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Audi Q5 Lease Questions



  • I have never leased a car so I appreciate your help. This is for a 36mo lease and 10k miles from Audi Springfield in Springfield, Missouri.

    MSRP: $47,845
    Invoice: $44,564
    Tentative Negotiated price: $46,845

    The dealer showed me a printout with a payment of $633/mo with $6,000 paid out of pocket (incl. 1st payment, security deposit, tax on down payment, license, title, and documentation). Is this a fair payment? If not, what should it be based on whatever latest lease numbers you have.

    Thank you!
  • disladisla Posts: 55
    You should be able to get much closer, if not below the invoice, the negotiated price seems too high.
    Additionally, why would anyone want to pay $6K up front, it's way too much, especially considering the resulting monthly payment. Take a look at the earlier posts for better deal numbers. Good luck!
  • Yeah that sounds like a pretty bad deal...

    $6000 + ($633 * 36 months) = $28,788

    You're essentially agreeing the car will lose 60% of its value (not the case), and you're still only getting 10k miles per year.

    You may be able to negotiate the purchase price lower, but mainly you're getting killed on a totally wack estimate of the car's residual value after 3 years.

    I haven't begun my own negotiations yet – but I would not agree to those terms.
  • dfd3dfd3 Posts: 57
    Hi Car_man:

    My 2014 SQ5 is due at the dealer later this month. You were kind enough to share AFS August 2013 lease factors several weeks back. Do you have their September 2013 SQ5 lease factors? Looking at 36 month, 15K miles, SQ5 Premium Plus.

    Thank you, sir!
  • Still trying to understand what is possible in a lease. These 36mo/10k lease offers are from 09/03 - 10/01 at a dealer in St. Louis. Are they good deals?

    1) 3.0T Premium Plus, MSRP $45295, $2000 down, $3163 due at signing, security deposit waived,
    $519/month, purchase for $26724 at end of lease.

    2) 3.0TDI Premium Plus, MSRP $47395, $2500 down, $4273 due at signing, security deposit $550,
    $529/month, purchase for $28437 at end of lease.

    The total due at signing includes an acquisition fee of about $695. Does the rest of the amount due at signing go towards the price of the car? For both options, the purchase price at the end of the lease is within $100 of the original purchase price (MSRP) plus the total monthly payments over the lease term. I don't know if that is coincidence. How is the ending purchase price actually calculated?

    I used the Edmunds lease article to create a spreadsheet for estimating monthly payment for a lease. It includes an estimate for monthly interest and sales tax. For option 2, it estimates a monthly payment of $567. Does that mean the original price paid was less than MSRP?

  • It was an interesting day in the process of trying to lease a Q5. The salesman at the local Audi dealer said they require 10% down on a custom build order and that the sales price is MSRP i.e. there is no negotiation. Based on what I have read here I can get a better deal so I have expanded my search to include the nearest cities... I'll keep you posted and thanks for the feedback.

  • Car_man,

    Thanks for all the assistance you give in this forum. Much appreciated.

    I'm curious about the MF and residual factor for:

    2014 Q5 Prestige
    S-line package
    Driver Assist Package
    MSRP = $59,750

    Hoping to negotiate down about 6-7% off MSRP. I'm also curious how much the RV and MF vary from region of the country to the other as well. Thanks in advance.
  • drryl, that information is definitely not accurate. I have an A5 and was going to order it, they said same terms as one that was on the showroom. I was going to put $1,000 down and purchase price would have been same markdown as one on the lot. If they aren't willing to budge I'd find a different dealer.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 37,547
    " Do you have their September 2013 SQ5 lease factors? Looking at 36 month, 15K miles, SQ5 Premium Plus. "

    .00167 and 57% for 2014 SQ5 Premium Plus


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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 37,547
    "MF and residual factor for:

    2014 Q5 Prestige
    S-line package
    Driver Assist Package "

    .00170 and 52% residual... 36 mo., 15K/yr


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  • Thanks kyfdx! I notice that apparently the MF and residual are better for the SQ5 than they are the Prestige. Is that typically the way it runs? That 5% difference between 52% and 57% is significant....significant enough to help me reach up for the SQ5 which is the one I actually want. I'll have to run the numbers but that's a pretty big delta...the money factor is better to apparently, though barely so.

    Appreciate the assistance.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 37,547
    edited September 2013
    In general, the Prestige trim in every Audi model has a much lower residual value than the Premium Plus trim...

    The spread is about 4 percentage points, with either the Q5 or the SQ5..

    Q5 3.0T Premium Plus = 56%
    Q5 3.0T Prestige = 52%
    SQ5 Premium Plus = 57%
    SQ5 Prestige = 53%


    So... skip the Prestige package and get a loaded up Premium Plus, and you'll save a lot on an Audi lease..


