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Mercedes Benz M-Class ML320 CDI



  • Thats super. Please let us know what you find?
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    What does anyone know of the recall of the 2007 CDIs? It's a crankshaft sensor problem.
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    have not heard of the recall but my 07 CDI up and died while my Wife was driving it. Crankshaft sensor went bad. If it happens to you let it sit for 20 mins and then start it up to just get it off the road if you find yourself stuck.

    Other then that car has been good.
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    Thanks for the heads-up. I am traveling, and called my home dealer who had heard nothing. I had read the info in and asked him to read it. He did, and then did a search on my vin no. and said my car was not involved. I can't find anything about the recall elsewhere. I checked the gov. website and MB website. Not sure what to think...
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    well it seems there is a recall. Heard about it yesterday and just got the letter today.

    Funny thing is I already had the sensor fail and replaced months ago, yesterday during service, they replaced it again....I guess just to be sure.

    From the letter it does not specify if it is just a Diesel issue, but it seems to effect some ML, GL, R and E-class models, years 2006 to 2008.

    Anyway - if you got the letter then your vehicle could be affected....go in.
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    I called my dealer when I read about the recall. He ran my vin no. through and said my car was not involved. He also knew nothing about the recall. As luck would have it, I'm traveling, so will deal with it when I get home...
  • chintchint Posts: 30
    I recently traded my R for a new ML320 CDI . I find it little difficult getting in and out of ML without side steps or running boards as ML has little higher ground clearence than the R.

    The cost for the delaer installed option when purchasing was 510 ( Free installation) Unfortunately the dealer had the part on order and I did'nt want to wait

    But now when I enquired my local dealer about the running boards he says the price is 940 + installation

    Any recomendations on where to get the running board ( the new aluminium ones with black spots)
  • I am considering one with the premium 3 package with the air suspension.
    Any one used it off road?

    I own an LR3 and I am trying to get better mileage while preserving my ability to leave paved roads.
    What mileage?
    Thanks for your thoughts.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,958
    "For most of our test, the 2009 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Bluetec led the Lexus in our comparison."

    Diesel Vs. Hybrid: We Debate Two Technologies

  • watkinstwatkinst Posts: 122
    Wife and I currently have 3 cars and I'm trying to get it down to two:-)

    Two of our 3 cars fit our uses well but I'd like one that covers it as a whole.
    Thinking the R 320 CDI might just do it. But have never owned a MB - the reliability thing is my major hang up. And Concern

    Diesel I'm familiar with - my first car was diesel - great car took more abuse than any car should ever endur but thats what happens when a 16yr old had his first car. It wasn't a MB.

    Anyway the milege the CDI returns - the road trip comfort big Plus - and the hauling/ light trailering ability is ideal along with the AWD.

    It's not MB like for owners to do their own basic maint - but I like to know enough about my cars to know when I'm getting the BS line from the shop or can fix it enough to make it home on a road trip. Having lots of experience with Diesels I'd probably want to know how to replace the fuel filter and have an extra on board for long road trips.

    Anyway very good thread - any additional comments on reliability with the 07's - 7spd transmission - AWD system? - Air suspension system seems like a great idea though not a must have if they are known for complicated issues etc. Thoughts?

    I like to keep my cars a long time so cars that have low numbers of odd quality issues are my top interest. Hence my 94 Land Cruiser and my 2000 Subaru which I hope to replace with a single vehicle
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    I have an '07 R 320 CDI - it's a great driving car. The fuel mileage is exceptional for a vehicle its' size. The seats are big and comfortable. The rear doors are enormous - so you must park so that you can actually open them wide to appreciate the space. I had it in for a sensor(?) replacement, and a tweaking on the transmission recently. MB navigation is a dinosaur, but it gets you where you're going. We travel a lot and had to get a roof cargo box for it, but it does little to diminish the fuel mileage. It's easy, very easy to get in and out of the car.
  • I own a R320 CDI 2008, bought new. Fantastic car, it is the most comfortable Mercedes I have ever owned. We get 21/22 mpg in town; 28/30 mpg on highway.

    The cruise control if fantastic for interstate and here in mountains, when we go down our very steep grades, the cruise will keep car from overrunning the speed you set.

    I change my own oil. I do it the same way our local MB Specialist Garage does it, using a vacuum device to pull it out of the dipstick. Also, oil filter is done from the top, no crawling under the car. I do my wifes CLK320 as well. same way, easy.

    7 speed transmission has been very reliable. When I took it in for 1,000 mile 'check' (Free)' They fixed a sensor that was saying I was low on engine oil.

    I have 1 issue now, Command system will reboot when going down hill on cruise, and there is a TB on it, deal will fix it by replacing some diodes. (Warranty);

    BTW, I did drive the ML320 & GL320 2009 Bluetecs the other day. The ML320 what a dog, it would hesitate too much on takeoff from stop. The GL320 was sweet. Both however had "run-flat" Tires, no spare. WOW are they NOISY. They are so NOISY, I will NOT buy one, and will be looking for 2007/2008 model. (CDI); They had to make room for the 'blue-tec' tank.

  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,677
    I have come to the same conclusion on the blutec Mercedes. I don't like the urea treatment business. If I could find a super clean 2007-08 ML or GL CDI I would grab it. Then sell this gas guzzling Sequoia.

    same goes for those horrible run flat tires.
  • Hi -
    I am first time MB buyer and in fact first time considering Diesel engine.
    Does any one have any thought on fair price for
    2009 ML 320 Blue Tech + Premium 1 Pkg + Heated front seats + BRUSHED ALUMINUM RUBBER-STUDDED RUNNING BOARDS + RES Pre Wiring
    MSRP of 54845 /-

    Also any other Suggestion / Recommendation things to be careful or needs to be taken care for a MB bluetech diesel would be much appreciated. I Plan to keep Vehicle for long time

  • If your in California I know a dealer selling for 14,000 off MSRP. I bought one and they drove 3 hours to deliver it no charge.
  • Congratulations...!!!

    Where in California ? If you can please share information that be great..I am not in California but often travel there for work.
    Did you use any other discount with 8k how you able to bring down price by 14 k ?.

  • Don't forget that the ML 320 BlueTec has run flat tires and no spare. That's a deal breaker for me.
  • i would have interest....where in california?
  • Hey Chuck, I am in California also, San Diego area. I am looking at the
    GL320 and am interested in that dealer.
  • mr__edmr__ed Posts: 7
    I have a 2008 ML 320 CDI - will someone tell me how to remove the large plastic engine cover so I can do my own oil changes?
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