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Cadillac ATS Lease Question

knackllknackll Posts: 12
edited December 2013 in Cadillac

So I have an interest in leasing an 2014 ATS Performance model 3.6 and asked my local dealer for a quote. I am not sure if the quote is fair or if it is high. If someone could advise me if it seems good to let me know. I would like the negotiated selling price to be around $46900 but not sure if im asking too much. Any help would be much appreciated. Info as follows: MSRP 50750 SELL PRICE 47903 DOWN PAYMENT 1000 RESIDUAL .61 MONEY FACTOR 2.35 36 MONTH 15000 695 DEST CHRG. REBATES ROLLED INTO SELL PRICE MONTHLY PAYMENT $589.00 TAX 7% Thank you


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