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Jeep Compass Problems and Solutions



  • I too have 2012 Comapss and have that whistlig issue. I have taken it in several times...and I was lucky during the ride along it happened. But like you said they were unable to get it to do again. They told me that they made a report on this and hope that Jeep will see there IS a problem and to fix it !!! There are several other issues I have had with this. Also after the recall for the gas sensor my Jeep wont start the same. There are times it acts like it having a hard time starting. The Jeep dealer I took it to fix the recall said there is nothing wrong. I said it NEVER did that before and now it seems everytime I have Jeep touch my car something doesn't work the same. The muffler is louder and they said it all good. It is either people just do not want to take the time to fix it...Jeep says just do not touch it.
  • I have the same issue...and the dealer told me that same thing. It is "normal" Would like to have it fixed !! I have serveral other issues with my jeep....grrrr
  • kramerelaine, what is the last 8 of your VIN on your jeep, would like to reference your vehicle also, as they say they have never had any reports like this. Thank you
  • I have a 2013 Compass with 17k miles and still under factory warranty, just purchased from a private owner. The issue I have is one similar to the one described above where something always "clicks/claps" for a few seconds every time I turn the engine off.

    They told me at the dealership that it was normal function after that particular part comes to an full "off" state. I do not believe it. I does not make sense and I never experienced that with any other vehicle I have owned.

    Any insight on this? Thanks in advance.
  • lbd317537lbd317537 Posts: 1
    edited December 2013
    Have had the vehicle for less than 6 months and it has more issues than any other vehicle I have owned.

    Problem #1 High pitched whistling noise from the engine area, noticed the day after I bought it
    It took over 3 weeks to "fix" the problem and that was after they said it was fixed on two separate occasions. Final diagnosis was something with the throttle body but they had to call in a special mechanic from the manufacturer to get the noise to go away.

    Problem #2 Noise when turning the steering wheel left
    Took the vehicle in a couple of days ago, they said it was because my power steering fluid was low.

    Problem #3 Went to pick up the vehicle today and there was a loud noise coming from the engine area when I started it; this happened the other day but went away after the car warmed up. So I left the vehicle there for repair.

    I am so fed up with this vehicle, it clearly is not a reliable car. I called the Chrysler Group LLC Customer Care line today (877-426-5337) and asked what my options were. The lady was very nice and was able to see my repair/problem history. She called the dealership and got the shop foreman involved. I'm sincerely hoping I have no more problems with this jeep but in the event that I do I will be demanding the vehicle be bought back.

    I will never buy another jeep again. :mad:
  • Bought a Jeep 2012 Compass fully loaded and have numerous problems.
    1. Loss of power when accelerating. Started when vehicle was new, was told that it was normal and it was the transmission and thats how it worked. Vehicle at times was actually doing 25 on highway. Towed three times to dealership. (after third said a corroded wire in fender well. Vehicle under 20,000)
    2. Wont start, towed to dealership, replaced starter, happened again, replaced radio (no Kidding).
    3. squeak in rear end under 1,000 miles. Replaced suspension parts, told it would wear in. Still squeaks.
    4. shakes when at a stop sign, enough that the side mirror vibrates and you cant focus through it. Was told by service manager not normal, then after they had it for two days was told by same individual that the main plant told him to say it was normal.
    5. Option with tow package, no hitch only wiring harness. Found out that Jeep is the only one who could install because of computer configuration that needed done to vehicle, Cost additional $300.00 in labor to have installed.
    6. Blue tooth inop. Had same replaced under warranty, said vehicle wasn't equipped with right radio. Had it on my options I paid for but dealership had to be told by Main plant to do same. New radio (afore mentioned) out dated and has to be up graded. Still haven't received the up grade.
    7. Average 19mpg. Never has gone above. They said it was my driving habits. Wanted me to have a service to rectify the milage (service that wasn't due). Of course it was expensive as hell. Still 19mpg.
    9. Whistling noise from engine when accelerating from stop. Told normal.

    I have owned three other Jeeps, and had no problems. I currently have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee that has 230,000 and love it. Sadly I will never buy another. Tried to trade this compass in and was floored by the loss in value. They are crap and the dealers know it! 35,000 miles and it's a paid off grocery getter, cant trust it for trips. No longer a Jeep fan!!

  • I am having an issue with a Jeep compass 4x4 2008 as the 4x4 has been turned on all by its self, I cannot find a way to turn it off and it is driving me crazy, any suggestions on what can be the cause of this and what steps should I take to disable the 4x4 feature?
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