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Mitsubishi News



  • This is all the Mitsu website reported...

    Mitsubishi Motors Reports January Sales
    February 1, 2008 -- CYPRESS, Calif. --
    Mitsubishi Motors today announced January 2008 sales of 7,226, a 23.0% decrease compared to January 2007.

    Galant was the volume leader at 2,144 units sold, an increase of 29.6 % over January last year.

    Eclipse Spyder sales were 686, up 124% from last January.

    Mitsu Meida Website
  • new car sales industrywide will be down 8-10% from 2007 sales. I pulled that figure right off the top of my head from several articles I've read in the past several weeks, so, if you know better than this do chime in and correct me. Point being that Mitsubishi Motors North America is expecting that industry-wide new car sales will be diminished in 2008 right from the get-go.

    I'll have to go study that report later, I wonder if people are holding off a bit on buying new '08 Lancers, maybe waiting for the new '09 Ralliarts or '09 Lancers or '08 Lancer Evolution X's.

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  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Posts: 7,009
    "...You'll be happy with the color I think..."

    Yea, I wanted something dramatic. There's one thing about a jazzy color I never considered. As I was driving home from the dealership a BMW 325i which had been following me for several miles pulled up along side at a light and began to rev his engine. I hadn't owned it for 15 minutes and I was being invited to race! LOL.

    As for the Giants beating the Pats I don't see it happening. We have some rabid Giants fans at work and they are going to be impossible to live with come Monday. :cry:

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  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Posts: 7,009
    "...January sales of 7,226..."

    That's a bit of a disappointment. I hope they do better next month. I did my best to help out. ;)

    I think the Galant was the top seller because they had a $2500 rebate. Rebates that high are not a good sign. Perhaps they want to move units because they don't want people waiting for the 2009 redesign.

    My salesman said that they are seeing a lot of deadbeats coming in lately. I guess anybody with good credit is holding on to their money and not buying cars. This may be a bad year for all car makers, not just Mitsu.

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  • yep, that's the early prognosis, that 2008 is gonna be a creepy crawler year industrywide, as was 2007 for that matter.

    Did you engage in to that race, oldfarmer, or let it go? Your Eclipse does look like a racecar.

    That rebate was necessary for the '07 Galant(or perhaps you meant a 2008 Galant, even) because Mitsubishi really needs to build a new Galant, one like that concept I posted a picture of on this thread a few months ago. Something bold, modern and new for the Galant. Actually, I kind of like that current Galant body design, but if I wanted that size of car I'd wait for the new Galant design to come out, yes.

    As for the NY Giants upsetting the NE Patriots, no, I agree, it ain't gonna happen. 18-0 and then an the NY Giants in the Super Bowl. Nope, this is an instance where desire will not be able to overcome superior talent. Cheating on teams practicing an outstanding sin does not erase an incredible season so far, and Brady to Moss and the rest should prevail and cap the season with a Big Boy victory tomorrow. Gonna be fun to watch as the Giants are severe scrappers on defense and Eli Manning is really coming on and maturing this season. Enjoy it everyone! :)

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  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Posts: 7,009
    "...Did you engage in that race..."

    No, I had to let it go. It says right in the owner's manual: "Please do not behave like a dang fool during the break-in period."

    BTW, the $2500 rebate is for the 2008 Galant including the Raliart Galant. I was tempted because my dealer had one in Rally Red on the lot. I still went with the Eclipse because the 0% financing will save me over 4K.

    2015 Mustang GT, 2009 PT Cruiser, 1995 Mark VIII, 1988 GMC Van

  • and if a coupe will work for you guys all the more better for saving any cash on the initial purchase. I need 4 doors(or 5-door hatchback models)like my Lancer or I would also be interested in vehicles like the Eclipse, Tiburon or even the hot new Genesis Coupe.

    The new Galant concept that Mitsubishi was showing about a month or two ago on the net looks interesting, as do some of their new hatchback concepts. They both have the new Lancer's kind of nose to them, that is a definite new design direction for Mitsubishi, one that I find particularly pleasing, too.

