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Chevrolet C6 Corvette



  • c5_4func5_4fun Posts: 59
    Ditto on the new Car and Driver (Sept) where they put the C6 though its paces. 0-60 in 4.3, .98g, quarter mile 12.7 sec and 70-0 in 166ft; need I say more!

    And I learned from the dealer last weekend, the C6 will cost me approx $15K more than a new I'll have to wait for a C6 test drive.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Hope you check out the net compared to local dealers. I'd be interested in the basis of the $15k, seems that coupe base price is almost $1k lower, add similar options and some are more than before, especially Z51, and then add new things like On Star, XM(?) and Nav. That gets pricy but if the current discounts are $10k at local dealers then $15k might be a bit too high. Dealers always want it both ways, don't discount current as much and charge extra premium for the new one. When I can get Coupe, 6sp, Z51 and sport seats/premium package with Bose and polished wheels, like what I have now, for under $50k, I'm in the market too! Be interesting to see how long it take for some to start to sit on the lots with extra markups.
  • A friend from an ad agency sent me a sneak preview of the new Corvette commercial that's supposed to air later this month during the Olympics. It's the first commercial for the Vette since 1997.

    Anyway, I have a behind the scenes still photo and clip from the ad on my server at:

    ad clip:
  • low12slow12s Posts: 9

    An interesting message. I still am on the fencepost and have 50K earmarked for a new vette. Based upon your message, when do you see a C6 for 50K (as you mention). I do not think it is possible in the next year. Until I see a C6, I am still leaning towards a heavily discounted C5.
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    Gotta love Top Gear episodes although the American bashing is so thick you can't see through it.

    I do wonder how the heck a 14 year old NSX out-dragged a C6 though. And, the video kept zooming in on what appeared to be some rather atrocious panel misfit around the front hood. Hmm.
  • Might have been the optional 6 cylinder Z06 with the Blue Flame 235 cid engine from a 1953 model? :)
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    "I do not think it is possible in the next year."

       Since the Coupe starts at just under $45k and there are dealers on the web taking MSRP orders for delivery within a few months we are already there. Now it just depends on what you want on the car, ours have had about $5k to $7k in options, so getting below $50k MSRP may take awhile, to get what you want, as you note. The local dealers will mostly be asking for premiums for years to come, some still are on some C5's, and bless them, they get it once in awhile.
       The problem with price is that without specific option levels it doesn't mean a too much. But, as noted above the $50k 2005 Corvette is available if you look, and the under $40k 2004 Corvette will be available for just a little longer with supply going down rapidly, selection being very thin about now, unless you like basic colors, IMO.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    I have read a lot of posts lately of many wanting to buy a new corvette looking for bargain prices, more emphasis should be on Chevy making contiuing better quality and more inovations for the car.. Don't get me wrong I want to get the most for my $$.. I believe they should spend another 20 to 30 grand on the car and make the car a world beater! which we all know it is not..the interior, is better then the C5, but there is still room for improvement..and this is going to be around for 5 or 6 years.. It took Chevy a longggggg! time to squeeze 400 hp out of 6.2 litres, just last year Chrysler came out with their 5.7 litre hemi, & now Chrysler just announced their next generation hemi (coming soon!) 6.1 litre will be 425 hp 420 torque..and they indicate there is more to come! by by Chevy! the time the Z06 rolls around, the Viper will be probably 600+ hp and lighter as well!..Chevy always seems to be playing catch up...I know the Corvette is more refined then the Viper but it took 51 years to get there!....As we all know GM has continually lost sales year after year once had over 50% of the auto market currently stuck at 28%......following not leading!!
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    But I seem to pass a lot of Porsche models when I go to the track in my $45k coupe. Last I looked they start around $76k and have an even longer option list putting them well into the $80's when mine has all the options I want at that price. That only includes one Boxster in about a dozen events. Most of those events were my 1st or 2nd time at a particular track so it's not experience or talent for the most part. Leading comes in many forms and the decline of GM is partly a function of the bigger they are the harder they fall, it's a world wide market today and when they had 40+% it was mostly a domestic market.
       At the current C5 pricing they have been moving 33k to 35k per year which in my view marks them as not a dime a dozen. However, given the performance per dollar view they are a tremendous bargin compared to many they can easily pass at the track. Now, someone can go on about the S2000 and Evo which I'm sure must be highly modified but seem to have little trouble passing me at the tracks. ;) In the one case it's too tight to be comfortable and in the other, well let's just say it's got a back seat, or at least used to have one. Nice thing about the current market, most can have what they want! Enjoy what you drive, I sure am!
  • Car & Driver's recent article on the C6 seems to address some of the issues you bring up. They found a lot to like about the car and a few things that still could be improved. But for the most part, they agree with starrow that it's a lot of bang for the buck.

    Probably, given the C6s amazing capabilities, that most buyer objections are going to be aesthetic ones. But even here C&D lauded the C6 as much improved aesthetically, noting that the older Vettes looked to some people like "an ill-fitting superhero costume" (cruel, very cruel), but I get the point of what they were saying, however exaggerated it might have been.

