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Cadillac CTS Engine Problems



  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I suggest you get a refund and choose another car. Good Luck.
  • ronyxxxronyxxx Posts: 19
    My car did weird things like that too. Then it decided to lock itself down. Sat in my driveway for weeks and wouldn't even turn over. As soon as I had it towed to the dealer it worked perfectly, of course and they could find nothing wrong. So I get it back and it locks up again 2 days later. Long story short?...defective computer, but intermittent. I know another one was replaced here in my town too. Both are 05 CTS. Computer warranty is under emmissions, so longer warranty somewhere around 7 or 8 years
  • ronyxxxronyxxx Posts: 19
    Sarah I tried to contact GM customer service per your message #622, but there's no website and you didnt give me an email address. Help! Ronyxxx
  • bill417bill417 Posts: 1
    brand new 2013 cts engine failure. the first aluminum piston head shattered. dealership and their gm certified engineer claim due failure due to waterlocking. however car had no contact with water, no rain for weeks prior. tell tale knocking before seizure, cooling fan initiated several times prior to failure according to on board computer, point to overheating not waterlocking. coincidently the vehicle was serviced by dealer one day prior. i thought it was oil deprivation due to improper oil change, but no blue burning in engine upon inspection. 2 quarts over oil capacity. clean water placed in some areas but suspiciaously not present in secondary waterpump which was bone dry.

    i know it wasnt water, but perhaps wasnt classic oil deprivation. first piston is the one that shattered. anyone have any suggestions?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,003
    Hi bill417,

    My name is Crystal and I will be taking over this issue for you. I am sorry you were unable to reach us at the email given. Can you private message me your full name, address, phone number, Vehicle Identification number, and approximate mileage on your vehicle please? My email address please put "attn Crystal" in the header. Look forward to hearing from you soon:-)
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,003
    Hi Everyone,
    We would like to introduce ourselves as the new GM Customer Service on the Edmunds! Yes, we did say “we.” To better address your questions and concerns in a timely manner we will now have 2 individuals as your primarily GM contact on this forum! We look forward to being members of this great community!

    Crystal and Amber
  • elanteeeelanteee Posts: 5
    Hello Bill, Frustrating isn't it. I have the same car with the same problem including the same mileage. It just started out of the blue. Gm acussed me of running it out of oil and that would never happen as I take care of maintenance on my vehicals.
    I have given up on GM and would never ever buy another one. After all these years you would think that GM would be getting better at building cars,but no!
  • So an update on my CTS 2nd blown engine. it turns out that the oiler meter is way off and the engine burns up the oil. At 40% left in my oil life...according to the meter. i blew my timing chain guide. my mechanic who personally put oil in the car himself said there was not a drop of oil in the car. luckily it was just the guide. now less than 1 thousand miles later...i blew my engine. crank shaft exploded and there was metal chunks in my oil pan. GM was some what supporting of me. they bought my hunk of metal for 2,500 bucks, gave me 3,000 in new car credit, steeply discounted by 3,000 dollars the new 2013 malibu turbo. Now im not really a chevy fan but its much better than not driving. The ironic part is my new car's alternator just caught on fire, now i have a law suit with GM. so now i ask myself is this limited to cadillac or GM. i may have just answered my own question.
  • csmd55csmd55 Posts: 5
    Well I see Engine failures continue to happen and while I am now at the end of my 6th week of a Cadillac CTS in the shop, with a warranty replaced engine, still not running, sent from shop where warranty was being performed to the local Chevy dealership as they did not have the programming required, it STILL is not "fixed" and will not be for some time as I was informed this morning. As you can tell I am beyond frustrated with this whole crazy mess and of course I am still making the payments on this piece of work that Cadillac put out in 2007. Luckily I have a dealership on my side in this fiasco as they are out thousands of dollars trying to get this car running and dealing with a "shady" warranty company that sent them a POS replacement "core" engine instead of a "complete" replacement engine. Does anyone have any suggestions on next steps short of contacting an Attorney and being out more money?
  • rriddlerriddle Posts: 6
    I see the oil problem seems to persist in the older CTS...has anyone had this continued problem in the 2011 or newer CTS? I have a 2011 CTS with 32K miles on it and I'm a bit concerned this problem may come up. Thanks.
  • tennkitennki Posts: 3
    see posts 620 and 645.

