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Audi A5



  • I've recently bought myself the Audi A5 2.0TDI Quattro Sport from a dealer in Leicester which was both advertised and sold on the basis it was a quattro. The V5C also states this. However, there are no badges, markings or confirmation on the car what so ever and I'm not entirely sure this is the real thing. My suspicioun was raised having given a little too much throttle leading to a wheel spin which felt like front wheel only??

    As you can no doubt imagine, I'm not mechanic or motor specialist but do enjoy driving a nice car. Having moved into a very rural place I was looking for something that was good for the city but could cope with the winter given my travels. Could anyone shed any light on how I could check this (in a language I could understand please - Idiot proof).

    Thanks to all.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,652
    It should show on your 'windows sticker' and your sales documents.

    Is it a 2013? Coupe or Cabriolet?
  • kechal12kechal12 Posts: 25
    Looking at buying a 2013 A5 cab. prem plus but it's hard to find one with both Sport package And Comfort package. Is the comfort package worth it? Does it make a meaningful difference? I live in MA so it's cool even in April.
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    Bet those neck warmers would come in pretty handy for driving with the top down during cool weather. ;)

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  • kechal12kechal12 Posts: 25
    Does anyone have an opinion on the difference in performance characteristics of the A5 cab with and without the Sport package?
  • subewannabesubewannabe Posts: 400

    I am astonished there hasn't been a post on this forum in almost a year, Anyway, in response to the last post, the sport seats are great, the sport ride is tight ,considering its a 4000lb + vehicle, almost harsh for a luxury car. The cost of all-season radials for the low profile 19" sport wheels will make you weep. In the meantime, I have the top down 90% of the time driving in western North Carolina in my '10 a5 Cabrio, love the B&O sound and audi local dealer's maintenance and service has been outstanding. I've added 1/2 quart of synth ol in 12K miles.

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