    Everybody enjoy the Super Bowl, I'm pulling for the Giants to upset the nasty Patriots. I don't like the NY Giants any more than I like the Dallas Cowboys, but it's just not right for any NFL team to go undefeated throughout an entire season. :surprise:

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  • Chicago Auto Show. Here's a look at the new coupe:


    Updates include revised front and rear styling.

    The big change for the coming year is a new dual exhaust system for the Eclipse GT, which will bump its output on the 3.8L V6 engine to 265 hp and torque to 262 lb-ft. The V6 can be connected to either a standard 6-speed manual or an optional Sportronic five-speed automatic with manual shift ability.


    The Mitsubishi Eclipse GT will also feature standard stability control, HID headlamps and a large rear spoiler, that is shown above. All of the Eclipse models feature standard four-wheel disc brakes with ABS and electronic brakeforce distribution. The GT will get larger ventilated rear discs.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • there is also a new Mitsubishi Galant model debuting at the Chicago Auto Show. There's lots of new Galant feature information and you can read up on that introduction here. It should look much like the old Galant to you but I would recommend reading the story and looking at the pictures to get all of the scoop on it. Here's a link to that information:

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Posts: 7,009
    "...Here's a look at the new coupe..." you show me. :cry: Actually, those photos make me glad I got the 2008. That blacked out grill looks similar to the one on the Eclipse Raliart concept they did a few years ago. Looks like some of the products from Audi and VW. I hate that wing on the new one, yuck. Better rear brakes and a few more horses with dual exhaust sounds nice.

    2015 Mustang GT, 2009 PT Cruiser, 1995 Mark VIII, 1988 GMC Van

  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Posts: 7,009
    "...There's lots of new Galant feature information..."

    What about that Lancer prototype-S? That looks like what the Eclipse should have been. Very sharp.

    2015 Mustang GT, 2009 PT Cruiser, 1995 Mark VIII, 1988 GMC Van

  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    The Lancer Prototype-S (to debut in Geneva) is the new Lancer Ralliart for Europe, which from the pictures, is a hatchback, while the US will initially have the 4 door sedan version (debuted in Detroit), though the hatchback might make it to the US if the demand is strong.

    The new redesign for the Eclipse will be what the Concept-RA is to become. It is possible we will see another prototype concept prior to the final model. The new Eclipse might be the very first "clean diesel" car from Mitsubishi for the US market, hinting from what's powering the Concept-RA.
  • Hey, "iluvmymitsu" ;) Thanks for posting that site. I really like the revised back end of the Galant. The front is OK. I'm really not feeling the chrome surround though. Guess it's an attempt to grab more attention.
    Yep, 2008 is gonna be a tough year for the everybody. At least Mitsu's January decline was significantly less that that of December.
  • The decline was not as bad as December, but it sure is still quite ugly. :blush:

    I'm guessing a lot of potential buyers are sitting on the sidelines for a few reasons:

    1) 4-cylinder Outlander

    2) 2.4l 4-cylinder Lancer GTS

    3) It's the economy stupid :P ;)

    PS: Sorry, I just had to out that last one... :)
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 47,346
    My local dealer did okay in December. He's dealing with the economy by taking in a bigger stock of used cars.

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  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Posts: 7,009
    "...My local dealer did okay..."

    There are two Mitsu dealers in my area. I recently saw some local sales figures that indicated that between the two of them they sold a little over 300 new cars in 2007. That's sad.

    They must be leaning heavily on used cars too. I don't know how you could stay open on 150 new cars each.

    2015 Mustang GT, 2009 PT Cruiser, 1995 Mark VIII, 1988 GMC Van

  • Mitsubishi Motors Announces 3Q FY2007 Financial Results & Full-year Forecasts.

    Click here for entire press release
    Did not want to fill this post with the entire press release so here are some excerpts:

    Mitsubishi Motors reported that consolidated net sales in the first nine months of fiscal 2007 (April 1 through December 31, 2007) totaled $18.25 billion (one trillion 947.3 billion yen), a 26 percent increase of $3.78 billion (403.2 billion yen) over the same period last fiscal year ($14.47 billion or one trillion 544.1 billion yen). The gain stems principally from higher sales of vehicles in Europe and in Asia and other regions and from favorable yen exchange rates.

