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Matrix Electrical/Lighting Problems & Solutions



  • Should I buy this car. Are these any problems with it? What is the standard maintenance milestones?
  • I have a 2006 Matrix and have recenty had the starter replaced a few months ago, The reason the starter was replaced was that the car would not start so I had it towed and that was apparently the problem.

    Okay so I thought...

    Well a few weeks ago I went somewhere and turned the car off. When I tried to start it again after a few minutes of it being off, it would not noise like it trying to start, just a tiny hum if even that. The dashlights and dome light are all bright and do not dim when attempting to start. I waited about 10 or 15 minutes and eventually it started. Went home, turned it off and tried again and sure enough...would not start. waited for a bit and went out, started right up.

    Had the mechanic that replaced the starter check it and he said the connections are all fine and the starter is good. Drove the car for a bit after that and have had no problems. Yesterday it started acting funny again.
    The only common thing I can think of is that this seems to happen when I turn it off after a good drive. I work about an hour away from home and had to pick my wife up yesterday and since the car was running for an hour, it was naturally hot. Turned it off to wait for her to come out and after 5 minutes of it cooling, it was still pretty hot and would not start. I let it sit for another 5 and tried..nothing. Again, no noise or dimming of lights. Popped the hood and looked around, nothing out of the ordinary that I can corrosion of the battery terminal, nothing.
    Kept the hood open and waited for another 15 minutes and tried it and it tried to turn over but stalled. Waited another minute and it started right up.
    Got home, turned it start.

    I am at work now and went outside, started right up, but it has been off for a couple hours. Turned it off after running for a minute or two, started right up again. Did this a few times.

    At lunch I have to run somewhere that is about a half hour away and will turn it off and try to start it again to see what happens.

    Any ideas???

  • I have the same problem with no light in the automatic gear shift. I checked the fuse and it was ok but I can not see how you can get inside to replace a bulb. Any suggestions?
  • I have a 2003 matrix, just replaced the master window switch because the driver side window switch was broken. The driver side window still won't work. I checked all fuses and relays finding nothing wrong. what could possibly be the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.

  • For a while, I have had a daily problem with a new battery.
    With battery +&- attached, battery dies overnight.
    With - disconnected, battery holds for work day but not overnight every time I test.
    With +&- disconnected, battery holds overnight.
    Good starts with jumps.
    Everything is OFF when ignition off.
    How do I diagnose further?
  • The light for my rear defogger that illuminates when turn the headlights on went out on my 2006 Toyota Matrix. The light bulb for when I activate the rear defogger was fine. I hated that the button just didn't illuminate, so I wanted to fix it. I looked online and found some website where someone asked what the part number was, but didn't get a response. Well, I ordered the light bulb, replaced it and am now happy. Replacing it was pretty simple. Can't find that website now, so in case someone needs the info: the part number is 90011-01022 description "bulb, w/cap".
  • My door open light makes a clicking sound when it flicks on and off
    And I am sure all doors and trunk are closed.
    This happens on more uneven roads. Highway is fine.
    Any help ?
  • rondo1rondo1 Posts: 4
    I have a 2007 matrix,that did the same thing,it was the back window over the trunk. Looked closed but was not,if you can open the window when the car is locked that's it. The weight of the window bumps the switch when you hit a bump.this worked for me,hope it works for you.
  • rondo1rondo1 Posts: 4
    You didn't say what year matrix you had,I got a new 2011 matrix and went out and l00ked,this one doe's not fold out,and i am glad of that,I didn't like that any way. Did you find the problem,it may happen on my 2011 matrix and It may help me find it too. post your year model please?
  • I have a 2005 matrix, upon my last car inspection, what I thought was a burned out light bulb turned out to be a smoldered connector. The plug where the bulb plugs into was charred, so the garage replaced the part. This was in June '13... 4 months later, the exact same piece is fried again... has anyone had this issue? I have complete trust in the garage that I use, therefore I do not think it is faulty work on their part. What concerns me about this is that I have a friend that had a matrix then, one day, just caught on fire (thankfully while not in it)....

    The part is going to be replaced again... I am the original owner of this car and other than a recall that came in for a computer board, this has been the issue of significance that has come up.

    I also want to mention, that the high-beams still worked, even though the driving light/low-beam did not.
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