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2009 Nissan Maxima



  • out4catout4cat Posts: 91
    Not being a fan of Infinity cars (except for the G37 coupe) and also not quite sold on the new Maxima and people's love affair with it, I have one question. Other than drive train, HP, handling and all that functional stuff, what is it that gives some of you the impression that the Infinity G35 sedan is more luxurious than the Maxima?
    With the exception of the S, which has cloth seats, the SV models all have interior trims that equal the G, including the same identical dashboard. Standing side by side, the two vehicles, although different in appearance, cannot be distinguished as one luxurious and the other not.
    I agree with the caveat about the CVT, this blog has plenty of comments on it. I agree with FWD vs RWD and HP associated with it. I agree with the caveat about 1st year production Nissan cars.
    On the other hand STREHLOW, if you love the car and feel like you must have it, then that is a great reason to get the car, go for it and enjoy it even with its quirks if any. I think there are some deals available out there that should give you more than a 2k difference between the G and Max. My bottom line however is this, regardless of what anyone says, a Nissan by any name is a Nissan. FWD, RWD, longer wheelbase, more HP or whatever, an Infinity is a Nissan. So either way have fun with the new car, whatever it is and enjoy it in good health.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    As for quality, I'm now at 2 months (and counting) on my 09 Maxima and have been EXTREMELY PLEASED with the quality. Far better in "initial quality" than the 2 other Acura's I also currently own.

    As for luxury, if you get the Premium Package on the 09 Maxima, you get luxury features you simply can't get in the G35 such as air conditioned driver seat, dual moon roofs, rear AC/Radio controls, power sunshade, rear backup camera (don't even need to purchase the NAV package to get this), and a great IPOD hookup.

    As for sport, the G35 (soon to be G37) is a much more sportier vehicle. If you go with the G35x, gas mileage will be a bit lower. I do agree that Infiniti service is far superior to the Nissan service. At least its not as bad as the poor Genesis folks who have traded in Lexus vehicles to get the Genesis and learned the difference between Lexus vs. Hyundai service departments! Then again, in these economic times, getting a Hyundai could be perceived to be far more politically correct than getting a Lexus.
  • out4catout4cat Posts: 91
    I can gather by your message that unique amenities define luxury for you, what exactly is it that makes a car sportier in your opinion? What do sports have to do with cars. Today's cars all have the same features/options so it is harder to define luxury/sport what it is that sport means in a car. Today's Cadillacs and Lincolns all have mag wheels and black wall tires (only found in sports cars in the old days) so what defines each of the classifications?
  • That's kind of the way I am looking at this. It seems like the Maxima has more features and the ones that are the same really seem like apples to apples. I think i am leaning towards the Maxima because it will save me a couple of grand and I like the look better. The Altima has been highly rated for so long as well as the Infiniti, and since they are all the same company I really don't think I can go wrong.
  • out4catout4cat Posts: 91
    Ah, logical way to think, I agree. Besides all of that, the G35/37 body style is old already, the curvy re-fresh was not a total re-design like the Maxima so you will have the latest body style. I am one that thinks that the color of the car can make or break the look, please not a silver one with black seats, such a life-less color scheme, get something unique and a color with some depth.
  • I bought a brand new 2000 Maxima when they first hit and didn't have any problems out of the ordinary so I am not too worried about the new model being a problem

    The 2000's came out in US after they have been around for two years in Japan as Nissan Cifiaro (Spelling??). Hence it was not a TRUE first model year. I too bought first model year 2000 I30 and have been happy...but it was essentially third model year

    This MAX is totally new.

  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 262
    ... and build in US.

    On the other hand someone who does not appreciate driving dynamics of G should not get one
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    ... and build in US.

    Interesting observation. My 1995 Maxima was the last generation (4th) to be built in Japan. And, according to my Nissan service manager, was the best Maxima ever in terms of solid reliability and durability. Brake pads lasted 90k+ miles, rotors were not replaced until 150k, original clutch, driving chain never needs replacement, etc. And, the quality of the paint and finish is HIGHER than on my 2004 Acura TL, built in Ohio.

    I hate to say it, but in my own personal experience U.S. quality is simply not up to Japanese or German quality. Neither of my Acura's, both US built, have the precise fit and finish quality of my former Honda S2000. Proving there is a big difference between do-dads and craftsmanship.
  • Totally agree here..
    Recently I replaced my 1995 G20 (Japan Built) with 2008 MDX (I believe built in Ontario Canada)

    The quality & craftmanship of G20 is/was far superiot them MDX. Just the type/quality/fit and finish of the headliner was enough to make the distinction...

    Love the MDX for power and drive...The paint, the cloth seats, etc were fading, no sagging....
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 262
    2000-2003 Maximas were build in Japan too.
  • out4catout4cat Posts: 91
    Here here to that, U.S. built Maximas (2004-2008) are terrible in materials, craftsmanship, fit and finish, and overall reliability. If anyone has one or sees one, look at the panel gaps around the trunk, the left front fender gap with the front left door is large enough to see the bolts holding the door in place and in addition the top of the left fender sticks out from the top of the left door, totally crappy stuff. On the inside, the 2004 had uneven panels leading from the doors to the dashboard and the glove box would hang from the right side. The 2007 (redesigned) has a gap at the top of the right door that is farther away from the dash board than the same panel on the left side. The sad part is that after 4 years in production, Nissan has not improved/addressed any of the crap they put out. I am not even addressing the shimmy in the rider for the 04/05 models, and the fading roof rails (definitely not like the BMW 7 series rails).
    Bottom line, Carlos Goshn ran Renault, that is a company that does not do business in the U.S. for a reason. But also, customers (myself included) keep going to Nissan dealers and buying this crap, the 09 quirks will soon be coming out too.
  • Is there a way to watch a dvd without the e brake on? I know it's a safety but can it be over ridden like in the cadilac?
  • I would imagine that the over ride would have to be done by a professional. The Nissan dealer may be able to answer your question and do it, or an automotive electronic shop, there is lots of those. Be careful with warranty coverage when it comes to over riding OEM.
  • 1995 4th gen Maxima last to be built in Japan?

