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Infiniti JX Lease Questions



  • tax_attytax_atty Posts: 22
    Thank you very much for the pictures of the window stickers.

    Couple interesting points. Although the AWD base MSRP went up by $300, the Premium Package (now split into Premium and Premium Plus) wend DOWN by $400 so overall the car will cost $100 LESS in 2014. Also, according to the window sticker, the heated steering wheel and the remote start are now included in the Premium Package on the QX60 versus having to buy the Technology Package on the JX35 to get those features. Now if I could just find a 2014 QX60 in NY by the end of next month.
  • I would appreciate else info from Car man and any other info or thoughts people might have.

    I want to get a JX35 for the MRs. And dealer of course is pushing the 2013's And i am trying to figure out if I am better off taking a 2013 now or waiting for the 2014 QX version...

    Does anyone have any thoughts on likely costs, etc. it seems clear that the QX would be Worth more at lease end.

    Also... Working with assumption I am going to take the 2013 please provide July money factor and residuals doe 36 month lease at 15k and 18k a year, wife wants loaded car with theater, premium, deluxe touring and tech. I think that may impact residuals,
  • tax_attytax_atty Posts: 22
    edited July 2013
    Dealers are definitely trying to get rid of the 2013's. The 3 dealers I spoke to told me that they wouldn't have the 2014's for a while. But when I told them I knew they were out in other states already, then remarkably all 3 dealers said they just got the 2014's in. Infiniti also wants to get rid of the 2013's, so I'm, guessing the lease rates on the 2014's will be high until stock of the 2013's is low. One dealer told me there is no leasing program yet on the 2014's this month. So if you need to lease the car this month you may have to stick with the 2013. Hopefully CarMan can shed some more light on this.
  • Can you guys tell me if this is a decent deal for Jx35 2013 lease?

    MSRP: $57,825
    Sale Price : $51,730
    39 Months
    Down Payment: $3,500 (including title/tax, etc)
    Monthly: $530
    Money Factor for July: 0.00071

    Knowing the 2014's are coming in...will the dealer lower the rates?
  • Thanks for thoughts. I actually can wait. I am over mileage on an m37x and was going to take advantage of the pull forward program to stop burning 25c miles but was trying to figure out which would be the most economical. It seems unclear to me whether the 2014 is going to be more or less expensive without program info. As car will be the same I would not be surprised if configurations are a little richer for the same price in 2014 given where the yen is.

    Of course how it leases will be a function of what program they put out.
  • sk99sk99 Posts: 5
    Hi Car_Man, I just wanted to check in to see if you can let me know if MSD's are still in play and how to calculate them. Thanks again in advance!
  • cpyle77cpyle77 Posts: 22
    The money factors and residuals for the 2014 QX60 have been out all month. Dealers are happy to sell them too, just perhaps not as aggressively priced as a 2013 (typically $300-$500 under invoice plus incentives) and supplies of the 2014's will take a while to build up.

    Infiniti released this announcement on July 2nd:

    July IFS Lease Programs

    2013 G37 Coupe – increased IFS Lease Dealer Cash by $500 to $2,500 (39 month LPP unchanged)
    2014 QX60 - ~$60 LPP walk from MY13 JX
    2014 QX70 3.7 - ~$60 LPP walk from MY13 FX37
    2014 QX70 5.0 - ~$60 LPP walk from MY13 FX50

    *The $60 increase in LPP ( Lease Price Point) for the 2014 QX60, was based entirely on an increased money factor. This is identical to where they started a year ago when the JX35 was released. Now it's dropped way down to .00071.

    2014 QX60- .00144, (AWD)
    2013 JX35-00071 (AWD)

    The July residuals are exactly the same for both model years, across the board, with 39 months still being the best overall term (56% for 15k, 58%@ 12k and 59%@ 10k).

    The QX60 vehicle pricing isn't changing enough to impact anything ($100) although the lower levels of packaging are being tweaked to a more German sounding "Premium vs Premium plus" structure. Thank you Yohan de Nysschen...

    As I'm sure you know, $500 in excess mileage will be waived on your next lease regardless of when you do it, just as long as you have no damage that could eat up your credit. That may or may not buy you some time to think and observe what happens over the summer, which won't be much.

    If I was a betting man (and I am) I would bet Infiniti is resetting the 2014 LPP's and raising the money factors to the identical high point from 2013. Once all the 2013's are gone, they will slowly decrease them once again over the next 12 months, just like they always do.

    And the circle of life continues....

    Hope this helps, and good luck!
  • sk99sk99 Posts: 5
    Thanks cpyle77. Do you know if MSDs (Multiple Securoty Deposits are still offered? If so what is the calculation for each MSD? Thanks.
  • cpyle77cpyle77 Posts: 22
    Glad I could help. MSD's would be better for a 2014, but only if you were planning on using 8 or 9. With the 2013's, you can only apply 7, lowering the money factor from .00071 to .00001.

