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Jeep Patriot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gigigirlzgigigirlz Posts: 1
    I am kind of new to this game...and am trying to buy a new Patriot...before the end of the month so I can take advantage of the $2.99 gas deal...I am ready to :cry: ...How do you know if you are getting a good deal or not??? I do have a Chrysler Employee discount code from a the first dealer the Patriot listed at 19,975..and he would sell it to me for 18,475....the second dealer didn't have any Patriots he said...but he did have Compass's which he said were basically the same car...and that listed at 21,624 but my price was 20,625....I really thought that the employee discount was worth a better discount...I am sooooo :confuse: ...thanks for any suggestions or help....
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi yuren. Generally, the terms rebate and consumer cash allowance are synonyms. In July, Chrysler was providing anywhere from $750 to $2,000 consumer cash on the 2008 Jeep Patriot. The exact amount varied by region. This incentive is compatible with Chrysler's college grad cash. I have not seen what its new August incentives are yet. I suspect that Chrysler will announce them later on today.

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  • thong24kthong24k Posts: 23
    But beware that you cannot take both offers. You have to pick the cash allowance or the $2.99 gas rebate.
  • "Hey Joep5 I sell Jeeps for a living. The lowest price possible is not always the best price. To Answer your question, if the dealer is going to give you invoice (what they paid for the car) that is the lowest price. But let me ask you a question when you buy this car and you have a question about something on your car or you need help with something who are you going to call ( your salesman). Why are you trying to steal from him or her. If the lowest price is 1,000 less that then best price with the best service. Then why would you not pay twenty dollars extra a month for someone to take care of you anytime you have any problems. To be blunt if you can't afford an extra 1,000 or 20 dollars a month you should not buy a car. Have you ever heard you get what you pay for. Buying a car is a big investment not to have anyone to rely on if something goes wrong. In short Pay your salesman if there is worth it don't cry over 1,000 dollars when have a good salesman is worth much more. "

    Ya got to be cuz i need to feel like the sales person will get extra $$$ for his/her service i should not worry about the EXTRA $1,000...yea use that yourself on your home purchase why dont you...same sales person did whats an EXTRA 10K over a 30 year note...ah who care just give it to them....I dont know about you but 1K just dont grow on trees where i live..i have to work for it..and if I can save it by bargaining a better deal then thats my right to do so...I have only dealt with a sales person ONE time after the sale and NEVER again...the one time i tried on a new honda i purchased the sale person brushed me off and told me to go to the service center...WHY cuz they HAD their money and were done with kissn my rear!!!!!!!! Get in the real world or change jobs.
  • I am looking at buying a new Jeep Patriot and want to take advantage of the employee pricing. The dealer told me that the employee price was already below invoice and he couldn't go any lower. Is this what I should expect from all dealers? Does the employee discount come out of the dealer's profit?
  • I recently went to look at a Patriot Jeep 2009 Limited and got a quote:

    To buy:

    Mo. Pmt for a 72 Mo. Term @ 421.86. This is with Sirius Radio, UGPS, UConnect, UStudio, and all the other included options on a Patriot Jeep 2009 Limited. The amount financed was 25,465.04 then the Finance Charge was almost 20% of the Amount Financed @ 4,908.88. Why is the Finance Charge so high? I was thinking this should be around 8% or less of the amount financed? With this high finance charge it brings the Total Sale Price to 32,373.92. This is also with 2,000.00 down and all tax and fees included.

    To Lease:

    Mo. Pmt for 39 Mo. Term @ 434.97. This is the same deal as above except I would be leasing. I don't think the lease would have this very expensive finance charge.

    I want to buy this SUV but I would like to pay between 350.00 and 400.00 for my monthly charges for a 72 Mo term. I'm currently leasing a 2006 Base SUV Nissan vehicle that's total price is higher then the Patriot and I'm only paying 308.00 a mo. my lease expires soon. To me It just seems strange that this Finance Charge would be so high?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,896
    Couple of things..

    In general, the domestics don't have very good lease programs.. If you want to lease, you should probably stick with imports.

    Didn't the dealer quote an interest rate with the payments on a purchase? Anyway, the interest rate on 72 month notes is usually 1-2 points higher than a 60 month loan. It looks like your interest rate is around 6%, which isn't bad at all... Not sure how you expected the finance charges to only equal 8% of the total payments... After all, you are borrowing the money for 6 years.... and the average balance will be a little over 1/2 of the amount borrowed, over that term...

    I'm not all that familiar with Patriot pricing, but it looks like your purchase price, plus fees and taxes is about $27,500... That seems like a lot, but maybe your unit is loaded up?


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  • The Total Price is $26,955.00 with Taxes included. I didn't realize that the finance charge was going to be $4,908.88 and the Amount Financed (borrowed) would be $25,465.04. APR is 5.90.