    The new car is leaner and less over-the-top. I think "world class" is a combination of the mechanical AND the aesthetic, and this combination is not easily achieved. No automaker is going to win over Porsche or Ferrari drivers with questionable aesthetics or so-so build quality, no way. There are many seriously aesthetically-challened cars that go a lot faster than either a Vette or a Porsche. It all takes time but if the progression from C5 to C6 continues, GM is getting closer and closer to the mark at a very attractive price.

    When you are in the 70K on up price class, people want something seriously exquisite for that money.

    Oddly enough, C&D mentioned something that bothered me about the C5 and I guess still exists in the C6---the resin smell. I hope this goes away as the car is driven for a while.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Don't know about the smell, never noticed but I usually have the windows down. Then again, the last trip I made to Sears Point (I know, Infineon), in the 2nd session I came up fairly quickly on a 356 (?) Ferrari and after a couple corners he let me pass and in the next set of turns I lost him, I've done that track more than any place else, love turn 2 and turn 6, not real crazy about turn 10 and turn 1 is getting my attention as a place to be wary. Talked to the driver later in the pits over lunch and he was swapping street tires, which I run on the Coupe, for his track tires, ;) said I was the only one to pass him that last session. Never did see him in the 3rd run group but I don't think he cared for my under $50k GM product's tail lights. :) Now the 308 (?) I passed a couple times but some one said that was 'underpowered', I wouldn't know. Back to the track a week from Sunday, expect in a upper run group I'll see my share of tail light as well.
  • Oh, old 308s are dogs, a Toyota Solara could whip one in a straight line no problem. Those were the "emissions-choked" days, remember.

    Ferrari 356 is an older car still, early 70s fair picking on the elderly --hahaha!

    Nice that you are getting plenty of track time. I wish more people would do that. I hate to see all this exotic machinery wasted creeping around shopping malls.
  • skeezixskeezix Posts: 45
    Post #284 is spreading misinformation. Chevy might be playing catch up with some of its cars, but not with the Corvette.
         The LS2 is a 6.0 liter, not a 6.2 as described.
         Chevy has not taken a long time to come up with a 400 hp engine, not compared to other car manufacturers. Maybe Charts2 forgot about the LS6, the 5.7 liter 385 hp engine that came out in 2001, then in 2002, was upgraded to 405 hp. Remember, the LS1, on which the LS6 is based, was new in 1997, so within 5 years, there was a 400 hp engine. Most car companies don't have a 400 hp anything.
         Since the 6.1 liter Hemi and the LS7 (the new Z06 engine) are vaporware at this time, it makes little sense to throw words around as to which one is better or more powerful. I've heard that the LS7 will be slightly under 500 hp, but until it's out, one just has to wait.
         I think the fact that the C5 can compete and beat many other high performance cars that cost a lot more is a good sign the the Corvette leads the way with a lot of things. I don't see how the improved C6 can be called anything other than a segment leader.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Correction 6.0....6.2 was a typo...on my part..Cars over 400 hp...Ford: Ford GT 40 whats that 550 hp sure its more money but you asked the question...Dodge Viper 500 525 hp so its a V10 you asked the question its over 400 hp....Mercedes offers a station wagon its 485 hp .I know the horsepower race has to stop somewhere and it will.....The car connection (pretty reliable source) reported today August 13, that Chrysler will be offering this 6.1 litre hemi engine next spring in their 2005 Chrysler 300C... 425 hp/420 fpt..with more to come!.....thats misinformation?..Currently Chrysler can't make enough hemi's...I remember the popularity of their street hemi's from the 60's..I agree the current Corvette is a good performer.. It just took 51 years to get there, prior to the C5 the Corvette was purchased more for nastalgia purposes then its reliability. A sensible person likes about pros and cons of a product, not just all one sided..thats how you learn.. My opinion counts just like yours!! whether you like it or not! skeezix! No misinformation here!!
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    The Corvette had over 400 hp in the mid 60's, so saying 51 years is a bit misinformed(?), just a possibility. As to recent Vettes the ZR1 had close to 400hp back in the early 90's and as noted the C5 made it several years ago. Then again, just putting 400hp in anything doesn't make it a performance vehicle, IMO. There are plenty of reviews of how brutal the Viper is to drive hard and long, I would still go back to the view that as a package, performance, who or how many can afford it, and looks and give the C5 fairly top marks. When I can pass most of what goes out to the track in groups that have similar driving experience and then take it for a day long drive with the wife to Yosemite and she notes how comfortable it is, something got done right as far back as '97. If the C6 is as far a step up as some suggest, I'll enjoy getting one for under $50k in a year or so. Enjoy what you drive!
  • I think that in vehicles of this calibre one has to broaden one's view of what "high performance" means exactly. It's not just HP and it's not just 0-60. The entire range of vehicle dynamics at all speeds should be considered, and even fuel efficiency is a label of "high performance" to my mind.

    Also to my mind, if I apply a higher standard to the word "high performance", the C6 comes out a lot better than a Viper and a better performer than a GT40, and the M3 is better than it looks just on paper.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,886
    As Shifty pointed out, the C&D article was probably one of the best I've seen on the new C6. The one "blurb" that sticks out for me from the article....nothing that costs within $20,000 more can touch the new Corvette. Very impressive!
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