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Tiguan vs. Forester vs. CR-V



  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Jumping back into the fray for a moment...

    Some of you are taking my tongue-in-cheek comments about Manual vs Automatic transmission WAY TOO SERIOUSLY! By my estimate, I've logged close 100K miles in manual equipped cars, so I'm quite competent in them. My comments were my own opinion about why I know longer drive manual. I find automatic transmissions less stressful and one less thing I have to worry about as I'm navigating city traffic. I really think arguing back and forth about the two types is pretty silly. Really doesn't solve anything, does it? Hence my light-hearted view about automatics. And of course, manuals are superior in some ways to automatics! And if you like manuals, then great!

    Have a great weekend, guys! Vince. :shades:
  • kate39kate39 Posts: 2
    First, I am sorry to hear about your accident. I know that was a while ago, but I hope things are going well.

    I am looking at the 2010 or 2011 Tiguan, and the hesitation is 1) cargo space, but more importantly 2) reliability. I have read good consumer reviews of the 2010 Tiguan, and Consumer Guide gives it a great review, but I've read reviews about VW products in general and poor reliability. In fact, the 2010 Touareg reliability reviews are dismal. I am hoping the Tiguan is more reliable.

    If you still own your Tiguan, how has the reliability been? Thanks!
  • kate39kate39 Posts: 2
    I am considering a 2010 or 2011 Tiguan, and would like to hear from Tiguan owners what their experience has been with reliability. I think one post wisely offered that Consumer Guide and others evaluating a new model have limited data on which to base reliability information (actually, JD Power & Assoc).

    I agree with the posts that the Tiguan is a fun car to drive; nevermind the amazing sunroof. But I'd like to hear from Tiguan owners that have owned the vehicle for more than a few months, what the reliability picture is like. Thanks
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    edited April 2010
    Prior to the Tiguan, I had the same ambivalent feelings towards VW....poor reliability history. I pretty much ignored VW, until I had my accident in Oct 09 and had to find a new ride. CR seems to have warmed up to the Tiguan, giving it the coveted check mark. Fit/finish are superb in my mind and justifies the slightly higher price for its class. Very nimble handling and brisk acceleration when needed. I'm very pleased with it! Yes, it has less cargo room than others in this class, but for me, I didn't buy it strictly for storage space.

    The Tig is certainly the most plush of the vehicles I've add. Rain sensing wipers, auto-turn headlights, fully integrated bluetooth (even displays my phone lists in both the Nav and the center display). Backup camera with integrating positioning grid, 3 memory settings for driver seat, full lumbar support integrated with the 12 position power seat. Even the passenger side mirror tilts down in reverse! The feature list is extensive. Last time I saw some of these features were in BMWs ! So yeah, I'm lovin' this car! :P

    I've had the Tig since Oct 09 and so far, no problems! Of course, there's no way to be sure about reliability. Just have to wait n' see on that. One nice thing I also like is that the Tig only requires service every 10K miles, which for me is a plus. AND VW pays for service for up to 3 years or 36 K miles (or something like that).

  • starbirdstarbird Posts: 36
    So my dealer has sold me (along with a Tiguan) the 5 year 75,000 mile service and warranty. This allows you to get the car serviced during the entire period for free every 5000 miles, and they will replace all parts except tires as part of the warranty (which costs just over 2 grand).

    Generally I do 10,000 miles a year.

    At first this seems like a good idea, particularly with VW's reliability record, but I'm having second thoughts as VW has a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty anyway, with free servicing at 10, 20, and 30,000 miles. Should I scrap it?
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    You didn't mention if the extended warranty is transferrable or not. If so, then that's value added.

    From a different perspective, you have total peace of mind. Pretend for example, you have a major problem with the engine or tranny, such as the turbo going kapute. It's rare that that happens, but if it does, that warranty would pay for itself very quickly. It's just like any insurance plan, such as life insurance. You pay into it for years, for that "just in-case" situation, so your family is covered. But when if you lived 80 years. Would that life insurance policy be considered wasted or would you consider it an investment in your family's future? Only you can make that judgement call.

    Now, you can search google and see if there are other plans out there, but read the fine print. Check with your auto insurance. You might find they also offer extended warranties. I have Geico and for $35.00 every 6 months, all I have to pay is $250 deductible. Yeah, $250 can be pricey, but when I used the provisions with my last car, that $250 was a bargain and at only $70 a year, I did come out ahead of the game.

    Congrats on your purchase of the Tiguan - I love mine and good luck in your decision! Vince. :shades:
  • I relocated from Germany to US about a year ago. I had been driving manual for many years previously in EU but drive an automatic here. I have the following thoughts regarding manual/auto:

    - fun to drive, you have full control on what gear to engage
    - very easy to do engine break in down hill or emergency brake. Just shift it into gear 3/2/1, your done with the immediate help from the engine. Automatic is capable of this but not as quick/responsive as manual, esp.when you want to do emergency brake on freeway or within city. This is a key difference.
    - can be shifted very fast, especially between forward and backward. This is another major thing I miss when driving automatic.