    It appears GM/Cadillac has not dealt with this problem even in the new cars. It is not unreasonable to expect a 6 cylinder engine today to comfortably go 150 to 200K, but with the issues that are raised in this forum, this does not appear to be something you can safely bank on.

    I think the Cadillac sales people know there is a problem. When I looked at buying one and after researching this forum and other sites I told the sales person I was going to pass. I explained why and where I had got my information and he didn't try and dispute it or try and encourage me to buy, he just wished me well.

    Another dealership some distance from me, has multiple dealerships, one being Honda and the other Cadillac. I am helping a friend with her car purchase and she had opted for a Honda because of her previous bullet proof experience with them. We went to this Honda dealership rather than the one close to us because of price and the way they treat you. I mentioned to the Honda salesperson about this forum and other web research and why I had not followed up with the person at their Cadillac dealership he had put me in touch with. He said that what I was telling him explained alot and probably why their sales at their Cadillac dealership are not where they should be.

    Come on GM - you have customer service people monitoring this website. You have a problem with the Cadillac 6 cylinder engine. With social media the information spreads quietly and maybe initially unobserved. Those younger than me, computer savvy people, research and stay away. You want to reach broader generations, fix the reliability issues. Thousands of people (I would say this is a conservative estimate) don't post, just dismiss your cars after reading the results of an initial web search. Before they even contact a dealership re a car, Cadillac is dismissed because of what they find online.

    I am a little older (50's) and was looking forward to buying a Cadillac, but thought I had better do a bit of research after I test drove the Cadillac. What I found online caused me to pull the plug quickly on buying a Cadillac.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    GM has not shown that it can build reliable overhead cam engines. Up until a few years ago, GM's bread and butter engines were the 60 or 90 degree V6 overhead valve engines that go back a ways, but were updated throughout the years (i.e., 3100, 3400, 3500, 3800, 3900 V6 engines). These engines had some issues (i.e. intake or head gaskets) but were otherwise reliable and simple to maintain (i.e. no timing belts to worry about, simply change the fluids, tune-ups, regular maintenance, etc.). It was not uncommon to see 200k or 300k miles on these overhead valve engines without taking them apart. The problem was GM took a beating with the auto media about how old fashion these engines were. I believe GM thought they had to switch to sophisticated overhead cam engines to gain acceptance with the auto media. The problem is their engineers aren't good at designing and building these engines. Unless GM brings back some of the overhead valve engines or learns quickly how to fix the problems with their 3.6 and 2.4 liter engines, they will lose customers.

    Personally, I own two GM vehicles (both with the old tech overhead valve engines) and neither uses oil. One (Pontiac Grand Prix) has 127k miles and the other (Chevy Uplander) has 89k miles.
  • rriddlerriddle Posts: 6
    Just this morning on my commute to work in the 2011 CTS I received multiple service warnings of "Service Stabilitrak", "Service Braking Assist", "Service Traction Control" all at the same moment. Is this still safe to drive? I have a trip to downtown DC this Saturday and don't have time to get the car serviced before Saturday.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Judging from other GM forums on Edmunds regarding this topic, I would say no. For example, check out the Chevrolet Impala forums. There are several topics (e.g. reduced engine power) and owners state their vehicles decelerate when this message occurs. If travelling on the highway your car could go from 70 MPH down to 30 MPH because of this problem. You need to get it checked out. Good luck.
  • bowdonbowdon Posts: 1
    Hi all;

    I purchased a used Canadian Cadillac CTS 2007 with 64,000 Kilometers on it in 2010. This was a Cadillac dealers car ( around Quebec City, Quebec).

    It had a balance of warranty and had numerous things changed ( thankfully it was on warranty!!) The rear wheel bearings at 80,000 KL, electronic components for the
    electrical engine controls, breather tubes for the rear.

    It ran well for a year then the brakes were changed ( pads and discs). My cost because the warranty was over.

    Last week, my transmission let go in Buffalo, New York while I was there on business. I received a call today from the tranny shop and the cooler radiator for the tranny
    let go and damaged the tranny. Imagine, it only have 83,000 miles but is over the 5 year warranty even though it does not have the millage. The tranny shop ( well reconized as
    one of the best ones ( AAMCO) says they have never seen this type of problem with a Caddy and said it looked like a defective cooler system. This is going to cost me 4,000 dollars to repair!! I really have no choice because I need the car and I am renting a loner for the week to get back home and need to visit customers and suppliers.