    My 2002 5th gen Maxima was built in Japan.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Hey everyone-

    I'm doing a little homework here for my in-laws for they are considering trading their 2004 Maxima for either a 2009 Maxima 3.5 SV (possibly with tech) or a 2009 Mazda6 s GT (possibly with Nav).

    They are similar in size, although the Max is bigger which is not a good thing in their eyes since they thought the 04 was a bit too big. They are very similarly equipped too. The Mazda has Bluetooth, Xenons, leather, dual climate, fuel computer, every safety feature under the Sun and Blind Sport Monitor detection system, something the Max does not have. TO get Xenons on the Max, you need to get Nav. Not the case with Mazda, since they are standard.

    Power goes to Max with 290hp / 261 tq vs Mazda's 272 hp / 269 tq. Fuel economy is similar, however, the Max recommends Premium, is that correct?

    The price advantage will go the the Mazda as well, for I can get them the Mazda6 s GT w/ Nav, moon roof / Bose Audio / Sirius radio for under $30,000. What are the Maxima's selling for? Particularly the SV with Tech, Bluetooth and Xenons?

    BTW, I work for Mazda, so there is no need to educate me on the 6. I don't wanna hear any Ford talk either. Ford does not build or engineer the Mazda6. I'm really looking for useful input on the Maxima. Thanks in advance!
  • Not to add to your confusion I would throw Infiniti G35 in the mix

    In my mind it is a superior car to either Max or Mazda6..
    And with all the incentives/model year clearance a reasonably loaded can be had for 30K.

    If you have to have a FWD car then consider Acura loaded 2008 (Not 2009) can be had for under 30K as well.

    If I were to choose between Mazda6 and Max. I would go for Max as the interior feels much more luxurious. CVT takes some getting use to...Max does ask for premium fuel..
  • Personally, I don't put the 6 in the same class as the Maxima. In my eyes, the 6 would best be compared to the Altima, Camry, and Accord. The Maxima is better compared to the Acura TL and maybe the VW Passat. The 6 seems like a good value when compared to the Altima, Accord, and Camry. A Maxima SV with the options you mentioned stickers much higher than 30k and, though discounts seem to be available, will still be several grand more than the Mazda 6 you have described.

    I have had a Millenia, Tribute, and a B4000. The Millenia and the truck were great vehicles; the Tribute was so-so at best. Overall I think Mazdas are good cars. You seem to lean toward the 6 -- what do the inlaws think? I would give them enough info for them to make their own decision. I'm not sure I would want to be the scapegoat in a situation like this.... ;)
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I'm more familiar with the Mazda6 then the 09 Maxima, so I can speak of confidence in what it offers. I am not very familiar with the 09 Maxima. I am very familiar with the 04-08 Maxima, in which the 09 Mazda6 IMO is better.

    My opinion does not matter, something that I have already expressed to them. I will not give them my opinion once I form one after we look at the Maxima either. I don't want them to buy the Mazda6 just because I work for Mazda. Would I like it? Sure! But, it's their car, not mine. I know the Max is a fine vehicle and always has been.

    In reality, the 09 Mazda6 does compare very well to the 09 Maxima. In actuality, the Mazda6 is bigger in almost every area. Refinement, quality and featured content on paper look very similar. Again, I have not sat in nor driven an 09 Maxima, but, the quality is the 6 is better then their 04 Maxima.

    My father-in-law used to own a CX-7, but traded it for an 09 Forester due to better FE. He has an extensive commute, and the CX-7 does not get great FE. My mother-in-law is the primary driver of the Maxima, and does not drive very much. It only has about 40K on it in in 4 years of ownership. He absolutely loved everything the CX-7 had in terns of drive, content, and performance. I think he liked it better then the 04 Max.

    I have no doubt the Mazda6 will be a great car for a long time. The engine / tranny are from the CX-9 and built in Japan. There has been virtually no power train issues with the CX-9.

    I have also brought up the Infiniti G as well. This is not my decision, and I really do not want to cloud their mind with suggesting several vehicles. The way they are is they pick a couple cars they like, or are familiar with and go from there.
  • I was also looking at the Mazda6 but I did end up buying a 09 Maxima (SV premium / tech)a couple of weeks ago. I liked the Mazda but I thought the Max was a little plusher, liked the music box hard drive and the nav system. The Ipod integration is first rate also. I also like the Max's styling a little more than the Mazda. Premium is required, not suggested. I'm appears I'm getting about 23mpg (city, freeway short trips) but only have 500 miles on it so take these numbers with a grain of salt. Actualy I think the 09 Max is actually a little smaller than the 08.

    If I hadn't gotten a good deal I would have gone down the street and bought a Mazda6. I like the blindspot monitor and the the fit and finish are good.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Premium is required not recommended? I was unaware of that.

    It's good to hear the opinion of one who has driven both. Thanks.
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