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Lexus LX 470



  • jma7jma7 Posts: 10
    To: mckinnis,

    Thanks for taking the time to write such a nice post. I read all the messages here and had the impression that the brake on LX 470 is not good. I mentioned this to the dealer and he did not agree. So I test drove the car then and did fot feel the brake has any problem. It is excellent!

    I guess some people just complain too much.
  • ixixviixixvi Posts: 24

    The Rear Wind Deflector is an option. You pay a couple hundred more for this option. My understanding is that the distributor for the California area orders the 01 LX 470 with the Rear Wind Deflector.

    Good luck with your vehicle.
  • Does anyone know when Lexuc plans on changing the 470's body style? My greatest fear is to by a vehicle as expensive as the 470 only to have the style change the next year.
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    I think 2002 for 2003 model, according to car magazines. Swift
  • Lexus should not change the styling of a $60K+ vehicle so quickly. It will diminish resale values of the current vehicle and cause potential buyers, such as myself, to look elsewhere.

    I was under the impression that the changes would be to the engine and suspension, and not the design. German manufacturers know how to do it. The ML has been out since '97 as a '98 model, and its design won't change until 2005. The X5 probably won't change for at least 6-8 years either. It's a shame that Toyota treats it's Lexus division the same as it's Toyota cars. You can change a Camry every 2-3 years, but Luxury buyers demand more from a design.
  • md2002md2002 Posts: 142
    If Motor Trend's info is accurate (don't know for fact) they say: "2004 Toyota Land Cruiser: Production scheduled to end on the Land Cruiser. The success of the Tundra-based Sequoia will influence the decisions on the next generation Land Cruiser."

    BUT there is no mention in 2002-2004 about the LX470 getting the axe, an update or anything??? Must be either the Legend will fall (TLC) and maybe Lexus will get the TLC all to its own as the LX470. But who knows. People may backlash at the new Sequoia having nearly as much mark up on a 4x4 Ltd as the TLC does and maybe people won't buy the new Seq in droves. Who knows? I bet the CEO @ toyota doesn't even know for sure.

    Good luck.
  • Normal or not, that is the qestion!

    Congratulations!! You got the vibration.

    I agree your wife is qualified to say normal since she is a licensed physician.

    I also think Lexus is qualified to say normal in HNL vibration becuase lexus makes lx470.

    As a layman, I have never expressed whether the vibration in HNL shifter is normal or not normal. I just bring this issue to the attention of Lexus and tried to get a response from Lexus stating that the HNL vibration is normal. At first, Lexus made every attempt to remedy this problem. (Indeed, after the fix, the intensity of the vibration lessens significantly) After knowing that the vibration issue can not be totally eliminated, the representative from Lexus reluctantly acknowledged my request to send a letter stating that the vibration in HNL shifter is normal. Now, three weeks later, I still have not got the letter. I wonder why it is so difficult for Lexus to say that the HNL shifter vibration is normal (and so easy for you lx buyers to say it is normal). And, better yet, to say the HNL vibration is really a feature, not a bug.

    Look, folks, I have no problem with the HNL vibration. I just don't understand why Lexus will not state proudly that the HNL vibration is normal.
  • Well, Lx450 buyers should feel the pain.

    As a general rule, body style change will come sooner rather than later due to competition, easy redesign due to computer-aided design process, to promote sales, etc....

    Mercedes now goes for 7-year(used to be 10 or longer) cycle for each generation of cars. The slated body style change for ML class( included a full size one) is for model year 2002, no later than 2003. Since Lx body style is a reincarnation of Landcruiser, when and if landcruiser changes.. Under the circumstances, I bet that the body style of Lx will be changed sooner rather than later. Buyers of lx 470, like it or not, be damned. If you are really concerned, buy it in the first year when the body style changed.
  • cs6863cs6863 Posts: 3
    I am thinking about getting an SUV. What is "body roll"?

  • I am not an expert in car. So, don't take this comment seriously.

    SUV is designed to go off-road (although most Lx 470 buyers used it on paved road). For this reason, the clearance must be high (much higher than cars) which creates the higher center of gravity(?). So, if you make a quick turn, in car, you may feel a slight roll (for example, if rear passengers fail to use safety belt, he or she may move from one side to the other), in SUV, it may roll over. ( I knew two Lx450 roll over events during the past year)

    Body roll, in layman's term, is a measurement for the SUV body movement when changing the direction of the SUV,i.e., change lane, or emergency manuever in avoiding accident. As a general rule, SUV has much higher body roll leading to roll over. ( a hot debate item in highway safety Bureau which leads to some legislative attempt in Congress.)

    Having said that, Lx470 appears to have lower body roll than other SUVs I personally know of.I don't know why, but it may be attributed to the LX470 variable adampt suspension system and automatic height control.

    Unless you absolutely need the utilities offered by SUV ( such as cargo space, seating capacity, off-road or whatever), it is advised not to buy an SUV, Lexus or else. Good luck.
  • All of the info I have heard says that the Body won't change until 2005. I do feel that they need to change the styling sooner however because that is the ML's only weak point.
  • I am in the market for a lx 470 but can't help but notice how the other new luxury SUVs are coming up with more horsepower, 0 to 60 times, towing ability, etc...

    Does anyone know if Lexus is going to upgrade the engine (don't get me wrong, it is already a very impressive engine) for more horsepower in the coming years?
  • As far as FLorida goes, whenever a Vehicle has over "0" Miles on it, it is considered used. Some insane law.. but it's true. Whenever we write up an order, I select "Titled Used" or "Titled New (but defined as used by FL CFR...etc..)"

    As far as bodystle changes and resale.. I don't think that it will hurt the Current LX unless there is a drastic upgrade. If the next LX is an LX600 with a 400hp 6.0L V12, Gets 35MPG, Costs $39,995 etc.. then of course the LX470s will suffer as the LX450s did. The 450s suffered because the 470 is such a vastly superior automobile. That's why Wholesale on a 1997 LX450 is over $10,000 below that of a 1998 LX470.

    It's also why Certified LX470s fly off of our lot, and the LX450s can sit.

    Bill in Orlando
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    Everybody: Anybody knows about the Lexus loyalty rebate? Where can I find the information? thanks in advance. Swift
  • Looking for repair manuals for lx470. I know I can order them at the dealer for $200 but am looking for another source.
  • I purchased a 2000 LX470 which does not have a trailer hitch. Is it possible to install one after manufacture? Does it have to come from the factory with the towing package? Thanks for your input.
  • I want to have my snow tires on separate rims for my new '01 Lexus LX-470. I can get aftermarket wheels for the 97-98 LX-450 but am unsure if they would fit. Does anyone know if wheels from a 97-98 LX-450 will fit? Or how about Land Cruiser wheels from 2000 or 2001? The Lexus dealer has no clue (or just wants to sell me Lexus replacements which are very expensive).
  • I have a set of four OEM rims & tires off of my '98 LC in perfect condition and I might be interested in parting with them.

    San Diego
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    Everybody: $500 loyalty rebate apply to current or previous(6mons)Lexus/Toyota owner, as I am told by Lexus customer service center. Swiftm
  • Scott,
    I am not sure when I add in the shipping to Texas that it would be cost effective, or if they will even fit. I have found out that the LX-450 wheels have a different offset so they are out. By the way, what did you put on you LC in place of the OEM rims?
    Austin, TX
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