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Toyota on the mend?



  • i'm sure theres nothing to this "conspiracy",
    the floormat recall fixed the problems, oh and the gas pedal "fix" fixed the problems too. oh and were adding the brake override fix but the engine management has nothing to do with it.
    All you owners all you need to know is "In toyota you rust....err trust."
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,681
    Welcome to the forum a fresh sense of humor is always welcome.... :)
  • Just an unhappy 2009 Toyota Camry owner trying to get the truth out and set the record straight; something Toyota has so desperately tried to avoid.

    WOW!! I would never have guessed that by your lengthily, repetitive and negative postings. You sound like the entire woes of Toyota are aimed directly at you alone.

  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    But intentionally covering them up and not fixing them after they knew about it?
    Much, Much worse.

    Hey!!!!!! Glad to see the common-sense here of questioning whether we're being lied to by a powerful corporation, rather than just blindly believeing them, when there are now so many complaints, retractions, corrections, and trying to withhold documents, from Toyota.
  • There have been some clouds in Toyota's skies prior to this. I remember the sludge issue that Toyota also ignored until it could no longer be concealed. Unfortunately, things have been going south for Toyota for some time now.
  • greg128greg128 Posts: 330
    My business accociate daughter's 2001 Tacoma was just in for service
    at her dealer (only 60,000 miles). She was informed that she would be
    unable to pick up her truck because of frame rust. It was unsafe to drive.
    They offered her a great trade in amont on a new one, but she declined
    insisting it had low mileage and wanted to keep it. They subsequently
    replaced the frame (at a cost of approximately $14,000 to Toyota).

    I think that almost every 8-15 year old Tacoma or Tundra on the road
    will eventually be undrivable due to the frame rust problem they are
    experiencing. I commend Toyota for trying to satisfy their customers
    with replacement frames and trade-in buyouts. (Any trucks traded
    are destroyed as far as I can tell).

    How much money can Toyota continue to throw at this problem
    especially in light of the UA recalls and inevitable lawsuits?

    I won't even address the sludge problems. I think that is the reason
    they overcharged for their cars. But they can't anymore. I think
    they are in big trouble.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,699
    I thought the thread is about Toyota on the MEnd for 2010 and not about other posters.

    Scroll over their posts is an easy way if you happen to still disagree.

    This message has been approved.

  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I love this. It's about time!
  • tomjavatomjava Posts: 136
    The sludge problem is way overblown. Millions of toyota i4 engines on Camry sold worldwide, and the issue of sludge only occurs in the US? It doesn't make sense?
    Since most toyota owners who think that their cars are so reliable, are likely to neglect maintaining their cars, and yet they blame their cars instead of themselves. :sick:

    Toyota has huge cash reserve, I think it can weather this firestorm better than the most. If Audi can survive Audi 5000 fiasco, due to ignorant public and 60-minute slander reporting, I have no doubt that Toyota will come back, and I can't wait to buy 2010 Camry, or 4Runner, or Prius at great bargain. :)
  • revitrevit Posts: 476
    Well, there are two ways to proceed if you are upset.

    1. Accept that Toyota is now doing things right and move on.
    2. Keep holding a grudge and let it eat at you.

    Most people with healthy attitudes will choose the 1st option.

    It's less of a problem that made out to be because a recall of xxx million cars IMPLIES that ALL those cars have the problem. But they don't. Only some of them do.

    I am sorry you feel that way. I hold a company accountable for its action and it says more of not being receptive to other's opinions. And it is now the people with "healthy attitudes", it is the die hard Toyota fanatics that even when they now produce unsafe vehicles, just act like it never happened. Bet you wouldn't have that same point of view if it was Honda, Nissan, Ford, or GM. Basically what you have concluded is an automaker can lie, cover up the truth, deny, etc. and it is about low standards. Now that says more about Toyota and those that feel Toyota is now doing things right.