    - simple therefore safer to most ppl. Especially in the situation that you want to make a (left) turn from full stop. Even for the most experienced manual drivers, it is likely that, for one of out thousands times, he/she released clutch too fast so the car just stopped in the middle of the crossing to be T-boned by the opposite traffic. In Europe collision could be avoided because people drive slow (50km/h in city) and would know what happened to the stopped car as this happens very often. However, I found it difficult for Americans to avoid collision since everyone is so much into the automatic driving and not prepared for this scenario, plus ppl are driving faster here (45mph~70km/h).

    actually automatic is getting popular in EU in recent years due to its simplicity.

    bottom line, I would still like to drive a manual in US but I won't risk of letting an experience driver to drive it.
  • vwinvavwinva Posts: 71
    I know the book says use Premium. Has anyone actually run a Tiguan on RUG? If yes, what effect on MPG and engine performance?
  • I've had two Tiguan's and never had a problem referred to in your topix link.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    I've had two Tiguan's and never had a problem referred to in your topix link.

    If Tiguan is so reliable, why did you have 2 of them? This model is only a few years old. Did you drive both of them significant distance? Were they over 100,000 miles?
  • Because someone in a pickup truck driving on the wrong side of the road hit my wife and 8 week old headon at 45 mph.

    The vehicle was totaled, but apart from a broken wrist, my wife and baby were fine.

    The police officer at the scene told me that if it had been a RAV4 or CRV, the damage to both of them would have been a lot worse.

    Hence I think you can understand why we bought another one. If it can withstand a crash of that type, with a vehicle 2.5 times its size, its a pretty good vehicle.
  • mpg7mpg7 Posts: 17
    Let's try this again. I bot a 2009 Tiguan in Oct. 2008 and it has been rock solid. No issues whatsoever and I drive her pretty, and sometimes VERY hard. As far as the choice of Tig vs RAV4 vs Forester. I have a good friend who bot a RAV4 for his wife and he says the Tig is a much, much nicer ride. And nicer quality interior (you do pay extra $$ for this though). I have owned honda, chevy, ford, nissan and toyota. My current toyota has a horrible transmission, steering, suspension and fit and finish is poor. It is tinny, scratches, even really tiny ones show really clear on exterior. Rear liftgate (sienna) opens to about 5'10" ( i have to duck under it) doesn't have auto headlights (my 97 venture even did!), the dashboard sounds like it has pebbles in it (at least 6 trips to adress this issue.....NOTHING....oh yeah, one dealer sprayed some foam in there...still rattles or crunches or whatever. I am hesitant to have the replace entire dash, but I don't think i have any other choice at this point. Bot the best extended warranty they offered, BUT, when exterior clips fail (they say this is not covered) and I did not hit anything. Okay, sorry got a bit off track here. Subie, nice looking, very tinny and cheapie plastics....I really wanted to like the subie. Anyway, I am now a lifelong VW/Audi buyer. Buy the VW!!!! You will not be disappointed...VW rocks!!!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    How many miles thus-far?
  • mpg7mpg7 Posts: 17
    31k.....she is one SWEET ride!!!!
  • mpg7mpg7 Posts: 17
    And very stable at high speed.....over 100 many times....115 once :D
  • I have just started to look for my first SMALL SUV. After moving back from the US to the UK I wanted something smaller. It has to be a diesel because of the emissions and the much higher vehicle taxes on petrol/gas engines. The CRV is just too big to get into the tiny parking spaces at the super market or my garage. Like most drivers I am not really ever going to go and do some hard off roading. A gravel, dirt road or a muddy field for a car boot sale will likely be the only time it is off the tarmac. So on road manners are much more important. But with the snow we have had over the last two winters I want something that is sure footed and won't get me stranded.

    I like both the Tiguan and Forrester. They both seem really good options. The Subbie seems to come with most of the options I already want where as the VW I have to order a lot of them. Sat nav, rear view camera folding mirrors bluetooth and fog lights. The only real difference seems to be the Forrester's lack a good automatic transmission. I like the Tiguan 7 speed DSG. I like the Forrester's heated wipers, and full time all wheel drive verses front bias. It's a hard choice.

  • Good post comparing the Tiguan and CRV and Forester. Just FYI...I'm looking at the CRV and the Forester right now (and I have owned a Forester for years). You said that you didn't think the CRV would fit into the small parking spaces. I thought the same thing, so checked on the dimensions of the CRV and Forester. They are almost the same size...both about 180" long. They are about the same width...the CRV may be an inch wider, if that.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    I wouldn't brag about that...just plain foolish...... :mad:
  • Just bought my wife a Tiguan so had been reading these posts for the past 2 weeks - came here for facts but saw alot of boo hoo and mine is better than yours. STOP. Bottom line is Tiguan is a great vehicle - forget vs CRV , Forester , Rav or whatever. VW people on these posts will always defend VW and Japanese/Korean, etc will defend theirs. I will always buy VW/Audi over everything else and thats it - case closed - there is no comparison at all for me.
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