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2014 Audi S4 Lease Questions



  • I would appreciate your insights as to whether this is a good deal or is something hidden. Not sure about the down payment part of this offer.

    2014 Audi S4 Prem Plus
    Lease: 36/15K
    MF .0007
    Residual 54%

    Per Edmunds - this looks like invoice for the car they are offering:
    Invoice $46,037.00
    Dest Fee $895.00
    Nav $2,837.00
    Sports Diff $1,024.00
    Napa leather $1,163.00
    Bose Sound $791.00
    19" $744.00
    Badges $135.00
    Carbon Inlays $467.00
    $54,093.00 + $500 (dealer's offer)

    1K bonus offer (BMW owner), $2k down, Payment of $722.12/mth. It looks to me like I should be able to get that monthly payment without putting $2k down. Also, would the dealer add the dest fee in their invoice + $500 offer?
  • What is the total MSRP of the S4?

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  • mgski1mgski1 Posts: 4
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    MSRP is $58,090. Invoice rolls up to$54,093
  • With just the $1000 conquest bonus as a down payment, I get $677/mo for the payment..

    That doesn't include tax, acquisition fees, title/licensing or doc fees..

    Destination should always be included in MSRP and invoice/offering prices..

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  • kyfdx - thanks for the reply. Just left the dealer and there are a few fees I am surprised by. Can I ask you to please verify one more time this deal?

    2014 Audi S4 Prem Plus (Nav, Sports diff, Bose, Driver Assist, Badges, Carbon Inlays, 19”wheels)
    54% residual

    MSRP $58,445
    Invoice + 500 = $55,868
    Rebate = $1780 (conquest + Audi first payment, Season of Audi)
    Capped Fees = $80.00
    Upfront fee = $729.75
    Total Taxes = $2,264.93
    Adjusted Cap cost = $54,459
    Lic/reg = $465
    Amount due at start = $3,780
    Cash down = $2000 (would still like to not do this)
    Working case = $3,780
    Base monthly rental = $722.12
    Total Monthly Payment = $779.89

    Invoice should be $54,569 + $500 for a total of $55,069. There are $800.00 in fees that I want to know if I can negotiate.

    Advertising $425.00
    Can’t remember this one but it is $179.00 (another ad fee I think)
    Prep and Inspection $195
    They do have to bring the car in from another dealer – claim they aren’t charging me.

    Anything I can do about these fees?
    Would you put 2K down? Seems like a higher payment makes more sense than 2K upfront
    Any areas I should question or negotiate?
  • hakahaka Posts: 1
    I'm sharing my lease numbers on a 2014 S4 prestige for you reference.

    Audi S4 Prestige 2014 (manual)
    MSRP: $58,250
    lease 36/10K
    Residual: 55%
    0 down, 0 due at sigining, 1st payment Jan 13 2014
    $692/month without tax
    $760/month with tax

    Definitely not the best deal ever but don't feel ripped off either :)
  • isles1isles1 Posts: 110
    -Sales price?
    -Incentives (loyalty, conquest, lease cash)?
    -Money Factor?
    -All fees rolled in, including first payment, tags, title, registration, Acquisition, meaning you paid $0 at lease signing?
  • Hi, can you please let me know the MF and residual for a 2014 S4 Premium Plus for 12k a year, 36 months?

  • 2014 S4 Premium Plus 36mo, 12K/yr lease
    .00070 MF and 56% residual


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  • 2014 S4 Premium Plus, 36mo, 10K/yr lease vs. 12K/yr vs. 15K/yr lease. Can you let me know the current MF and residual?
  • 2014 S4 Premium Plus 36mo, 10K/yr lease
    .00070 MF and 57% residual

    Subtract 1% for 12K/yr residual
    Subtract 3% for 15K/yr residual


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  • Also if you do Audi Care doesn't this increase the residual by 1%.

    So 2014 S4 Premium Plus 36mo, 10K/yr lease
    .00070 MF would have a 58% residual with Audi Care. I believe Audi Care is ~$830 and makes sense since it raise the residual and you also get ~$500 of services from it.
  • Looking at an S4 premium
    MSRP 55,475
    Cap Cost 52,200
    MF .0007
    36 mths
    NJ tax 7%
    Luxury tax .4%
    Residual 58%

    Audi Care $304
    lease inception fee 695
    bank fee 495
    cash down 2995
    audi loyalty 1000

    according to the dealer its approx 6K out of pocket if I choose to pay all fees and taxes upfront.

    Monthly payment is 523.
    If I roll the taxes in its about 572

    not a fan of 6K out of pocket because of the fees. Is that a good cap cost or should there be some wiggle room?

  • What a great forum! It's very cool that everyone is helping each other out.

    Would love to know if this is a nice deal.. It seems like a high monthly payment based on the previous posts and lease calculators.

    2014 S4 Premium Plus, MSRP $55,140 (nav, sport dif, badges, etc.) -$1000 off for coming off a Lexus -$600 off for no reason

    Adjusted price of $53,540 Trade in allowance of $9,500 Doc fee of $75 Tax of $1,136.33 Misc Fees $1,373.25

    Balance $46,624.58

    36 mos @ 10k/miles payment is $530

    Does that seem right to all of you fine people?

  • isles1isles1 Posts: 110
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    Your adjusted price a/k/a Negotiated Sales Price should not be MSRP less incentives like Conquest Cash. Use to calculate invoice price for your car. You are basically aiming for $500 - $1000 over invoice, or somewhere along the lines of 5 - 6% off MSRP as your Negotiated Sales Price. If you can do better than that, then great; but you can rest assured you are getting a fair deal if you fall somewhere in that range.

    THEN, your incentives and trade-in allowance are applied.

    You need to have MISC fees broken out so you know what is being added on. Do not pay docs fees, vehicle prep fees or the like. Sales tax, tags/tile/registration and $695 AFS Acquisition Fee are all standard; anything else is likely padding.

    You also want to ask what money factor and residual value are being used to calculate your lease payment.

    Good luck.

  • phatkoreanphatkorean Posts: 1
    edited January 2

    Hello all! I'm looking for advice before I go into the dealership. I already drove the car and love it. I'm going to try and get the dealer to agree to the numbers below. Does this sound like a doable deal? Could it be better? Am I bonkers?

    The car: 2014 Audi S4 Premium Plus – Manual - Monsoon Gray Metallic - M.S.R.P.: $53,550

    This is what I'd like to get for a deal:
    15k/36month lease with $0 down.
    Sale Price: $50,070 (6.5% off MSRP).
    Lease Residual Value: $31,059 (58% residual value).
    Money Factor: 0.0007 (willing to put up to $5,000 as security deposit).
    I'll pay all fees at signing (Tax, docs, Acquisition, etc.).
    I'll pay for the AudiCare upfront as well.
    This puts the monthly around $625.

  • theskunktheskunk Posts: 2

    What's the current Money Factor? .0007 still current? Also, is the residual on 15k still 54%? What is it for 18k miles? Thanks!

  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,890

    2014 S4 Premium Plus 36mo, 15K/yr lease

    .00051 MF and 53% residual

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  • theskunktheskunk Posts: 2

    so they are more likely to take an offer at .0007 with a 54% residual... good to know. Thanks!

  • What is the current MF and residual, 2014 S4 Premium Plus 10k/yr lease 36 & 42 mos??

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