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2013 and earlier Kia Optima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sarathysarathy Posts: 1
    Just got an new 2012 Optima EX with Premium and Technology package and a few dealer add-ons such as floor mats, wheel locks and rear bumper applique. The OTD was 27,500 (including T&L, no taxes in Oregon). How did I do on this? In the ball park?
  • bigdeeotbigdeeot Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    Ok guys so here's my story. I went to southwest kia in rockwall texas and got an optima lx for invoice price of 20255 + 775 delivery plus 225ish advertising fee - 500 rebate + 600 convenience package + 115 floor mats + 200 pearl white = 21656 before TTL.

    Now, I accepted this car because of two reasons. One, I assumed that all the cars at the dealership had those dealer add ons and there were no optimas stripped down to the bare model. I really wanted the bare model but I wasn't aggresive. The second reason is because I never even considered an upgraded model from the lx because i didn't wanna spend any more many than that. I didn't know that the difference was only 1700. And in my case, $715 of the options I paid for were included on the EX so if I was willing to pay for those addons to the LX, I might as well have spent an extra $1000 for the EX so I can get leather seats, push to start, rear events, and auto up and down windows.

    Bout time I realized all that however, I had already driven the car off the lot. I wanted to make this thread last night when I was agonizing so bad about how I felt like I got ripped off. Why didn't the sales guy tell me to just go ahead and get an EX even after I told him I was interested in possibly upgrading to leather seats. I was going through this thread and other forums and it seemed like 95% of people got a non-LX optima so thats what prompted me to look at the EX in the first place and question my purchase. I wanted the EX so bad that I was willing to pay an extra $2500 to get it because I knew I would always go on regretting not getting it from the start.

    Friday morning I made a call to the dealership asking if there was any way I could still upgrade to an EX. They were surprisingly pretty easy going and the manager let me sign off on a deal to trade my car in for an EX at $1100 more. So I was really happy about that. Its not even that the EX would make me THAT much more happier if I got it from the start, but I surely would have went the next three years wondering how it'd be like to have an EX over an LX. So I feel pretty grateful for the manager letting me trade it in cause I know he did that as just a favor for me.

    So I paid about $22700 ish before TTL for an Optima EX with 6.9% interest over 6 years. I def don't plan on paying it off in 6 years though. I'm gonna try to pay it off in 3 years max. So I'd be paying about $650ish a month for that route. I'm gonna try and get it refinanced online or through another bank. Anyone have any tips for where to look for that?

    OTD price was about $24300. I put $3200 down.

    And just to be clear I still dont have the EX. He let me take the LX back home after I signed off and told me to come back tomorrow to pick up the EX because it has to be transferred from another dealer. So technically there might still be a chance I'm getting screwed on this, but I did sign all the finance papers again so hopefully I'm good to go.

    Is $22,700 before TTL/$24,300 out the door a fair price for an EX?
  • ahossa1ahossa1 Posts: 51
    The important thing is you got the car you wanted and it was nice of the dealer to get you into what you really want. I don't mind paying an xtra $1100.00 for the car I really want. I just lost out on a used 2012 SX for $25,000 and I'm pissed with myself. If you did do what you just did, U would have benn going "would a, shoulda, coulda for teh next 6 years. That's what I'm doing tonite
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,012
    just got a great deal on a 2013 optima snow white, w premium pk in new jersey. this dealer went to delaware to get me the car. they did a great job most of the kia dealers gave me pricing and oh that color is going to be hard to get right now.... i probably could of squeezed him for a few hundred more to knock off his doc fee's but my mother inlaw needed the car asap. she also got the 1.9 finance for 3 or 4 yrs which was nice. by far one of the sharpest cars on the road today for the money. kia is comming out with a 2014 kia cadenza in a month or two its a bigger version of the optima 290 horse plus all the toys... might be worth the wait. i like the optima but i'm 6'1 260 little tight for me for every day driving.. good luck to all

    2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2013 Accord EXL V-6, 2012 BMW x-5, 2012 ML350

  • I have an offer for a fully loaded 2013 Kia Optima SXL with Tech Package for 29,700 before TLT. Is this a good deal?
  • ahossa1ahossa1 Posts: 51
    I believe this is a good deal. It's $5800 off msrp that 16% off. !st year depreciation is around 20%. According to the math, It's a good deal
  • Thank you for the help. I also have a 2004 Trailblazer as a trade in fair condition that they offered $4,500 for the trade. Guessing that is subjective but from Edmunds pricing it seems close. Any thoughts on that?
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    Is the $29700 price before or after the trade? In other words, would the final price be $29700 - $4500 = $25200?
  • mega13mega13 Posts: 7
    Hey buddy, my story is some what similar to yours.

    Back in march 2012, I originally wanted to purchase the optima 2012 LX with convenience package. I bargain the price to be a total of 22k out the door, no finance/trade, PAID cash. By the way, I'm located in So. Cali.
    However, the LX wasn't available on the lot, and had to be transfer from another dealership (90 miles away). This is because i wanted the titanium silver color.