    In North America, the company sold 134,000 vehicles in the nine months from April through December, up 11,000 over the same period last year. Sales in the United States for October through December were down 3,000 units year-on-year, impacted by increased market competition stemming from growing uncertainty about the future of the United States economy due to the sub-prime loan problem. The gain in sales for the period is attributable to factors including continued firm sales of the new Outlander and new Lancer models and to higher sales in Canada. In Europe, Mitsubishi Motors sold 254,000 vehicles, a 23 percent year-on-year growth in volume of 48,000. This gain was attributable to fast sales of the new Outlander and new Lancer, with the fast expanding Russian, Ukrainian and other East European markets acting as the main engine driving the growth.

    Mitsubishi Motors leaves its full-year net income forecast of $187 million (20 billion yen) unchanged as it expects to make up extraordinary losses incurred through the closure of its production facility in Australia by raising the profitability of its operations.
  • one can be proud of!


    Here again is the new 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse. That color of yellow with that front grille treatment, the Mitsubishi logo in chrome kind of disappearing inside, is growing on me here. Nicely done, Mitsubishi!

    An observation...clearance with the bodykit, like on my '08 Lancer GTS, is not a whole lot. When coming to one of the street crossings in my little town, I have to slow down a lot. If I don't, I hear the "crunch" of the overhanging kit scraping the street. Never a severe "crunch", just a little scrape to let you know the kit is there. ;)

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • Oh, I agree, the updated Eclipse is a nice "evolution" of the current generation. I think that the non-GT models will have a body colored front bumper. It's gonna be interesting to see how that contrast impacts the visual cohesiveness of the front end. The only Eclipse that didn't really appeal to me was the third generation.

    Hey iluvmy..., I got to take a long look at a Lancer GTS yesterday while I was in a fast food restaraunt. Man, it certainly is a good looking machine. The guy was in the drive through (that had a long line) so it really gave me a chance to admire it. Blue is not one of my favorite colors, but it did look good on the GTS due to the nice angles/creases that it has.
  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Posts: 7,009
    " can be proud of..."

    I'm sorry but I have to disagree. I don't care for the new grill. Maybe it will look better in person but in the pictures it looks like a big empty hole. I've got a problem with that wing too. I suppose it will appeal to the younger driver but old farts like me like the more subdued current one.

    Maybe I'm just biased because I have a 2008 but I would like to see Mitsu do something more than cosmetic changes to the Eclipse. Get rid of the cast-iron engine block to get weight off the nose, for example.

    Eclipse sales are down to about 1000 per month (from a high of 2500). I think they have to do more under the skin.

    2015 Mustang GT, 2009 PT Cruiser, 1995 Mark VIII, 1988 GMC Van

  • "...I would like to see Mitsu do something more than cosmetic changes..."

    Mitsu has upped the horsepower from 263 to 265 by adding that dual exhaust! Imagine the oohs and ahhs of others whenever they see that 09 Eclipse and think -- "That car's got a whole 2 more horsepower under the hood" ;) :)
  • treatment of the '09 Eclipse GT that has grabbed me by the eyelashs and gotten me to do a double-take. I like how they shaped the gaping black hole in the center diammetrically off to each side, with the Mitsu logo in chrome inside the black area. Looks very shagadelic to me.

    I agree, mikevegas06, it will be fun to take a gander at the '09 Mitsubishi Eclipse non-GT models and see how they do the front end. It was the last picture of the yellow Eclipse I posted above that just grabbed my grew on me the more I looked at it. The rear spoiler is large, but heck, the rear spoiler on my '08 Lancer GTS is substantial, too, but I think Mitsu did a good job with it and although it's not something I pine for, I would rather have it than not have it on my '08 Lancer GTS.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • fintailfintail Posts: 35,385
    That's a big gaping maw of a mouth there. Surely something else could have been done with that black bar. The headlights remind me of pokemon eyes, too.
  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Posts: 7,009
    "...a whole 2 more horsepower under the hood..."