    Toyota is wrong here period. Owners cannot and will not move on until Toyota realizes what they have done. The sad part is, as of today, they still think they have done nothing wrong and wish they were not required by law to stop selling their vehicles and issue recall after recall. Gosh, can you imagine the other safety issues they are still covering up. Fortunately, it is all coming to the surface.
  • tomjavatomjava Posts: 136
    dejavu just like Audi 5000 again. People like you insisted that Audi 5000 was a dangerous car, and blamed Audi all the way. :mad:
  • revitrevit Posts: 476
    Would you say the same to these families?


    Elizabeth James and her husband stand beside their new Toyota Prius - unaware of the nightmare she would experience behind its wheel. (ABC News)


    She was driving on Interstate 70 outside Denver three years ago when her Toyota Prius suddenly shot up to 90 miles an hour and wouldn't stop, even though she says her foot hadn't even been on the accelerator. (ABC News)


    There was extensive damage to the Toyota Prius sustained in the crash. (ABC News)
  • The acceleration issue is also overblown. If it was so bad you would think there would be crashed Toyotas all over the roads of America. Especially where I live in New York City. Toyota's are very common on the roads here. Even with the arrogant way people drive here, I do not see an unusually high number of Toyota accidents on the roads.

    I am also looking to buy a 2011 Yaris at a bargain. :) In the past ,Toyota salesman tended to be hard to negotiate with. Hopefully they will soften up a bit as a result of their recall crisis.
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    Basically what you have concluded is an automaker can lie, cover up the truth, deny, etc. and it is about low standards.

    Go over to the "Do Automobiles cause Global Warming" and you'll see larsb concludes the IPCC can do the same thing, and is about the lone-holdout on the integrity of the GW scammers. :D He'll believe Toyota is innocent because they make hybrids, and Toyota told us they're innocent.

    The answer to the question of this topic becomes as obvious as - whether OJ Simpson will win a Nobel Peace prize this year. :D
  • I am also looking to buy a 2011 Yaris at a bargain. In the past ,Toyota salesman tended to be hard to negotiate with. Hopefully they will soften up a bit as a result of their recall crisis.

    Yup and we know there won't be any acceleration issues with the Yaris, unintended or otherwise. :P
  • tomjavatomjava Posts: 136
    same thing, again, a mother backed her Audi 5000, killed her daughter instantly, and insisted that she had stomped the brake but the car was still moving. It's Audi fault, not her. :mad:

    So every time toyota car has an accident, there's must be something with the car? Never underestimate the stupidity of general public. :sick:
  • kenymkenym Posts: 405
    I live in North East Ohio. We have three Toyota Dealers within a fifteen mile radius of where I live. In our area the Toyota Dealers have accepted responsibility and are working to correct the problem or problems. All three dealers service department is going to be open 24/7 starting Monday to correct the accelerator problem. I am not sure what else they can do or say.

    Not all Toyota's in the recall group is effected. However all Toyota customers are encouraged to make an appointment to bring there vehicles in to be checked or repaired.

    To some I am sure that's not enough. But in my opinion It's more than GM ever did for me in the past. :shades:
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,446
    the way the ford hybrid problem is described, it seems different.
    it could be the same, but the description massaged.
    ford doesn't mention particular driving conditions, like the prius.
    it could have been left out.
  • revitrevit Posts: 476
    I am not sure what else they can do or say.

    For most, it a little too late. Their name will never be the same. Maybe people would view them differently if that hadn't tried to blame the driver, then the quickly we forget. Then when they were forced to issue the recall, they did everything to fight it. And that is doing everything they could do? :confuse: To make matters more uneasy, what else are they denying, covering up? If you trust them, then good for you, but many are not going to at this point.
  • kenymkenym Posts: 405
    For most, it a little too late

    I don't think "most" is the appropriate word in this sentence . I think "few" would be more accurate. There are some so bitter at Toyota for what ever reason. That no matter what Toyota did other than going out of business wouldn't be enough.

    We have a wide variety of car manufacturing to chose from. If you dislike what one did/does. Don't patronize them. It's really that simple.
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