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Kia Sorento Brakes



  • redjr16redjr16 Posts: 6
    edited July 2013
    I would have thought KIA would have fixed their brake issues on the Sorento by now. Remind me not to buy a new one! :) If it's just rust, it will wear off the next time you drive it. That shouldn't ever be a big problem. It will squeal a little for about the first 2 miles and be gone. I have a 2008 Sorento, and I had the problem of warped rotors after just a few thousand miles. Not good, or right.

    I finally put a pair of slotted or dimpled after-market rotors on and haven't had any problem since. They've been on for about the last 10k miles and it brakes as smooth as can be. My mechanic says they show no sign of wear - the pads are good and the rotors look like new. So I'm happy.

  • hguthriehguthrie Posts: 4
    I just purchased a 2012 Sorento. Absolutely LOVE IT.........Got it used 34,000 miles, a company vehicle that was traded in on an upgrade. I am also experiencing the grinding noise when I brake at lower speeds, but that is not what is bothering me. I have a 20 minute drive to work through town, so I do a lot of braking and going. By the time I get to work there is a clicking noise. If I continue to drive it the noise gets worse and louder and more frequent. The dealership told me it was the rotors. It's already been in once for the problem, they turned the rotors, new brake pads, and put brake quiet on it. A week later it started again. They now have it again and the service manager told me that it was the rotors again. That the noise is caused from them getting hot, and I must be driving pretty aggresively for them to do it. I do not drive aggressively. I am a female with 2 children that knows you have to be easy on the brakes for them to last longer. I am a very careful driver and probably start slowing down WAY before what is really necessary. It doesn't do it when I first start out, but after stopping and going as you would through in town traffic, it starts and gradually gets worse.
    Has anyone else noticed the noise after continuous braking? Does anyone know what it could possibly be? I've noticed a lot of posts about the grinding, but its the clicking that really worries me.
  • redjr16redjr16 Posts: 6

    Buy yourself a pair of 'dimpled and slotted' brake rotors for your Sorento and you'll never look back. You can get them on the web at Brake Performance. I've had a pair on my 2008 for going on 2.5 years now and I haven't even had to replace the pads yet. Braking is smooth, silent and without shudder. You should never have another problem with them. They are guaranteed for life.
    Forget what the dealer says. The stock brakes are simply under-designed for that car, and it sounds like Kia has not solved the 'real' problem yet. In over 4+ years. Shame on them.
  • hguthriehguthrie Posts: 4

    Thank you for the advice! Right now the dealer has it, like I said, but I did just find out that they are replacing all the brakes for free, which they should being as I haven't even made a payment on it yet! I will check out the website you recommend and discuss the options with my husband if this doesn't fix the problem. I have driven many cars and never once had I ever heard of rotors clicking when hot!
    Thank you much for the help and I'll let everyone onow once I get it back!
  • redjr16redjr16 Posts: 6
    The real issue is with the rotors. They warp way to quickly - implying they are under engineered and designed for that car. When the new ones wear out, or start to pulse and grind, you'll know what web site to visit. :cry: BTW, the dimpled and slotted pro rotors are only $200 for the pair and come with pads and should last you a long, long time, especially the way you drive - as you described. Good luck. Rick
  • shawn84shawn84 Posts: 6
    My 2007 Sorento was the best SUV I ever owned. Once I purchased the slotted rotors (after multiple rotor resurfaces or replacements) never had an issue again. I do not know why KIA refuses to address this issue.
  • redjr16redjr16 Posts: 6
    I have a 2008 that only has 34k miles on it! Mainly, because I used to travel (fly) a lot and it sat with little use for ~ 2 yrs. But once I started driving it again, the brakes started giving me problems. I haven't had any problems either since I had the slotted rotors installed - and I'm a very assertive driver. I love the car, although the gas mileage is atrocious and the engine sounds like a toy until it warms up. :) While the ride can be a little rough I've gotten use to it. Now my son is eyeing it for when he gets his license in a year. He like the aftermarket stereo I installed a couple of years with all the bells and whistles. :)
  • hguthriehguthrie Posts: 4
    Well, I've had it back for a couple weeks. At first everything was going great! But about a week ago I noticed the same clicking noise as I was turning and braking at the same time, and continues if I continue to go in a circle. Now that is the only time it does it. UGH!!!! Something like that, could it still be the brakes and rotors? Getting severly pissed!!!!! :mad:
  • aaldrichaaldrich Posts: 1
    I had that happen last year for my 2008 kia sorento, clicking chain like noise when turning to one side. They couldnt figure out what was wrong until a couple months goes by and the wheel almost fell off when i was driving. Turns out the hub needed replacing. :(
  • My sorento has 1900 miles on it. The brake pedal started going to the floor. I had to pump the brakes to get it to stop. I took it to the dealership Monday. They thought it was air in the lines, after sitting there for 3 hrs while they bled the brakes they came to the conclusion that it wad the master Cylinder. Its now Friday and they still have my car. I am very very disappointed !!!
  • I've had this problem too. A clicking sound that seemed to get louder over time. I found the clicking coming from under the gear shifter. It's actually a switch or solenoid that's used when you hit the brakes. Mine was replaced under warranty once already but it still seems to be getting louder again.....
  • Thanks for the option, but it's not the solenoid. I wish the fix were that easy. The Kia mechanics can't even figure it out. KIA corporate has no clue. They won't work on it anymore because they can't figure it out. BUT, my warranty is still good and "rest assured, the vehicle is still safe". But we don't know whats wrong with it. So, how can they tell me my vehicle is safe? 2 days away from trading it back. The dealership said they would buy it back from me. Which they should, it's been in 12 times for the same reason........
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