    I would like to get in touch with someone at Cadillac, Canada to see why this happened and send them the paperwork for the repairs.

    I know, I don't have a leg to stand on because it over the year warranty even though the millage is 83,000 miles. Does Cadillac Canada have any ethics or "stand behind their products" Is there a secret warranty because it seems that Cadillac is aware of the defective tranny cooler, which seems to be a well know defect with the CTS models?

    I will be venting all over the net and some blogs, this should never have happened with a Cadillac. This is my first one and don't plan on getting another one. I thought they built quality, but I guess I found out them don't. I should have listened to my wife and purchased a used Honda, again. Won't make the same mistake again. I will be selling this car when I get it back.

    Can someone direct me to the web site and email addresses to someone highly placed at Cadillac Canada so I can vent!!

    Thanking you in advance.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,003
    edited May 2013
    Hi Bowdon,

    We deeply apologize that you've experienced this issue with your Cadillac. I have attached the contact information of GM Canada for your reference below:

    Cadillac Customer Care Centre:

    Customer Care Centre:


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • Thanks for your post!! I purchased 2006 Cadillac CTS used one hundred forty thousand miles. Also had the warranty added-but did not know it would not cover many repairs.. It was to be a dream come week later seventy miles on it and sevice engine light came on-ran rough until warmed up. Code for this was number one injecter failure-also there was a code for wheel sensor..that prompted me to look up engine problems and after reading every review-along every year of the CTS I learned what a MONEY PIT THESE CARS ARE. I went to my dealer the next day and long story short traded back my dream car?? more like nightmare car for a 2007 Chrysler Sebring-so far I am liking this car-but that is another review. If it wasn't for this website and fellow postee's I may very well have kept the CTS-I'm thankful I didn't have to learn the hard way-I lost a thousand on my trade in-retrade but I figure that is minor compared to what I could have lost,had I kept this lemon. Anyone considering buying one of these read all the reviews over all the years up until even 2013-yes 2013 CTS eighteen thousand miles engine failure...thank you Edmunds!!
  • :) The 2006 Cadillac is sleek and seductive with it's lines and curves-but don't let this beauty fool you. Theres something just below the surface-under the hood, thats more sinister than the low profile stance. That something is the three point six engine,prone to breakdowns: timing belts breaking, piston failure, engine seizing up are the most documented.
    The car handles like it's on rails they all say..but what they don't tell you is how often this car goes off the rails. I only kept mine for ten days. I was already experiencing little tell tale signs. Passenger side air bag light on first day-service engine light on fith day-wheel sensor code tenth-final day. I'm not much of a gambler-prefer to cut my losses...and run. This post is a buyer beware post..a purchase at your own risk. And if you still want 2002-2013 Cadillac CTS then good luck.. ;)
  • davida007davida007 Posts: 2
    I have a 2006, had 56,000 miles and ran out of oil in 35 days. GM took the engine apart, replaced Piston rings (the ones it had were too small and the oil was blowing by, crank shaft and all sorts of seals, they got the car back together and it had electrical issues, ignition issues, and now 30,000 miles and $$$ later, the engine is BLOWN!! Cadillac is offering me around $6,000 for the car. DO NOT BUY A CTS EVER!!!!!! Worst car I have ever owned. I had a 1973 mavrick that put the CTS to shame. It is the WORST car I have ever owned..... Thanks GM
  • davida007davida007 Posts: 2
    Sounds like you work for GM. I have a 2006, had 56,000 miles and ran out of oil in 35 days. GM took the engine apart, replaced Piston rings (the ones it had were too small and the oil was blowing by, crank shaft and all sorts of seals, they got the car back together and it had electrical issues, ignition issues, and now 30,000 miles and $$$ later, the engine is BLOWN!! Cadillac is offering me around $6,000 for the car. DO NOT BUY A CTS EVER!!!!!! Worst car I have ever owned. I had a 1973 mavrick that put the CTS to shame. It is the WORST car I have ever owned..... Thanks GM
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