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Chevrolet Corvette Gas Mileage



  • dwarfl0rddwarfl0rd Posts: 12
    I have a '09 Auto Coupe C6 Vette with 5,xxx miles on it. I just took a 1,3xx mile trip from Va. to TN and back and I averaged 31MPG for the entire trip. Wait till this car is broken in! I also averaged 70.4MPH. This car gets great Hwy fuel economy because its revs are so low. My car has 430+HP and is the most efficient Hwy car I own. City driving is not so good. Im in Stop/Go traffic the whole 12 miles of my commute to work and get about 18MPG, which is not bad at all for that kind of driving.
  • gearup72gearup72 Posts: 13
    I have a 2008 corvette base with Auto, F55, and dual mode exhaust.

    I get 25 to 27 MPG on the highway at speeds of 70-80.

    I get 20 to 22 MPG in mixed driving.
  • vettevervettever Posts: 20
    Anyone use regular or mid grade? I had to put reg in my 02 ZO6 and it ran fine. Even hard accelration from 900 RPM in 6st, no lugging or pinging.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Ah, but the question is, why no pinging? The C5's and most newer cars have
    ECU's that register the grade of the fuel burning and when they get the news
    that the octane is down, they just detune the car to run with less zip. Not
    bad for the engine or anything. You just aren't getting the same performance
    you would get with 91 or higher grade. Then again, for fun you can add 100
    octane unleaded at the track to top up the tank, about 1/4 tank to average up
    to 93 octane or 1/2 tank to get just past 95 octane, it does make a difference.
    Just make sure you never get to the leaded race gas, expensive to replace
    the cat's.
  • My baby averages 17-19 city and log hauls 29 give or take a a mile. Don't really watch it that often or notice changes with speed but that's pretty consistant for her when I do check. Glad to know I'm not crazy when I tell people what I'm getting they say can't be.
  • Actually, C5's cannot determine grade of fuel, whether it be E10, non-ethanol, 87,89,91 or 93 octane. What does happen is if engine knock sensors detect any knock, the ecm will resort to using a lower timing table, in effect, pulling timing until knock is gone. The ecm contains two timing tables. Every day driving and no knock, engine will use more agressive of the two tables. If engine identifies knock, it will default to lower table and actually start to learn and blend both low and high timing tables until max timing can be used without knock. Over time and with no knock, engine will try to return to using higher/more agressive timing tables.
  • Wife and recently took control of our first Corvette. Is a 2010 LT2 Coupe, Blade Silver, 6 speed manual with Callaway shift linkage, upgrade chrome wheels, all body-color attachments (door handles, trunk spoiler light) and grill, exhaust and side cove inserts of the screen. Beautiful setup by Harchelroad Motors, Imperial,NE. Thanks folks. Well done. We get great fuel mileage of 34mpg at 65mph and 25mpg at 80mph. Is as much fun to look at, for us, as to drive. We love the car. Takes some jockeying to get the seat comfy on driver side, being one with long legs. At any rate, this is huge fun for both of us. I hope many of you can recall your first...Vette.
  • Wife and I driving our first Vette. Is a 2010 LT2 coupe with manual tranny. We just got the car a week ago. Getting 34mpg at 65mph and 25mpg at 80mpg. We are sure surprised and happy with that.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Ok, after your 4th post, I've got to tell you it's a 2LT, not a LT2.
  • I have had several cars with V6 engines and most under 230 Hp,My last one was a 2008 Pontiac Coverta hardtop which gave me about 25 mpg hwy and about 16 city
    I traded it in for a 2003 Corvette convert with a 6 speed, the only downside is that it is not a winter car like the pontiac could be with FWD but I love the power and better gas mileage that I get with the Corvette and since I can use my wifes 2009 Pontiac Vibe with AWD I let the Corvette hibernate for a few months and I will drive the Corvette from March until November (weather permitting) I love the trunk room I get with the Corvette even with the top down, the pontiac has no trunk room with the top down and only the back seat for storage this was a good trade. :)
  • I just bought a 2003 Corvette (not a Z06) and have been putting mid grade gas in it which I believe is 89 octane I have not felt any knocking or anything that makes me feel I am losing power.
    I realize that I may have had some premium gas in the tank when I filled it with the mid grade so I am going to experiment after I awaken my car from hibernation and begin using midgrade and then going down to 87 octane just to see what develops.
    I believe that no damage can happen to the car unless you get your gas in a foreign country.
    I tried 87 octane gas in a Pontiac Solstice with the turbocharged engine and it still worked well but if your car usually uses Premium gas because of the power you will lose a little power by dropping the grades but if you drive in city traffic a lot you will hardly notice the difference.
  • I just bought a Corvette this past November, It is a 2003 convertible with a 6 speed manual and my first Corvette.
    I am 68 years old and hope that I can continue to enjoy this car for many years to come, I told my 34 year old son to be nice to me and he may get this Corvette someday and I know he loves the car.
    The gas mileage is very good and the power of this car is awesome at least my wife tells me this when I take her for drives.
    I really wish that I didn't wait so long to buy a 'Vette but mortgages,children,etc got in the way so I can see why GM says the Corvette was aimed at the 55+ year old crowd.
  • Being that this is my first Corvette a 2003 I was surprised that the 6 speed floor shift has a computerized shifting that at low rpm's the computer will shift you from 1st gear right over to 4th gear skipping the 2nd and 3rd gear as a way to gain better gas mileage and satisfy CAFE standards.
    There is a warning that if you try to go into 2nd gear at low rpm's you may damage the transmission although as long as your rpm's are high enough as in competition you can go through all 6 gears without a problem.
    In most city driving I find that unless I really need the smoking takeoff the shift to 4th gear places me in the gear that is best suited for city driving.
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,286
    That feature was developed to avoid the EPA mandated gas guzzler tax. It is easily defeated by a 98 cent Radioshack resistor, or a 20 buck aftermarket doodad. You can google "CAGS defeat" if interested in more information.
  • vcheng, thanks for the info on defeating the 1st to 4th shift but I wonder why anyone would want to defeat that feature when all you need to do is raise your RPM when shifting, although I guess being able to shift through all gears without thinking about raising your RPM,s is what most people are used to.
    I wonder if defeating that feature might cause some problems down the road?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    The CAGS override has been around for years and I've not heard of it causing problems. There is also fuse-pulling, which I think can cause problems because the fuse controls other things.

