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Ford Ranger Starting Problems



  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,495
    Could very well be another loose ground wire somewhere. Check the battery ground and any others you can find to make sure they're tight and not corroded.

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  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Fuel pump problems can be caused by a bad fuel pump relay. The relay is in the box under the hood. Many times there are identical ones in there and you can switch another into the fuel pump slot and see if this starts the car. These relays can also get corrosion on the plug in contacts and cause problems.
  • rigs1rigs1 Posts: 1
    edited October 2013
    97 ranger V6 4.0 4X4 Ive been the only wonder of the truck and never had major problems just wear and tear. One day the truck did not start. So I decided to let the truck sit and try the next day. The truck started right up. Drove to work, came home from work, parked the truck,and a couple of hours later all I got was 1 click. I was told it was the starter. To bang on the stater and if it starts, The problems is the starter. The truck did not start. I tried the next day to start the truck and again 1 click. I was told it could be the ignition slyonyde which is located in the left side fender next to battery. I Replaced the slynoyde & starter and still nothing.I was then told to replace the positive battery cable & purchase a new battery. Still nothing. Now, I've decided to back track my purchases.started taking off what I purchased to make sure I installed everything correctly. In the process I dropped the starter breaking it where it bolts onto the I go to purchase a new starter. As I show them the starter that I purchased they're asking me "information about the truck" to help get a new starter. That's when he realized I was given a starter for my truck but that it was intened for a stick shift/ manual truck. My truck is an automatic totally DIFFERENT starters. This would be my first time installing a starter I did realize there would be a difference in automatic and manual. Purchased the CORRECT starter. Took 10 minutes to install and truck fired right up.So, back track & double check your work and MAKE SURE YOURE GETTING ALL THE RIGHT PARTS AND I HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE. ALOHA.
  • First of all-thanks fro a great forum. There's a TON of good information here.

    Second I have a 1994 Ranger 2.3L (223,000 miles) thats finally dead I think, LOL. Ihave done alot of work on it, and succeeded, so if anyone here has questions about one, let me know if I can help.

    My issue now is that it will start, and run great, but every once in awhile miss very hard, and quick, then continue on driving. I also see at times that the engine light will come on, and stay on while the truck idles very low, but I can still drive it. I can turn it off, restart it, and it will run ok again until it gets warmed up, and then it does the hard missing issue again. I can drive at 40moh, watch the tach, then it will miss-and the tach drops to zero-then it goes right back to 40mph again It will do this once ine awhile, or it will do this a couple times as I drive. I am thinking its the head gasket maybe? Anybody have any ideas? Thanks.

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