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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Touareg Lease Questions



  • mcntwllmcntwll Posts: 2
    Kyfdx & CarMan
    Love the Forums (you help us so much, thanks!)
    I have a deal I'm looking to get to $625, please let me know if I am asking too much.
    Current offer is...
    2013 Touareg Sport w/ Nav
    MSRP 48,000
    Sell Price 43,100
    Down Payment 1950
    36 Months
    15,000 miles/yr
    Residual 17,283
    Interest rate 0.9%
    Tax is separate (company car, company pays tax)

    $684 is current offer and i need to pull $2,000 out to get to $625, do i have any chance or do I have to part with the Navigation system?
  • disladisla Posts: 55
    It's waaay too expensive. Fugedaboudid.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,678
    I got an email from a dealer here offering $0 down $794 per month TTL included for 36 months 10k miles per year. Based on discounted price of $49,804 from MSRP of $55,170. Residual 48% money factor .00044. I told him if they kicked it up to 12k per year with $0 down and $794 per month including TTL they had a deal. Salesman called and said it should be no problem. I get down to the dealership and he has a long talk with manager. They come out with same 36 month 10k MPY@$794 per month and now want $999 down. Well my calculator brain sees a problem right off as that adds $27.75 per month. I said if you can get it to 36 months with 15k miles per year, which is unlikely we will drive that much, at the original agreed on terms its a go. Manager says not possible. We walked out. Back to seeing what kind of lease deal we can get on a Mercedes ML350 Bluetec our second choice.

    VW is offering an even lower price with $0 down and 0% financing for 60 months. That would make it lower than the lease price.
  • kennethw123kennethw123 Posts: 6
    edited August 2013
    Hey Carman,

    I'm heading toward the end of my current lease and have two vehicles on the short list. The Touareg TDI and the soon to be Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel. In regard to the Jeep I'm looking at either the Overland or Summit trip so it seems to stack up closely with a Lux TDI. Can you tell me which lease program is the best bet right now? My lease end is 3/1 so things might change in between but it would be nice to get a snapshot opinion right now. Thanks!

    PS - I'm looking for a 3 year/15k per year lease, no cap cost reduction.

    Ken W.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,910
    edited February 1

    Please visit the 2014 Volkswagen Touareg Lease Questions discussion for current 2014 model year lease questions.

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