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Ford Edge SYNC Bluetooth SiriusXM Audio Questions



  • craigfordsalescraigfordsales MichiganPosts: 4
    edited February 2013
    Hi Steve - Host,

    I have a 2013 Taurus SHO with MFT and I performed the September update sitting in my driveway. looking like a fool (Most updtes from Ford take as much as an hour and you MUST have the car running! I am an IT professional and I can reformat and reboot a full computer in 15 minutes yet this system, which should have had over the air automatic updates from day one, takes an hour! It worked fairly well for a couple of months. Then everything started to develop little ghost issues. Stop at a rest stop, come back to car, take off, volume control does not work. Stop again, now it works and Nav. stopped. So I went to a dealer for the January 2013 "Upgrade" and things have been worse sense. every other day the car says 911 out, call dealer, Nav out, call dealer. Not wanting to waste another day at a Ford dealer I called the 800 number for Ford Customer No Service. After 30 minutes spoke with a nice man who agreed my problem needed to be "Escalated" expect a call the next day. No call, I called again third day, Forth day, I get my "Escalation" call. After the first 30 seconds of "Your call will be recorded, Lawyer, Lawyer" speak I knew I had nothing more then another clerk. Yep, she suggests all I can do is take another day off of work and go back to a Ford dealer (where I know everyone and they are fed up with irate customers too) Ford will not compensate you for lost wages or time. I have 16 months left on this thing (lease) and I will be done with Ford. I live in Detroit, what a shame. Bottom line, they used a cheap Sanyo head end combined with awful software and none of you will ever be free of this mess. Good luck!
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