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Lincoln Navigator Suspension



  • I purchased struts all the way around on my 2003 Lincoln Navigator and I couldn't be happier! The truck rides like I just drove it off the showroom floor... If the height is wrong on your truck or car it might be a problem with the install????? mine can out more perfect than if it was brand spanking new! STRUT MASTERS are the bomb!!!!!!! And I said i'd never buy a car or truck with airbags again but if the price is right thanks to STRUT MASTERS i'll invest in another car which has airbags.... I DON'T WORK FOR STRUT MASTERS AND THEY DIDN'T GIVE ME ANYTHING TO SAY ANY OF THIS! If you seen my truck prior to STRUT MASTERS you would know why i'm writing all of this!!! TO SAY THE LEAST IT WAS A @#$% NIGHT MARE AND I HATED DRIVING THAT TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!
  • marjack1marjack1 Posts: 1
    edited March 2013
    I had the same trouble, however the common denominator for me was extreme cold weather. I was informed by my Ford dealership this is common. The first time this happen I took my 2005 Lincoln Navigator to the Ford dealership, mechanic said all it need was to have the system recalibrated. Results:FIXED.
    Second time, one year and a half later, driving on an extreme cold day, my suspension dropped again. I waited and waited until it was warmer outside, still my suspension would not raise up. Called the dealership, of course they couldn't tell me what was wrong this time until I brought my truck in. But I had one problem, I couldn't afford it. So I did my research on the Internet, sites like this one, was told to check the fuses. The fuse was ok. Next was told to disconnect the battery cable for about 5 minutes, allow the system to reset itself, then reconnect. Cranked my truck, and immediately the suspension began to raise up, all for free in the luxury of my own garage. I hope this is helpful.
  • my air suspension not working my compression not coming on are nothing how do ifix it turck sittin low
  • easygoeasygo Posts: 3
    Check previous posts. The general consensus among those who have had problems with the air suspension system of Navigators found that once problems begin, they get worse. Often it starts with a leak in a line or a bad compressor or one of the air bags. Either way, it gets expensive quickly. $2,000 + in repairs can come into play rather rapidly.
    I have converted my daughters Nav and my own to a mechanical system of heavy duty shocks and coil springs and we couldn't be happier. The ride is at least as good as the original air system but without all the hassle of being concerned that the rear of the vehicle might drop on your tires on the Interstate at a high rate of speed. Incidentally, this increases the value of the Nav because anyone buying one will become aware of this ongoing problem with this vehicle so those that have been converted are worth more. The cost for conversion on each of our Navs was under $800. Unfortunately, many who have thrown good money after bad on trying to keep up with the continuing repair of the air system, have given up and sold their truck at a loss. Don't do it. Convert and continue to enjoy all of the good features of what I consider to be the best all around vehicle that I have owned.
    It pulls my boat and stores my golfing equipment and fishing gear all at the same time so I am ready to go at any time. The third seat has come in handy fairly often. 13 mpg??? If I get slammed by a Kia....who gets the short end?? On an annual basis, the cost of the mpg may not be all that big a deal considering the comfort and safety and overall features and benefits of this great luxury tank. Good luck and hope that this helps.
  • I have a 2003 and having problems with the air ride and wanted some more info on the conversion to coil overs. I have been told it will mess with the body module
  • Does some one know if the airbags can be pressure tested after already being off the the vehicle. I converted to the Struttmasters shocks and I would like to see if I could sell the good air bags???
  • abeloabelo Posts: 1
    I have 2006 Lincoln navigator my air suspension will go up and the about half hour later it will go down ether the rear or the back or one of the side never the same side will go down what could it be
  • anndyanndy Posts: 1

    Hello y'all. Does anyone know how to completely disable the air suspension message on 2005 Lincoln navigator?

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