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Saturn Aura Transmission Issues



  • missjimissji MichiganPosts: 2
    I had the same problem in May 2013 and had to have my transmission rebuilt. Cost me $2,500. I emailed GM last week and just spoke with someone today who said he checked my VIN and there are no known transmission issues with the car, basically I shouldn't believe what I read on the Internet about what anyone else says about THEIR car, there is nothing they can do but that they are documenting owners problems and IF there is some remedy offered at a later date they will be in touch. Prior to this car, I owned two other GM vehicles and was a faithful buyer. Not anymore - this has frustrated me to no end and then to be told that as far as they can tell this is not a known issue despite all of the owners who are experiencing this problem is over the top. One earlier poster recommended that we go to the NHTSA website and file a safety concern. I did that as well. GM really needs to own up to this problem and reimburse those of us who have paid for these repairs.

    Update - I just listened to a message from someone ELSE at GM who says the case was sent to her this evening. I will be calling her back in the morning and will post an update then.

    ::: JI ::: GM, please reimburse us for the cost of transmission repairs on the 2007 Saturn Aura.

  • raukkraukk Posts: 1

    I have the 2008 Aura XE and the Transmission Shift Cable broke, however according to the Dealership Technician it is the wrong end of the cable to be covered under the recall (it's the end that attaches to the Transmission when the recall was for the end at the firewall). Because of this they have to replace the whole Shift Cable. Is there anything I can do because this part has already had issues that caused a recall, or do I just have to live with paying for it? I've done all the normal maintenance since I bought it in '12, 85k miles (or somewhere around there) Vin 1G8ZS57N98F233975

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 46,385

    Best thing you can do is pay for it, keep the receipts and petition for a refund from the factory. Customer Service does have some discretionary goodwill funding. What an annoying bit of penny-pinching, weasel-like behavior on GM's part. I think the dealer made the wrong decision but they don't want to be stuck with a kick-back on the claim.

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  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,189

    Hi raukk,

    We're sorry to hear that this happened with your Aura. Please let us know if you would like for us to look further into this concern for you. If our assistance is needed, please send an email to In the email please include your full contact information, VIN, current mileage and the involved dealership. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Kristen A. GM Customer Care

  • missjimissji MichiganPosts: 2
    edited March 2014

    Updating my 2/25 post. GM is very well aware of the problem with this vehicle but refuses to cover any repairs outside of the warranty. After speaking with 2 people at GM and the service manager at the dealer, they still declined to give any refund (surprise, surprise), but the service manager unwittingly gave me a lot of helpful information that I will be taking BACK to GM about this vehicle's transmission problem. Oh, he also gave me an offer for $1,000 off a new GM car. Umm, HELLO I just spent $2,500 to fix this one, why would I want another one? So I can pay a grip to fix that one too? I'm so utterly disgusted with GM at this point. VERY disappointed in my hometown manufacturer.

    ::: JI ::: GM, please reimburse us for the cost of transmission repairs on the 2007 Saturn Aura.

  • krackalkrackal Posts: 1

    Well, The Wave plate issue seems to have hit me this last week. Took it in to our local service shop (not a dealer, but someone we trust and ASE certified). It is looking like at least $3100 out of pocket, and that means carpool for a while to be able to afford this. My fiance and I both love the Aura and this has come as quite a blow. After a year of ownership and only 66,000 miles, the car is down for most likely months. Totally bummed out.

  • I have a 2008 Saturn aura xr with 127k miles and I believe I have the failed wave plate issue. It was shifting hard from passing gear back to normal gear at first but last night it wouldn't shift past 1st and I have no reverse. The check engine light came on with 4 codes. P0776 p0700 p0776pd and p0700pd I sent an email with info and vin number to gm customer service. I don't see why they think we should pay for this when it's obvious it's a bad part and not a lack of maintenance or normal wear and tear.
  • So glad to have found this forum. I have the exact same problem. Have a 2009 Saturn Aura and recently, it will not shift past 3rd gear after I accelerate. I have to go 5mph until it shifts up, then 10 mph until it shifts up and so on. When I get to 30mph, it revs really high and wont allow me to go any faster. After I drive it for about 20 minutes, it finally allows me to go full speed. This is absurd that so many people are having this issue! My old car was 12 years old and I NEVER had anything close to this problem. COME ON GM!!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,189
    We would definitely like to look into this further for you, maleesha. Can you please private message us your VIN with current mileage and contact information highlighting the name of the dealership you wish to work with to investigate this concern? I look forward to your response and working with you.

    Marlea W.
    GM Customer Care
  • The transmission on my '07 Saturn Aura XR just gave out on me as well. I was going to back into my driveway after work and found I had no reverse. Then I pulled forward to go around the block to pull in forward only to find my car didn't want to shift into second gear. Parked it, walked to work the next morning, now it's waiting for the tow truck to take it to a GM dealer. I just paid the car off a few months ago and now this happens. It just rolled over 50,000 miles, this shouldn't be an issue for a car that is regularly serviced and only a few years old. I hope this doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.
  • msreillymsreilly Posts: 2
    edited January 1
    Well, I got it fixed. The waveplate broke and it required a whole new transmission to the tune of $3800. That really put a dent in Christmas. I'm upset that the transmission only had 50k miles before it failed. It also seems a lot of people with my same car are having the same issues. I tell my friends at work what happened and they all reply "No wonder Saturn went out of business." Now I have to save up and trade this car in to get something else. I don't think it will be another GM though.
  • I took our 2007 Saturn Aura in to get the recall work done, in replacing the shifter cable. in doing so when the dealer tried to replace the side panel to the center console, it broke into 3 pieces. although the dealer wants to make it right, they cant. The part is no longer made and they have tried for 3 months to locate a part, but no luck.
    first, if they do the work for you, verify the center console is as you left it. maybe take photos of it when you take it in.
    but I love how they damage the car and cant fix it, so the value of our car has dropped due to the gapping hole in the side of the center console.
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