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Highlander Hybrid Tire/Wheel Questions



  • brioboybrioboy Posts: 24
    Just exchanged my Michelin winter tires for new Nokian WRG2 - true ALL season tires. Driving from Whistler to West Vancouver, my HH seemed lighter-footed and more nimble on the curves and quiet. Kal Tires's sale price was honoured by the Whistler shop - way better than a couple of years ago.
  • I just wanted to thank you for this reply. It is very specific and reassuring. I purchased a 2012 Highlander Hybrid in April and have about 5,000 miles on it. The tires are fine at this point but it's early... I live in San Francisco and I head to Tahoe almost every weekend Jan-April. I know the Toyo's are not going to cut it. I had Nokian WRG2's on my 2009 Lexus IS awd before I sold it - those tires were amazing. Never got stuck even once. I've ordered a set of WRG2 SUV's for my Highlander in the 255 55 R19 size. Able Tire and Brake in Novato CA is selling them to me for about $1280 inclusive of tax, mounting, balancing etc. I also purchased a used 255 55 R19 Nokian WR Sport Utility (what the WRG2 used to be called) for $73 on eBay to put on in place of the 245 55 19 full size spare. They say it has 60-70% life left on it.

    Question for anyone here - Given that my Highlander only has about 5700 miles on it, should I be getting a 4 wheel alignment or can I forgo that this time? I don't think I 've done anything that would knock the alignment out of place but I also am worried about destroying $1300 worth of perfectly good tires.



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