    With the 2014, you can use all 9, dropping it from .00144, to .00054.

    The program will work exactly the same way, with a minimum of 2 required to start, and a maximum of 9.

    Each one still reduces the m.f by .00010. (about a quarter point in terms of APR) On average this lowers the payment around $9 per month.

    To figure out how much each one will be, just take the base payment (before any monthly use tax or rate reductions are applied) and round up to the next $50 increment.

    For some odd reason, in New York state, the max amount of total security deposits applied can't exceed $750. This basically kills it for the state.

    Hope that helps!
  • Thanks so much for all he great info. It sounds like I am better off taking the 2013 as it will likely cost 60 less a month with little difference.

    (Btw... Do you think the same is true of a 2013 M vs 2014 as I am going to need one of them in next 90 days as well.)

    If you could let me know the following on the 2013 JX AWD program....
    Residual % for 39 months @ 18k
    And money factor (if different) and residuals for 36 month 15k and 18k.

    While I understand the 39 month looks stronger I need to compare with the 36 as if I do 39 at 18k (which given we moved out to burbs is likely the right number) I am closer to be out of warranty at end of term then I would like to be.

    And of course will do the max MSD's which, on the 2013, bring interest to close to zero.

    Thanks again for all the help!
  • tax_attytax_atty Posts: 22
    Thanks cpyle77. Understandable that the interest rate will be significantly higher on the 2014's while the 2013's are still around. I'm hoping that the interest rate on the 2014's will drop significantly next month since the supply of the 2013's should be drying up.

    With the Premium, Premium Plus and Theater Packages the 2014 is actually $100 less than the 2013 and now includes the remote start and heated steering wheel. Plus gas mileage is up 1MPG city & highway. I'm definitely sticking with a 2014 even if it costs me a few $ more.

    Really stinks that NY doesn't allow MSD's. I remember years ago BMW had a similar program that a friend of mine from NJ took advantage of but when I asked my dealer he said that it wasn't offered in NY. Didn't think much about it then, but now I understand why.
  • rostiklarostikla Posts: 4
    Hi Car_Man,

    Can you please post July money factor and residual value for a FWD JX35 W/PREMIUM PACKAGE? We are looking for 10k and 12k miles for 36 and 39 months.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.


  • I need 18k lease on JX. Would appreciate residual and MF for 36 and 39 months. I have 15 k numbers but don't know if you simply adjust residual down, and if so by how much??

    I really appreciate the help!
  • So I am coming up on the end of my lease on my 2011 MDX. Priced out a 2013 JX yesterday fully loaded (we don't really want the theater package but all the remaining inventory has it). MSRP with some other misc stuff ($1,175 total) - roof rails, splash guards, crossbars, bumper protector is $57,520.

    I am doing a 39 month / 15k mile lease.

    Here is the deal they offered me - $599 a month with taxes, first month and fees down (works out to about $3,200 down).

    Residual is 56% and money factor is 0.00011.

    If my math is right I'm paying about $54,550.

    Is this a good deal?
  • tax_attytax_atty Posts: 22
    Sounds a little high actually. Edmunds TMV for a JX @ $57.5 MSRP is $53.1 and I've read in other forums of selling prices for fully loaded JX's just under $52.
  • Is it possible that one dealership in Westchester NY could be offering a money factor of 0.00011 while another dealership in Greenwich CT could be offering 0.00071? Represents about $50 a month in terms of payment.
  • tga01tga01 Posts: 30
    Hi Carman

    Would you have the Lease rate and residual value for the JX AWD for 18,000 miles for 24,36, and 39 months.

    Also, are the rates different for AWD vs FWD ?

    Also, do you know if I can buy additional miles upfront on a Nissan lease and what the upfront mileage charge would be ?

    thanks in advance !!!
  • nutzzznutzzz Posts: 1
    I just leased a 2013 JX35 AWD with a MSRP of $54,400 for $599/ month 12K year $0 down except for first payment. Could have technically gotten a better deal but they threw in free oil changes and inspections for 39 months figured it saves us $600.

    Don't know what the MF or the Res. was and was tired of shopping!
  • tax_attytax_atty Posts: 22
    Good luck and enjoy the car!
  • andremikeandremike Posts: 33
    So online lists a jx awd with premium packahe wirh 10k miles for $469mo. With 3300 down. But that price is ixf I bought the car at msrp... rigjt? If i gwt the car at invoice which is almost $3000 under msrp and I still put 3300 down rhen my pYment should be around $390.. right?
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