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Mercedes-Benz GL450 Reliable?



  • biglinbiglin Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 just made it to 106000...had to change the AC compressor that was about 700.00.. a local family business Mercedes shop did the work..i never take the car to the dealer..for this AC compressor job and yes we called they wanted 2000.00 to do it...thx but no thx..we also have that musty smell coming from the vents..we've tried new air filters and spray..they are lying about other cars having the same problem..i even tried dryer cloth which worked for a while..and then yes the smell came back...if you guys need another name for your lawsuit..IM IN..this ridiculous..Mercedes know that this is a problem and will not address it..If I had known about the smell that salesman would have been very unhappy that sale for him..
  • sjlmsjlm Posts: 3
    Brought it to a different dealer after the second trip. (Talked to MB USA who said they would contact dealer before I brought the car in.) They replaced the blower motor. On a 4-hour trip AC worked. Don't know whether they fixed it or it worked b/c the outside temp never reached 80. Just ordered a 2014 GL 450 b/c this is the only problem I've had with 2 of them.
  • My 2008 GL450 is having the exact issues with the AC that you are explaining (no air after 1 1/2 - 2 hours of driving in 90 plus degree heat). I have dealt with MB for two years trying to fix this. We have had the car in for service over 5 times and the dealer service department with the help of MB USA have done nothing to fix it because it doesn't produce an error code. Were you able to get any resolution to your issue?? BTW, MB USA is stating that no one else in the country is having an air conditioner issue that I'm experiencing.
  • sjlmsjlm Posts: 3
    Well, we now know there are at least two of us! I don't know whether changing the blower motor fixed the problem b/c it was only around 80 degrees during the only long trip I've taken afterwards. The AC worked on that trip. But I was at least satisfied that the dealer tried to do something instead of nothing b/c they had no code telling them what to do. There was a time when mechanics could fix AC w/o having any codes! Good luck.
  • Hello,
    I own a 2003 M-Class that I bought new and it has been free of any serious maintenance issues per se. The only out of the ordinary issues were:
    1) Transmission lines were leaky and replaced under warranty
    2) I happened to leave the moonroof open during light rain and that shorted the electricals - I had to get a switch panel for the window glass etc... in the middle - Granted it was my fault but this has never happened in my Honda S2K, Solara drop top or Lotus Elise when I have been drenched, driving into sudden rain top down.
    3) Just a few K miles ago, the rear differential was acting up and got addressed by my friendly neighborhood mechanic (NOT the dealer)

    As you may be aware, the M class was wrought with problems between 1998 and 2002 and they turned around in 2003... Truck just hit 106K and I am thinking of moving up to the GL.

    But the threads I see in the forum genuinely scare me. Is it a safe bet to go with 2013 or beyond? I see a significant drop in issues reported since MY 2013. or is it just a crap shoot?
    Your thoughts?
  • I have a 2007 gl450. I bought it in 2010 with 48k miles. Now has 130k miles. Always serviced at a MB dealer. All service done as scheduled. Big issue is the AIRMATIC... Since 2010, we have replaced the AIRMATIC on ALL 4 WHEELS... the front driver side was replaced TWICE and now the front passenger side is broken for the second time. Each time we fix the AIRMATIC costs over $1000.
    .. Has anyone had a similar issue with the AIRMATIC? Something tells me that having to replace the AIRMATIC this many times has to be a defect in the vehicle... Are there any lawsuits or recall efforts out there? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thx
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,971
    edited September 2013
    Did you open up a case with Mercedes?

    How to Effectively Complain about your Car Problem may help.
  • don't do it. there are so many other options available. why take the risk with a $60k plus vehicle. i researched the alternatives pretty well and suggest the audi q7 or a good old american tahoe . . .
    more recently the buick and the bmw have come out with good options.

    do not take the risk. too much information out there

    i've had a M class 2002 which lasted pretty good until last couple of years when it became a constant expense and now i have a GL that i bought for my wife which has more yellow/warning lights than any other car i've ever purchased
  • No. I have not. Do I do that with MB corporate or the local MB dealer? Thx
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,971
    edited September 2013
    I'd try contacting Mercedes customer service and explain the recurring issues and ask them if they can look into it.

    Maybe there's a Secret Warranty on the suspension.
  • Thank you, Gregory!!
    I have eliminated the GL totally. It even sounds like the 2012/13 LR4 is far more reliable than the GL. You are right, too much bad info out there to pull the trigger.
    I have narrowed down my options to wait a while and see if:
    1) the 2015 Audi redesign is worth the wait after more pics emerge or
    2) Wait till the 2015 q7 arrives and go buy a 2013/14 Q7 and save myself the depreciation
    3) Swallow the looks of teeh 2014 Lexus GX and get it for reliability reasons or
    4) Given the window of time I have, continue to research the 2012/13 Landrover LR4.

    I wish you the very best with the Missus's GL.

