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Dodge Charger: Test Drives



  • Thank you xtec got it on order now that i have got the title of the movie It will be here in 10 days from the USA Thanks Jack :) :)
  • mw3000mw3000 Posts: 24
    I just wanted to give you some advice of what my mechanic said about K&N air filters. I resently put on on my lincoln aviator and in his oppinion they may help horsepower but at a cost to the engine. he has some fixed up mustangs that only a K&N Filter will fit and when he pulled apart the turbos the were pited from dust and particles. in his opinion since they are high flow air filters more dirt is able to get through. I trust his advice and since i hate replacing engines, it is gone. mike Tucson, Arizona.
  • vibsrvibsr Posts: 47
    I rented a 2007 Charger SXT for a week, and put over 1400 miles on it (mostly highway). It felt like a well-screwed-together piece of machinery. It gave a good ride, good acceleration (250 hp V6), and reasonable gas mileage (28 MPG) for a car of this bulk. This was the first time that I spent any time with one of these new (?) auto-stick transmissions. Before I go any further, let me state that I realize not all transmissions of this type are the same. The Tiptronics (Porsche), the DSGs (Audi/VW), and the rest of these manual-option automatics (paddle shifters, too) are designed for different drivers and driving styles. My comment is based on my experience with the 5-speed automatic in the V6 Charger. OK.

    I know the benefits of holding gears in certain situations. I've been driving cars with manual trannies for over 20 years. My current car is an Acura RSX with a manual gearbox.

    [Back to the Charger]
    I went looking for some thrills with this auto-stick, but none were found. Even though I selected 2 or 3 or 4 on the upshift, the transmission engaged the particular gear when the COMPUTER gave the final OK.

    Under normal conditions and those requiring brisk acceleration, manually shifting THIS transmission with THIS engine is a complete waste of time.

    In full-auto mode, this transmission does it's job quite nicely. I suspect most drivers will just put it in [D]rive and let the electronics and hydraulic wizardry take over.

    That said, I bet a Charger with an honest-to-God 5 or 6-speed manual transmission would be one kick-[non-permissible content removed] ride! :shades:
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