    This is a limited Fully loaded with Sun Roof, Sirius Radio XM, Uconnect, Ugps system installed plus all leather seats and stereo system. The price is $421.86 per/mo. for the 72 mo. term. The dealer just mentioned I'm getting an employee price and if i want the monthly cost to be less then i would need to put more then $2000.00 down.
  • One other thing why is the lease price so high? It comes out to $16963.83 for 39 mo. Basically this means I would be paying for over half of the total cost in 3 years! ouch!

    Mo. cost for lease with $2000 down is @ $434.97
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,896
    5.9% gibes with my reverse calculation... That's just math.. Six years is a long time to borrow money.. The A in APR stands for annual... So, 5.9% of the average balance, each year of the loan.

    As far as the lousy lease payment? Low residuals, plus high money factors (interest). Since Chryler Finance isn't leasing, they have to run the lease through an independent bank. That bank only makes money on the finance charges... they aren't concerned with car sales, so no extra incentives to lease.

    At these prices, I think I'd learn to like something different..

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  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89
    Anyone speculating on what the incentives will do next month? In my area, there is a $1500 cash allowance until the end of July. Since next month most people will be concerned with back to school, do you think the incentives could sweeten?
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi mb789. I've heard that Chrysler told its dealers that it will change its July incentives on most models either today or tomorrow. Unscheduled revisions to incentive programs are usually enhancements, so there is a reasonable chance that the incentives on the Jeep that you are interested in will be better later this week than they are today. Of course, it is difficult to tell exactly what automakers will do with their future incentive programs with 100% accuracy.

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  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89
    There are some hefty incentives on Patriots right now -- any new owners out there? What was your buying experience like?
  • wjz87wjz87 Posts: 1
    Not under CARS program, but still bought my first Jeep Patriot. 4X4, CVT2, 26E, sunroof, wheel/tire. MSRP $25,085. Paid preferred price $23668 - $3500 incentive = $20,168+ Tax 6%+Doc $100 + ~89 title/plate. Free 6 oil changes + lifetime inspection.

    Bought it concerning (1) rollover safety (w/ 1600MPa strength B-pillar), (2) warranty (for CVT), (3) gas mileage (should get 24/25mpg) and price/incentive. Considered Ford escape 2009, Chevy Equinox 2010, Subaru Forester 2010, Mazda CX-7. Never considered Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rogue, Mitsubishi Outlander.

    Wanted safety/security pkg, but couldn't get it.
  • Lowest price in Los Angeles is $14,490 for the cheapest model. It seems like a good price,
  • tntbelttntbelt Posts: 1
    Just bought one today for $15,500 in Ohio. Very happy with the deal we got, it's a great vehicle from all that I have read and heard about them.
    It's a 2009 Jeep Patriot Sport, 4x4 and nicely equipped.
  • mjk1115mjk1115 Posts: 1
    I want to get a 2010 patriot, and it's my first time buying a car. I'm looking at a couple models in the Long Beach, CA area: all Sport FWD w/CVT and Customer preferred package 24B. MSRP is listed at $22,290, but several of the models are listed online discounted down to $17,169-$17,485. I used the edmunds TMV tool and found that the average people paid for this car is around $19,800.

    Is the $17k price too good to be true or should i expect to be able to get this kind of price because it's the end of the year? The websites also state that part of the discounts are contingent apon returning owner/lessee, which I am not, should i still aim for the discounted price? Is it reasonable to try to negotiate even lower than this, or will it make me look naive?
  • Dear Car_Man,
    I purchased a new 2010 Jeep Patriot in early April of this year. My son liked the Patriot and he wanted me to price out a 2010 model like mine for him. My sticker showed a base price of $17,795 for a Patriot Sport 4x2. On my sticker below the base price box it is written Jeep patriot Sport FWD (LHD). The sticker that I saw yesterday at the dealers on a 2010 model that is basically identical to mine shows Jeep Patriot Sport FWD with a base price of $15,995. Also, when I went to another dealers website I saw on his pull down menu both the Jeep Patriot Sport FWD and Jeep Patriot Sport FWD Original Model Code. I believe mine is the Original Model Code, but my question is; what is the difference?
    Thank you in advance for the clarification.
  • Correction form Jerry;

    The dealers sticker yesterday showed a base price of $15,365 for the 2010 not $15,995 which is the base price on a 2011...sorry.
  • Anyone purchase a Patriot recently that can go in further detail about their own deal and the incentives that are currently available?
  • I recently purchased a 2014 Jeep Patriot Sport. Price after rebates was $13,995 +tax, title and dealer fees. It did include the 6-speed automatic transmission, air conditioning, and the power value group. I have drove it about 500 miles so far and really enjoy it. I am extremely happy with my purchase.
  • Hello millerlit,

    Glad to hear you are happy with your 2014 Jeep Patriot Sport. Sounds like you picked out a very nice vehicle and worked out a great price.

    Hope you continue to enjoy.

    Customer Care
    Chrysler Group LLC
  • daughter just leased a Patriot, great car! She got the Latitude, sticker price $25,000 got it under employee program,$21,500. Dealer and salesman were teriffic ! Jim Knox in Hillsdale, MI
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