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What Are Your Thoughts on the Return of the Taurus/Sable?



  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,419
    Haven't seen it, Mark, but maybe they were going after bird's eye maple, which even naturally is yellow?
  • savethelandsavetheland Posts: 671
    I saw new Sable yesterday on freeway. Looks wierd. Montego was much more elegant (and name was better too).
  • barnstormer64barnstormer64 Posts: 1,106
    The proof that these CVT transmissions are really good is yet to be proved by me.

    The proof to me is in how they drive . . and it's no contest!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    on new Taurus was actually quiet positive in the September issue. Over 500 improvements have been done to this sedan and they are noticable. Cabin is very quiet to interior materials/fit/finish. They actually claim the Tuaurus "is back". Name familiarity has proven to be a big one for consumers/voters alike. I believe the name change will bring more people into the Ford showroom if not only to take a look at least. The 500 once had a great name but it was generations ago, most would not remember the 500 of yester year. I guess once again, only time will tell as to what the consumer thinks.
  • jmn1jmn1 Posts: 26
    I liked the Five Hundred... but when the Taurus was discontinued... I was shocked. Then I sat in a 2008 Taurus. I love it. My only gripe is the grille. It looks good on the Fusion, and the F-Series trucks, but not on this, and definitely NOT the Edge.

    I think they should have just called the Fusion, "Taurus,", renamed the Focus ,"Fusion" and called the Five Hundred, "500" (number is on badges, not words).

    Ford's got the hang, but they need an edge- like the Freestar. All it really needed was 2nd-row power windows, and a split third-row. Maybe headlamp washers.

    Oh, and TAURUS X is a ****** name. I hate it. Maybe 'Ford 500 Fantasy.'
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,419
    I like the name. Says exactly what it is: a Taurus wagon with all wheel drive.
  • jmn1jmn1 Posts: 26
    Okay, but "Ford Taurus X" and a trim, "Ford Taurus X Limited All-Wheel Drive" sounds strange.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,419
    Point taken.
  • ronsmith38ronsmith38 Posts: 228
    Why not "Taurus 500"? (remember the Galaxy 500?) See post 293
  • It may be helpful to remember that someone at Ford named a son and a car Edsel, so 500 and the rebirth of the Taurus should come as no shock. The 500, excuse me, Five Hundred name was weak. Taurus is a bygone era which Ford should have left in the past IMHO. The new Taurus even looks like a Taurus as compared to the Five Hundred. Possibly the grill does this? Still, with some inherited Volvo technology, it is a compelling car.
  • jmn1jmn1 Posts: 26
    Good point.
  • I think what has happend to some companies is they listened to the automotive journals too much and are now getting re-introduced into the mainstream. Auomotive journals are always saying things like "this deserves a new name" as a new car. I think Honda and Toyota has shown what a name can do for a car for decades - civic,accord, corrola, camry... as long as you keep it up to date during mid cycle refreshes and when the cars are redisgned. Also, some cars are praised no matter what they do, while others are criticized for the same traits. For example, in recent years, toyotas and hondas have cheapened the interiors and have had more issues with squeeks and rattles. Especially honda, there is very little soft touch surfaces in any honda product, and interior gaps and panel alignment can be horrible. You hear about this a little from consumer magazines, but they don't get as critical as others. Where is the outrage?

    I have owned foreign until I just bought my 2008 Ford Taurus, and the fit and finish is better than any toyota or honda I drove, and looks and feels like a VW/Audi product in some respects. There are some shortcuts and issues, which cars in this price range all have. Some point out that the Taurus has no manual shift capabilites with its new 6 speed automatic. Well, others have the same issue (Accords never had it - not even the new 2008), so why is it just a Ford issue? How many people are out there manually shifting their automatics. (I had this in my previous 2 Audis and VW, but only used it to see what it was like, then never touched it again.)

