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Jeep Liberty



  • Is there anyone reading this board who leased and what kind of a deal did you get (my specs are in post #1741)
  • I have a dealer, so far on the phone, willing to make a deal for invoice +200, but will not say what the advertising costs are. I am supposed to see the truck tomorrow. Does anyone have an idea what the costs are approximately in the New York area? I appreciate any help.
  • I live on Long Island and went through 3 dealerships trying to get my Liberty...none of them figured advertising cost into the final cost. Just tax, registration fee, and inspection.
  • Several DC dealers are selling Libertys below invoice (such as Fitzgerald, see One of them advertised that they sell Libertys for the best price in the region less $1.000. My estimate is very conservative. I think you can do even better than $1.000 below invoice (NOT sticker).
  • yes I am sure that the car was designed for with women in mind. We find it very comfortable. Who's getting 1000 under invoice? I should have waited two months to buy but I just couldn't wait... What are the seat covers like? Might be interested to protect my seats from wear and tear. Cat hair does tend to stick and I would imagine dog hair too for the guys out there. dz
  • Petersburg100, I checked out as you suggested. Sure enough, they appear to be pricing some Libertys below invoice. However, I couldn't find any listed at $1,000 under invoice. Most of the listings on their "internet" price appear to be about $250 below invoice. The biggest discount I saw was about $700 under invoice.

    However, I noticed one interesting thing - they only appear to be selling the Liberty Sport under invoice. Limiteds are priced higher than invoice.

    This makes me wonder what the build ratio is like between Sport and Limited? I was on a Jeep dealer's lot in NoCal yesterday, and they had about a dozen Liberty Sports and only two Limiteds on the lot. Is demand for the Limited that much higher, or are they just building a lot more Sports than Limiteds?

    How about demand? I know a lot of folks on the board have Limiteds, but I hear a lot of people with Sports too. What is everyone buying?
  • I have a Limited and was able to haggle to about $600 under msrp and I live in the NY area. I have noticed more sports that limited's on the lots. They seem fairly accessible. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it also seemed to me that most people that had to order and had waiting issues also wanted Limiteds....
  • Just ordered a Limited with all the options at invoice price. I live in Nebraska and shopped three dealers in the Lincoln/Omaha area. Two would order it for invoice and one for $100 over invoice. No word on delivery (actually the dealer places the order tomorrow) but I expect at least 8-10 weeks minimum.
  • Yeah, my Liberty is a Limited, and by the time it gets off the train in a week or so, the order time will have been about 11 weeks. If you want all the options, you've got to wait.

    Finding a loaded Liberty Limited on the lot is just about impossible. I am suprised how many of the few Limiteds on dealer lots are without the 27G package, etc. Maybe the loaded ones just sell faster and don't sit on the lot.
  • In the Mid Atlantic region, the Limiteds are real scarce. We had to make a 800 mile round trip to find a loaded Limited in Woodland Brown. Wife would not settle for any other color so...... North Point Jeep in Winston-Salem, NC had a great selection and I paid $250 over invoice.

    I have always found that it only cost a quarter more to go first class and if you get what you REALLY want, you will tend to be happier with your decission much longer. MHO
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    seem high in this room. In the NW they are selling Limited Jeep Libertys for 23,999, Sports for 19,999 and one just above the sport for 21,999. NW Jeep in Hillsboro, Oregon has these advertised all the time, and not just one, I am talking up to 11 to 13 for each price range, range of colors too. No way would I pay 26K for Liberty when there are so many other larger SUV's for this price..
  • My order is a Limited too. (4x4, 27G, Tow, Off-road, and sunroof) Ordered it on 8/27 and it was at BX until I called today.... now it's at BG!! DC said they may be waiting for parts for the Lmtd 4x4.

    I heard that Ford may be having problems with parts being flown in, so I don't know if DC is having the same problems.
  • I visited a dealer two weekends ago, and they only had one limited on the lot with ABS. They gave me a song and a dance about the fact that ABS wasn't safe and wasn't for everyone. I pointed out that all the Grand Cherokees on the lot came standard with ABS... What about side airbags? They are an option on the 2002 Grand Cherokee and on the Liberty. Has anyone ordered a liberty or a 2002 Grand with side airbags? Still am trying to decide between a 2002 Grand Cherokee and a new Liberty. Also looking at the Toyota Highlander, and waiting for the 2002 CRV to arrive on the lot. I thought the RAV4 was still a bit underpowered, as was the Highlander 4.
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    I'd take the Liberty over the Grand even if the prices were the same! Drive the Grand, then drive the Liberty, then you'll understand. Even though the Grand has more equipment, the Liberty is tighter, quieter, steering is so much better and I can go on and on. The CRV is merely an AWD taller Civic and can only handle a dirt road. I agree the RAV is WAY underpowered. As for the Highlander, well I also own an RX300 for which the Highlander is based. Nice car but essentially it's a tall Camry with AWD. Also the turning radius is over 40 feet on the Highlander. BTW... the Liberty can use a boost of 20-25 hp... then it would be perfect.
  • I saw a Liberty Limited 4x4 27F, with no options that I could see, for $21,899.00 at

    I thought that was a really good price. I'd just have to get abs and pay a little over $22,000.


  • Hey,

    Anyone thinking about putting on Xenon lights on the Liberty? Also, any neat tricks u can do with the liberty? Please post!

  • I've owned three Grand Cherokee's (93, 96, 99) & now my Liberty for 5 days & 500 miles. Unless you NEED the size of the Grand, by all means go with the Liberty. In initial quality, my Liberty is hands down better than any of the previous JGC's, maybe better than all three put together. Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon, but I have not had one quality issue so far, neither the alignment problems or A/C wet carpet issues mentioned here, nor the standard "this is loose, this needs adjusted, there's air noise, etc. etc. etc." issues that are usually par for the course. And, even during break in, my mileage appears to be a solid 16 city, 20 highway, so I'm hoping for even a little better down the road. Are there compromises? Sure. But if you start asking for bigger, longer, wider seats, more rear cargo space, etc., guess what. You're asking for a JGC or something else in that price range. As far as I'm concerned, this has been the best money I've spent on a vehicle in a LONG time. Finally, maybe I'm just lucky or have a good dealer, but when I ordered mine (Ltd., G pkg, ABS, Off road, Tow) I was told 4 weeks. Actual order date to delivery - 4 weeks 1 day! No hard sell on extras, & extended warranty discounted about 35%, making it competitive with all the third party warranties around. (Haven't decided on that yet.)
  • Thanks for your comments. I have owned a 1990 Cherokee and currently have a 93 Grand Cherokee. I have issues with repairs though after reading the forum on the Grand Cherokee, I seem to be one of the lucky ones. It sure hasn't been like the hondas that we have owned. The Cherokee seems to have a better ride, but I only drove the 6 cylinder one.

    What about air bags, does anyone have a liberty with side airbags?
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    I normally do most of my driving in the metro NY area so I have not noticed how effective the headlights are. I have a place up in the country and those roads are PITCH BLACK at night. Perhaps I am used to the great lights on my MB C320 but the Liberty's headlights need improvement. The beam just doesn't penetrate down the road well and I checked and there is no adjustment to speak of. I purchased aftermarket lights which LOOK like Xenons but aside from looking cool, the new bulbs increased my visibility perhaps 10-15%. Any suggestions on how I can improve the headlights? Thanks!
  • winbrowinbro Posts: 235
    do you have the fog lights? I use them sometimes to increase the visibility. I find the headlights just adequate, i've seen worse.
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