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Honda Pilot Transmission Problems



  • walk_the_walk: This transmission in my 2011 Pilot (4x4), like a few others I have owned (1996 Civic, 2005 Accord -- I think, 2002 Escape) will stay in 2nd gear when in "D2." It's to allow you to start on slippery surfaces with a little less torque to help control wheelspin. The transmission should not shift between 1st and 2nd in this setting and should stay in 2nd gear. I am no mechanic, but I think in some of the transmissions this engages a certain "band" to activate only 2nd gear. It sounds like it's functioning normally to me -- I have found this setting to be helpful on slippery surfaces to modulate the power you're delivering to the wheels, especially on hills, from a stop.

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