    Thank you again!!
  • Mine is a 2008, gl320 now with 108K miles, the only issue now is a clicking sound sometimes at 80 MPH inside the dash, driver side, car is still like new, love my car.
    Problems all got repaired by Mercedes before 50K miles: steering leak, oil cooler leak, DPF sensor. if this GL will last as long as one of our 2008 Sprinter, with now 487K miles (same engine) will be wonderful. Love mercedes
    1980 300D sold
    1983 240D sold
    1983 SD300 sold, my best car ever
    1984 300D sold
    1995 e320 wagon 175K still with us
    2002 S430 sold 139K miles
    2003 SL500 40K miles our baby since new
    2004 C320 wagon 89K still with us
    2006 R350 sold 70K miles
    2008 Sprinter 487K miles Work
    2008 GL320 108K miles love this car
    2009 sprinter 22 K miles Work
    2009 C300 wife gone lease 40K
    2010 sprinter 14K miles work
    2011 GLK wife 30K miles perfect

    My secret is to choose the right Mechanic... I spend less money on all those mercedes to keep them on the road than one of our service vehicles Ford E350 6.0 Powertroke with just 100K miles...

  • Now my gl320 with almost 110K miles started having air conditioning problems, very cold for days but sometimes will stop working for few minutes... today after few months stop cooling, I was researching for the real problem, my freon gauges were showing that the compressor was trying to start but will stop after just 5 PSI movement, charge was perfect, dealer added freon just to make sure when this problem started, I will be replacing the compressor and drier, ebay Denso cost around $450, mercedes dealer is asking around $2100!! lucky me I am a HVAC contractor.
  • chunachuna Posts: 1
    edited November 2013
    Hi, i was just searching for similar problems with a gl 450 which is what i currently have, mine is a GL 450 2012, i am leasing for 3 years, 2 more to go cant wait to get rid of it. i have had hesitation problems and back and forth to the dealer, they decided to let me swap with another Mbenz, then without an explanation they rescinded the offer and all they say was that "the way the vehicle drives is a characteristic and is how it was designed"..pretty much they are not willing to do anything. This issue has been going on since March of this year, many emails, phone calls to customer assistance care (CAC) what a joke they are, trips to the dealership bottom line they havent done anything. i feel your frustration regarding how management customer care for such a prestige company like Mbenz can care less for their customers, this is my second car with them and believe me the last one same for my family. After spending about 80K you expect to drive a car without issues and be able to have someone from management address and listen to your concerns, and not just have you go thru the 1-800 #. Hesitation/delays is dangerous when you have the right to go and your car wont respond or after a yield sign or if you need to merge into a highway or street. They have been given us the run around. Lastly they send a letter offering about 3000$ for the inconvenience, and we can use it towards a purchase of a new GL, and is valid for one year, HELLO..i already have one MB that I want to get rid of, and secondly my lease is not up until 2015... I felt insulted, and looks like they had no clue about what they were writing. i am still pursuing my case. Good luck everyone.
  • We traded the GL550 in for a Lexus RX450 hybrid.
    Took a $20k loss so we could break free from this lemon. We are so much happier! Mercedes is worst product on the planet and doesn't stand by product!
    Never buy again! We LOVE our new Lexus!
  • myposgl320myposgl320 Posts: 2
    edited December 2013

    2009 GL320 Nothing but a piece of [non-permissible content removed]!!! Need to visit the repair shop every two months. Had to replace the Heating Element for Hi-Def Fluid $1382, Engine oil coolant leaking $1200. Airmatic suspension replaced under warranty both sides. Power Steering failed under warranty. There are also other issues, dealer cannot seem to find out the source of the problem. Spending $82K on this SUV is not worth it. I DON"T RECOMMEND BUYING ANOTHER MERCEDES AT ALL. POORLY ENGINEER... "The Best or Nothing" Thats [non-permissible content removed] joke!!!!

  • The funny thing about the GL320/GL450/GL550 hardly any recall on this vehnicle. Let me know if there is a class action lawsuit on this POS...

  • lovecarsnylovecarsny Posts: 1

    Mercedes Benz 2008 GL450 ISSUES!!

    When the GL450 first came out, we leased it and frankly did not have any issues. About 3 years ago, we purchased a CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) 2008 GL450 with about 30,000 miles or so on it. The car truly was a dream until it hit exactly 70,000 miles and then suspension issue after suspension issue. Someone in the thread hit it right on the head, the dealer only goes by error codes and this car does not give error codes. I'll skip the boring details, but the car has always been serviced by the same dealer I purchased it from and they always made me feel I'm crazy as the car never dropped when they had it. They even kept it for a week and it didn't drop. Well, it dropped when I got it back and I took a cell phone video and showed them and they changed the air ride suspension and struts. Now, just today I'm driving and I have the heat at full blast as my windows were fogging up and the blower isn't working. With all of these issues, I've spoken to the dealer and they claim my experience and issues are ONLY occuring with my vehicle, clearly they need to read this forum. I love this car, but I'll never purchased a used Mercedes, too many issues. I'm just thankful I purchased the extended warranty on it.

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