    I think you just pull a plug off the tranny and plug a little gizmo into the connector, and you can then get to 2nd and 3rd at any rpm.
  • Thanks bolivar for the info. I may try to defeat this 1 to 4 shift item after I drive my 'Vette for a few thousand miles to see if this is what I would want and after talking to other 'Vette owners.
  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,270
    I have owned a 2003 since new, and I would advise you to get the CAGS defeat gizmo. The reason is, without it there are situations, such as in traffic, where you are forced to stay in 1st longer than you want to because you can't get enough speed to shift out without being forced into 4th. As much torque as this car has, you can handle 2nd pretty much from dead slow, but it can't handle 4th without essentially losing your ability to accelerate. The CAGS is a cheap and easy way to avoid the dreaded gas guzzler tax, but it can screw you up royally in some circumstances.

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv, 2001 Jaguar XK cnv, 1985 MB 380SE (the best of the lot)

  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Have to beg to differ, I've got 103k on a 92 C5 coupe with 6 sp that I also ran
    around race tracks for most of 5 years and I've never had much of an issue with
    the skip shift. It is like anything else you 'learn', I know when to stay in 1st and
    that is always fun, given an after market exhaust :), then again I do a lot of 1st
    to 3rd shifts and almost always get just beyond 2200 rpm so that isn't an issue
    As for the CAGS defeat not causing long term issues, I'd have to agree as I spend
    time with other Vette drivers who track their cars, many of which have had the
    plug in for years and never heard of an issue.

    Still getting 22+ combined around town and local hwys.
  • Could someone please help with a few questions related to gearing and fuel economy?

    On the 2003 50th Anniversary Edition with the 4sp automatic and 2.73's in the back, how much would the rpms increase in 4th gear if I replaced with 3.15's? Will there be a noticable difference in quickness? Also, will fuel economy suffer greatly?

    Thanks in advance for your comments.
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