    Good point. But at least that is an effort to change the car itself rather than just the look of the car. My problem with Mitsu's efforts is that the criticism of the Eclipse by enthusiasts has been very consistent, they fault the engine, the handling and the weight. I've never heard anyone bashing the looks.

    2015 Mustang GT, 2009 PT Cruiser, 1995 Mark VIII, 1988 GMC Van

  • tough crowd. :blush:

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Posts: 7,009
    "...tough crowd..."

    Just tough love. ;)

    2015 Mustang GT, 2009 PT Cruiser, 1995 Mark VIII, 1988 GMC Van

  • I wanna share something with you's. Take a look at this Mitsubishi link. It tells a lot about the company we have given a bunch of our cash to. Notably their intense love for racing their vehicles and not only racing them, but winning the races. I like that racing heritage and the fact that they engineer in changes from things they learn on the racecourse. Check out the different decades and what has happened in each of them.

    Note the original Mitsubishi motor car in production came out in 1917 and was based on a Fiat not a Ford, this being strange because of the Henry name designation Mitsubishi gave it. The write-up says that Mitsu learned from Italian Fiat because they were huge and out ahead of everyone else(in their humble opinions, of course)in the 1910-1920 time period. Humm, that was news to me but looking at the early Ford's and Oldsmobile's maybe that is truth. Check it out--I think you'll enjoy the read.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Posts: 7,009
    I noticed something strange when I looked at my Eclipse registration. It say the weight is 3381. All the media says the Eclipse GT weighs between 3472 and 3528 depending on which source you use. I can't figure where the extra weight went unless the reviewers were counting the weight of a full gas tank.

    Iluv, do you see any difference in your Lancer's weight between published and actual figures? The only reason this is of interest to me is that the Eclipse has been bashed because of it's weight. I'd hate to think the auto press was making up numbers. :confuse:

    2015 Mustang GT, 2009 PT Cruiser, 1995 Mark VIII, 1988 GMC Van

  • hey, I'll pop in to my glovebox and look at the weight on my Lancer's registration later today. We're doing some yardwork so I'll check it out a tad later. Kind of interesting, though, I forget what the press has said my '08 Lancer GTS weighs.

    That shouldn't be hard to find online with all of the reviews I've bookmarked on the '08 Lancer in my 'Favorites.' I'll check it out and get back on here to let you know.

    I know that the day before yesterday we drove to Sierra Vista, AZ, and it was very windy on the freeway. The Lancer GTS held tight to the road and didn't even start to blow off track. A side attribute to weighing a bit more is steady tracking in blustery winds.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • I hopped in to my Lancer GTS and grabbed my vehicle registration didn't have my Lancer's weight listed! Why not, I ask? You may ask, too.

    I looked on the driver's door sill and I got what my Lancer's tire pressure is supposed to be: 32 p.s.i. Ok, kinda knew that already.

    I looked in my Lancer's manual and they also don't list my '08 Lancer GTS' weight! They do, however list what the GVVR weigh is, and, when I subtract the maximum passenger weight from that weight I get 3,252 lbs.

    I then went to all the online articles I've bookmarked and to some others I Googled. Here are some interesting weights from the reviewer's articles on the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS.

    Car Connection says it's curb weight is 3,032 lbs. Autobytel and Edmunds say the Japanese compact's curb weight is 3,109 lbs. Road and Track says 2,999 lbs.! Motor Trend lists the curb weight as 3,032 lbs., which matches what Edmunds and Car Connection says. So, in conclusion, I can say my 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS weighs approximately 3, 085 lbs. That is computed by adding all the weights up and dividing by the number of sources sought and found.

    What is perplexing is why my vehicle registration doesn't list the car's weight. Isn't that something you can count on, like death, taxes and an occasional Led Zeppelin reunion tour? Well, I'll find out soon because March 2008 is my license renewal month and hopefully the new paperwork will show the '08 Lancer GTS' weight.

    From looking at these numbers it appears the press got conflicting numbers. But since my initial vehicle registration does not show my car's weight on it I can't make a complete comparison. :mad:

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

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