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Ford Mustang Transmission Problems



  • jb1950jb1950 Posts: 3
    Sounds like somebody got hosed on that sales transaction and now blames it on Ford!

  • one thing about this ,,,why mess with it,,,stiff is better
  • Do you still have Bullitt and is it fixed. I had same problem with my 08 Bullitt. Transmission and clutch were replaced at 30,000 miles after a lot of complaining. Veh came out as if it had 130,000 miles on it. "New" transmission was worse and I complained to dealer and Ford. Veh has been "checked" by other Ford dealer and no problems, yet transmission has vibrations and grines in all gears and will "pop" out of 4th. Of course Ford just told me that since their dealers can't find a problem ( Ford won"t pay them to fix it), they just ignore it waiting for after market waranty to fix it. I'm like you, I love my car and hoped to drive it a long time, but I will never trust Ford or their dealers to ever do the right thing. I have a 98 F-150 with 334,000 miles on it and it has never had a "Ford factory trained" mechanis turn a wrench on it. By the way, the gears grind in all tempertures.
  • I purchased my 2006 Stage I Roush Mustang new in January of 06. I overpaid for the car but loved it. At about 30,000 miles, I noticed some oddities in the shifting but nothing too serious. Just more of clunking into slower speeds. I had my 5speed automatic transmission serviced at 35,000 miles. About 3 years and 50,000 miles, my transmission began to "Clunk" hard into reverse and into any gear at slower speeds. Since I was then going through a tough divorce and she was trying to take the car, I ignored some of these issues. Now at 75,000 miles, I had the transmission looked at by a local transmission shop. He removed the pan and found nothing out of the ordinary. He changed the filter and added new fluid. He basically said that Ford has not made a decent transmission in decades but felt that I should be able to get another 20,000 miles out of it. Today at 84,000 miles, my transmission is slipping terribly at freeway speeds and clunks very hard into reverse. I noticed that it took several miles at 75 MPH to finally shift into overdrive or 5th gear. 84,000 miles is not a lot of miles for a car of todays engineering. Toyota's can go into the 200,000 mile range before needing serious work.

    I have been quoted $2,700.00 for a top notch shop to rebuild my trans but I am leery as to if the actual issue is the transmission or is it an electronic issue? I would hate to pay that money and it continues. I am very disappointed in Ford and I do vow I will NEVER buy another Ford product again.
  • So i bought an 89 gt...was on the way home with it and got about 20 minutes out of town with it before it would no longer go...there was some type of grinding/whining audible when i was driving it. I marked it down to a wheel bearing until i noticed it stopped when i pushed the clutch in...well not to far down the road it made a bang and then it wouldn't drive anymore...not an engine my question is did something just come disconnected? Did i blow a u-joint? My driveshaft doesn't seem to be hanging down so i dunno about the i going to need a new transmission? Please...any input would be great. Thank you!
  • After driving a short time the Safe Mode goes in and the car will only stay in second gear. Repair shop has not been able to solve the problem. It is a 2005. What you think?
  • guntinggunting Posts: 1
    I also have a 2006 Mustang GT with an automatic transmission with the same transmission symptoms. What did you end up doing? I guess Ford is not acknowledging an issue with the transmission.
  • It is my grandson's car. He took it back to dealer and they fixed something but the safe mode light is back on. I don't know yet what he is going to do other than take it back. :(
  • joe290joe290 Posts: 1
    The 2005 mustang has 105,000 mi and it was working great until yesterday tues.4/30/2013.when the automatic transmission started slipping on drive .but it doesnt slip when im over 20mph
  • lupa1lupa1 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my 2011 v6. brought into shop Monday and the for tech stated that rec'd service bulletin from ford that there was two bad solenoids in tranny that need to be replace as they have been having troubles as you described, plus mine sometimes will not move when you first put in drive, it takes a few seconds for it to catch. Still have not got it fixed parts had to be ordered from West Coast and have not all arrived yet.
  • Hi,

    I have 2008 mustang & got it one month before. when i change in to reverse gear vehicle has bit shake & i feel the issue in pick up of the vehicle. Further O/D indicator also blinking but after 10-15 km O/D button get off issue will over... if any one know pls advice
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