. It had 7,000 miles on it at purchase. The warranty in-service date started in mid January 2001 (it was a former GM program car), so I only lost 4 months of the 4-year warranty. Even has the Rosen entertainment system in it. Its Aspen white, and the prettiest thing you ever did see. I got a sweet deal on it. I only paid $36,500. After reading all the negative reviews on the 2000 Escalade, I was going to break down and buy a 2002. I am so glad I didnt. My 2000 Escalade is a dream come true. I absolutely love it. It definitely has curb appeal. Daily, I receive compliments on my Escalade. If you still have the opportunity to buy the one you are looking at, jump on it. I am sure you will enjoy it as I do mine.
  • phattrukphattruk Posts: 4
    Anyone know of any dealers in the northeast that are honoring the GM employee discounts. I have tried a couple of dealers in the immediate NYC area. They all took my deposit and said they would order the truck immediately. After 30 days of having my deposit, my paper work was still sitting on the dealers desks. If anyone knows of any dealers that have allotments and are accepting employee discounts let me know. I will travel as far south as Virginia to purchase the truck...
  • carrol2carrol2 Posts: 1
    Why not slap all that plastic on an Aztek, rebadge with the wreath and crown? This adds another SUV to Cadillac and will get rid of some Judge Dred mobiles.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,914
    Cadillac finally makes Escalade its own with new 2002 model.

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  • Road test review of the Escalade CadillacEscalade.htm


    Thanks for posting those reviews of the Escalades.

    J "CaddyLac"
  • Since alot of Escalades is being driven from the car dealerships and now seen more of them on the streets, have anyone of you guys with the 2002s has trouble-free quality in your Escalades so far.

    I have not witness anyone having problems with their Escalades, yet.

    J "CaddyLac"
  • chuck1000chuck1000 Posts: 2
    Thanks to tcapps5961 and bigpimpin. I bought a new 2000 in sand/silver with a Vogue Grill and gold package for $37,500. When I heard it had these after market items, I thought they would not be acceptable. The dealer agreed to remove them if I wanted. It's about $2000 of ad-dons (retail) that they were including in the $37,500 price. When I saw the grille and gold package, they looked great. Not too flashy which is what I was worried about.

    Very, very happy with the car. Lots of compliments and the biggest problems so far is that they gave me the wrong cartridge for the DC changer! I guess I can understand some of the criticism in the write-ups but them seem a little vindictive. I actually use the vehicle on construction sites and didn't buy the car to handle like a sports car. I don't get stuck on the sites with the 4 wheel drive and it is very smooth on the highway. And those Cadillac seats! Very comfortable. And I got it for the same price as a 4x4 Explorer!

    I've seen a lot of discussion about gas mileage. In two tanks of mixed driving (highway, city, some 4WD) I am getting a little less than 13 mpg on regular. My 1998 Mountaineer did no better than 15 and that was two wheel drive.

    Have any of you looked into upgrading the audio. The dose is pretty good but it is a little understated and radio reception is not great. Has anyone replaced speakers or the amp? (I understand the face is integrated with the On Star so would be difficult to replace). Also, has anyone added a back up sensor system.


  • impalass4impalass4 Posts: 1
    have any of you seen the 2002 Escalades...tell me those are not off the chains...standard 345 hp motor, on star, 8 passenger seating...The General will steal Lincoln sales with this new has more power, and the Navigator, to me, is just another F.O.R.D.
  • phattrukphattruk Posts: 4
    Has anyone heard of a stabilitrak problem with the new escalades. I've been waiting for a dealer to put in my order (with a gm discount) for over a month. he claims that GM has not built any escalades for the past 6 weeks due to a problem with stabilitrak.. If anyone has heard of such a thing ols respond. I personally think the dealer ios giving me the run around and am awaiting my deposit to be returned....
  • robh3robh3 Posts: 157
    If you live in Southern California you probably were like I was in thinking it wouldn't be long before a brand new '02 Escalade stretch limo hit the streets.

    I saw my first one this weekend down in San Diego. I only caught a quick glimps of it as I was driving by and noticed it parked in an open parking lot. It was black, and it was looooong!

    I'd have been very curious to see the inside and what they have done with it.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    We've had em in NYC for a while now :)

  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Now that would be the King of the limos!!

    I think it would look cool with bull horns on the hood. I'll bet there is a guy down in Texas with one on order now.
  • bradenbraden Posts: 8
    Have a 2002 Escalade arriving in 2 weeks. Has anyone added the gold trim to
    theirs? How much extra did it cost you?
  • bassamaticbassamatic Posts: 79
    Had been looking at the Navigators but thought the seats were too uncomfortable and noticed some wind and road noise in the two we drove. Thought we would wait and just yesterday we drove by a Cadillace dealer with a white 2002 Escalade on the lot. Drove in, went straight to the sales managers office and asked what his best price on the Escalade was. He said $46,400. I asked what was wrong with it and he said not a thing except it had 227 miles on it as it was used in a parade and driven by some golf pro to the course and back. He had to sell it as a program car. We drove it and bought it on the spot. 227 miles was nothing, I put that on it driving home.

    What a wonderful rig...powerful engine, ultra smooth handling and enough bells and whistles to keep anyone happy.

    One thing I can't get to work is the Homelink system with my garage door opener. I know Homelink works as I tried it on my neighbors garage door opener. My opener is made by Liftmaster. Anyone had any experience with this?

    Another thing I get a kick out of is that there is no way to tell if this vehicle is 4WD/AWD. No badges or emblems outside and no buttons, etc inside. You literally have to pop the hood and check for the big engine or crawl underneath and check the transfer case!!

    Anyways, this is super nice rig and am looking forward to driving it once by wife gets out of it
  • bradenbraden Posts: 8
    Homelink does work with Liftmaster openers. The liftmaster you have probably
    has the random code generator feature. Your owners manual should tell you
    how to set it. It takes a few extra steps if you have the random code feature.
    It will take two people. One in the SUV and one at the garage door opener unit. Also it may tell you how to set it in the LIftmaster manual. If you can't
    figure it out, I can probably post the instructions. It only takes a few minutes
    once you now what to do.
  • My 2002 Cadillac Escalade is on its way, cant wait!
  • bassamaticbassamatic Posts: 79
    Thanks for the reply. I've tried several times to get that Homelink configured with the Liftmaster but still can't get it to work. The instructions from Liftmaster differ a little from the manual instructions and I tried it both ways, but I am still doing something wrong. I would greatly appreciate it if you could post the correct way to do it. I'm stuck!
  • joeedoranjoeedoran Posts: 2
    You must press the learn button on the Liftmaster unit. You have 30 seconds to press and hold your vehicle Homelink button. At the same time, aiming the remote control at the vehicle Homelink assembly, usually about 3 inches away. Homelink light will flash when complete.
  • bassamaticbassamatic Posts: 79
    Thanks for the reply. I will try this procedure when I get home tonight. I know when I press the red learn button on the Liftmaster unit, a green light comes on and then goes off. This way doesn't seem to require two people. I must also park outside of the garage as when I press the remote button, the door will of course close. I'll let you know.
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