    I think Ford is doing the right thing using he Taurus name, as long as they keep it up to date, and do mid cycle and totally new vehicles on the same rotation as the competitors. Otherwise, they will not be able to maintain the momentum they are building with recent offerings. Even Ford reliability ratings are up in consumer reports (the Lincoln MKZ/MKX which use the same engine/transmission/all wheel drive system as the Taurus is the second ranked overall in recent reliability ratings by consumer reports just behng the Lexus ES350, and the Ford fusion/Mecury Milan is not far behind that.)

    I am really shocked I bought a Ford, but this car reminds me of my Audi A6 V6 I owned from 1999-2002, with a relaxing drive and steering like it is on rails. The Parelli P6 tires can get noisy on concrete roads, but there is little difference, if any, betweem the 17s and 18s I drove. (I have the limited with the 18" chrome clad wheels and AWD).

    Everyone has a preference, and some may not like the understated interior of the Taurus, but it is consistent with my previous cars (Audi and VW). Plus, I just do not care for the silver and grey painted plastics that Honda, Toyota and Hyundai are using, as it looks and feels very cheap. Especially the radio cover in the Avalon. (I doubt you'd ever see that on a Lexus!)
  • dzier217, you have articulated some compelling points. I have not compared the Accord/Camry/Taurus as you have done will take your word. And yes, the Accord and Camry nameplates have been with us a while. But Ford abandoned the Taurus name and replaced it with the ill-conceived name, Five Hundred. Now, all of a sudden, the same car, with refinements, is a Taurus. I do not object to the Taurus name but let's face it: the new Taurus has borrowed safety technology from Volvo and the new powerplant is exciting. The former Taurus was staid and outdated by comparison. Ford has done much with the Five Hundred/2008 Taurus, but the name Taurus belies the advances which have been incorporated into the old name.

    As lacking as the name Five Hundred was, I would prefer that they kept it.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    I think you'll love your Taurus.

    I just hope that Ford continues to follow they Path they started with the Fusion and the Mustang. Each year there is improvements in the Fusion...(more standard equipment) and Mustang (more interior options, more wheel options).

    I think Ford is learning that you have to make things better constantly.

    Ford is even making improvements in the middle of the model year. For 2007 Fusions, Job 2 featured upgraded structure to get better IIHS crash scores.

    I think Alan M. is going to force Ford to do things in a new way. He has the clout and I think that every body that might have stood in his way got a "buy out" (Ford Speak for s***t canned).

  • I will never look at or inquire about another ford taurus in my life!!!!!!!! One big pile of s--t!!!!!!!!!!1
  • jmn1jmn1 Posts: 26
    Like anything in life, if you take care of it, it will take care of you. For example, other than regular parts (brakes, tires, fluids, oil, and gas), I can count all of my 2001 Taurus's problems on ONE hand.

    1) Transaxle seal
    2) Transaxle seal
    3) Tighten door handle
    4) Engine hose
    5) Replace rear springs.

    I will admit, though, neither my 2001 or 1999 Taurus were frugal with fuel. My 1999 got 13 MPG (empty, 50/50 highway/ city), and my 2001 only gets 20/23 city, highway, the latter being 95% highway. The former, 100% city.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,419
    And I guess you are right. After several months of trying, the new Taurus sales are dismal. On the other hand, the new Accord has taken off the same month it was released.

    When is Ford going to admit that, as good as the Taurus might now be, people don't want to buy it? It is about as boring a car as anyone has put on the road in the past few years. No grill or engine change will fix the overall tepid aura it carries.
  • Lead article in latest edition of trade mag "Automotive News" is the suprisingly high number of dealers who are completely dumping Ford.
    Dusting off the Taurus/Sable names smacked of desperation. This car (like the 2000 and newer Monte Carlo) is a bit too large and Ford's deplorable habit, practiced thru the decades, of offering a new nameplate that is underpowered and lacking interior refinement (Escort, Tempo, Contour, Focus), is suicidal.
  • jmn1jmn1 Posts: 26
    OK... but it is in its first model year. People are typically hesitant to buy a first-year due to sketchy reliabilty.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Ford is "dumping dealers" Ford is paying low volumn dealers to give up their franchise. Since it is Ford that is paying, I would count that as Ford Dumping dealers.

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