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  • Thanks kyfdx. One more question....a dealer in my area is trying to say marking up the money factor (from .0017 let's say to well over .002) is standard practice for a dealer. I would think it's standard practice to try, but isn't reasonable to expect that I should be able to get the MF down to the numbers quoted here? My credit is outstanding. Thanks!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 37,547
    It happens more than it doesn't.... With Euro import dealers, it almost is standard practice...

    But, you notice how the story has changed? First, the dealer says it's because of the higher mileage allowance.... now, it's because everybody does it..

    The reality? When you were finalizing your lease, he was trying to win your business.... Once he had it, and you wanted changes, he sees you as being committed, and uses that to his advantage... Ever build a house? Upgrades are cheap when you are finalizing your contract, but change orders all come at full price...

    Tell him you are disappointed that he would try to extract extra profit from you, when what you asked for doesn't cost him anything.. and, then... ask for the base rate that he agreed to, previously... even with the higher mileage allowance...



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  • yankees338yankees338 Posts: 28
    edited September 2013

    We're looking at a 2014 Q5 Premium Plus from a dealer in NJ. The quote was through Sun East Credit rather than Audi Financial as the dealer claimed they were offering better rates. However, we've heard of issues with early trade-ins/vehicle assessment at the end of the lease with Sun East, so any feedback on them would be great.

    Here is the offer:

    MSRP: $46,475
    Adjusted Vehicle Price: $41,750
    36 Months
    Money Factor: .00147
    Residual: 60%
    12,000 miles/year
    Due at Lease Signing: $1,238 (includes 1st month)
    Payment: $524.36/month

    Again, any feedback would be appreciated!

  • q5audiq5audi Posts: 3
    edited September 2013

    I am also looking for buying Q5 in NJ. Looks like you got the best deal. Please let me know the dealer name and sales person name. i have to finish the deal by next week.

  • disladisla Posts: 55
    Your deal looks great, given the high MSRP.
    What options did you add on to the Premium Plus?
    I do have many friends in a tri-state area using leasing brokers, like, they experienced no issues upon returns.
  • Is the MF for a SQ5 Prestige the same as the Q5 Prestige at .0017 for 36mo and 15k/yr?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 37,547
    Q5 is .0017

    SQ5 is .00167

    A very, very small difference..


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  • Ryan,

    My dealer in NJ quoted Selling price as $43709 for MSRP $48050 and inception price as $2477 which includes 1st month payment + MV(411) + Doc(299)+tire tax(7.5)+supp(184)+bankfees (995) and residual as 60% of MSRP with 0.00147 as money factor.

    Please let me know is this a good deal.
  • theeegodtheeegod Posts: 53
    edited September 2013
    Anyone know the MF and Residual value of a 2013 2.0T Q5 premium plus 12k miles/year, 36 months, for Sept?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 37,547
    .00151 MF and 53% residual..


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  • I just ordered a 2014 premium plus TDI at a local Houston dealer. He told me the lowest he could go is 3% off MSRP and that no dealer in TX would go any lower. He also asked me to leave a fully refundable $1K check deposit, but told me he would not cash it, and once the car arrived I could just use the check towards the purchase price.
    So my question is, has anyone recently ORDERED a q5 in TX and gotten it for less than the True Market Value Price?
    Also, if you left a check for deposit, did the dealer really just hold on to it, or did they cash it?
    I am asking because I may change my mind and I do not want any problems if I do.
  • kyfdx...quick question, what would the MF and residual be for a 2013 Q5 Prestige, 36 month 15/year? How bout 12K/year?
  • Does anyone have MF and residual rates for a 2014 SQ5 Premium Plus. Would be interested in #s for both 36m and 42m lease with 12k miles.

    Thanks in advance.

    Also, does the inclusion of Audi Care increase residual rates?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 37,547
    .0015 and 48%.. add 2% for 12K/yr


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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 37,547
    2014 SQ5 Premium Plus

    36mo/12K ... .00167 and 59%

    42mo/12K... .00187 and 55%


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  • kyfdx - mind sharing the MF and Residual value of a 2013 2.0T Q5 premium plus 10k miles/year, 36 months (and MMI, though doesn't matter I believe) for sept? thank you!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 37,547
    .00151 and 54%


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  • infinitoinfinito Posts: 2
    edited September 2013

    What's the MF and RV for a 2014 Audi Q5 Premium Plus with 12K/year and 36 month term in Austin, TX? Looking at MSRP of $48,445 and per Audi Sales, they have a deal with my employer where I get price of Invoice, so $45,122, is this a good deal? We have not spoken about financials yet but planning on leasing.
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