    After a week of waiting...i called the dealership and my car wasn't there yet, i was furious because they had promised me within a few days. Anyways they asked me to come in and look at my other options.

    They offer me a EX trim with the color i wanted, however i had to paid an extra 1k. Which is 23k total out the door, i sat at the dealership and ponder for a while to see if it is a good deal or I'm getting scam. Eventually i calculated everything and compare what i would get more with the EX, such as keyless entry, push start, dual ac, power seats, garage link sys, cargo net, appliques, wheel locks.

    I ultimately agree to it and paid an extra 1k, all in all i felt good about the decision and really happy with the EX trim.

    Hope sharing my experience help you as reading yours helped me. Thanks.
  • mega13mega13 Posts: 7
    Wow, thats over priced, i purchased the EX 2012 back in march for 23k out the door, no trades or finance. By the way I'm located in Southern California (Huntington beach).

    I believe with 25k you could have added the premium and tech package for that price.
  • mega13mega13 Posts: 7
    Hey buddy, Im located in So. Cali, huntington beach. I purchased the EX 2012 basic back in march for 23k out the door. No trade/finance, straight up cash.

    I hope this helps you, let me know what you negotiated with.
  • mega13mega13 Posts: 7
    Hey buddy, I purchased a 2012 EX basic for 23k out the door back in march, by the way I'm located in Southern California, huntington beach. Hope this helps.

    For me if i would have added the premium package, the highest i would offer is 24k, just try it and see what the dealership answer.
  • bgkobbgkob Posts: 4
    Last night I finally closed the deal on a bright silver EX with premium pckg. I brought my beat up 2007 Kia Spectra LX (6 inch tear in the driver seat, missing the trunk trim piece, Kia trunk emblem all messed up, rear arm rests with some gouges in them, 44,300 miles on the ODO) for a trade. I still owed $3400 on it, but they offered me $5000 for it. I took them up on it and we started negotiating the LEASE price for the Optima. We settled at $260 a month after figuring in my trade which covered TTL costs, first month lease payment, and a little bit into the cost of the car. They also gave me a $1k credit for "loyal Kia buyer" or something. And...after about a minute of discussion (it was 9:25pm, the dealer is supposed to close at 9) I ask for either more on the trade or more off the Optima cap cost. They ended up just giving me $500 cash to seal the deal.

    So all in all, I got the Optima EX for a 36 month lease, 12,000 miles a year (my wife and I calculated we drive 10k miles a year for just work driving, and since this will be our work driver we should have some miles left over every year to waste on other car rides...we have a family Pacifica for the trips and kid hauling) for exactly $260 a month. Who made out on this...did i get the deal or the dealership??
  • bgkobbgkob Posts: 4
    By the way I live in Milwaukee WI. And the car is amazing!!!
  • Im about to purchase the optima ex with the premium package for just under 24,000 with my 1500 dollar rebate a thosand for competitor and 500 for military and im going to look into if I could also get the 500 dollars through kia if I finance through them not sure if this can be combined with my other rebates.I,ve done research on this car as well as i,ve talked to other owners and I hear nothing but good.
  • arvai2arvai2 Posts: 7
    First -- thanks for the posts in this thread. They are very helpful.

    I ended up getting a new 2013 black Optima LX for $19,700 with a 1.9% finance rate. We wanted leather so that was added on for $1,300 but it's aftermarket. This deal was out of Columbus OH.

    This is our first Kia and we chose it over the Accord. Hopefully it lives up to all the great reviews!
  • just leased a 2013 optima EX with premium package for $241/month $2,500 down. was this a good deal?
  • ernie55ernie55 Posts: 1
    I live in the Monterey area in California and currently looking into purchasing a 2013 Kia Optima SX with touring package, cargo net, cargo mat.

    From what i can tell here is what i am looking at:

    Base price with touring package and net and cargo mat: $30,670 (internet price listed on dealer website)

    Sales Tax: 7.25% =$2,224
    Tittle & Reg:$460 (used edmunds calculator)

    Competitive Bonus Discount: $1,000 (Kia website)
    (kia website shows $1,500 for model 55282 with options 81,82,83. What does that mean?

    Down payment: $6,000

    Total before financing: $25,354.00 (Kia website)

    Financing APR: I'm going for 2.9 at 70 months through kia. Will that get me an additional $500 discount? Can the special APR be combined with the competitive bonus discount?

    Anything else i should consider? Extra fees? Maybe additional discounts? Is the base price reasonable?
  • Looks like they are charging you about MSRP. I've been shopping prices for SXs in the Bay Area quite a bit lately. I think you can get at least $1,500 off MSRP if you look around. Are you interested in the SXL at all? San Leandro Kia has a bunch of those at pretty good discount (if you go through the internet dept)
  • A little better than what i got for the LX Auto actually.

    I got 270 a month for 72 months, with 1000 down.. 3.9% which is really good for 72 months i guess.
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