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Ford Escape



  • Thank you for those people who reply/answer my questions. Since the day that I design to buy a new car, I did a lot of research on the mini-SUV. I just cannot tell myself to buy a CRV instead of the Escape because I like its handling and baking. However, I heard a lot of people say that Ford is a bad company and the cars from Ford are very easy to break down. Is it ture? I know someone in tell me that he got a Crown Victoria with 178k milage and my escort also has 103k right and it did not give my any trouble. (except I change the alternator and timing belt) Why some people say that? Did anyone has the same feeling too? Please tell me.
  • i went to the Honda Dealer expecting a very nice test drive from the H car. i got into a 22,000 Ex honda CRV, AWD, Auto, Air, the works.
    First things first, i could not get to a conforatble driving position!, adjusted the crappy seats for 5 minuites and still could not set them rite. the stering wheel is stuck at a constant 30degrees tilt forward like a bus. driving the CRV was a disaster, tons of road noise, buzzy 4banger with NO power down low, underdampened ride like an old Lincoln... i told the sailsman where i can turn around because this car was not for me!
    the best part is that for 22K you dont get a center console or a V6 ! ESCAPE WINS no compairsion
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    The Ford CD4-E automatic transmission used in the Escape/Tribune has me worried because it was designed for a 2.0 liter 130 hp engine in 1994, had a few problems that kept happening so frequently and were so hard to fix that Ford had to make serious running changes up through 1998. Then in 1999 they decided to "beef it up" and use it on a larger engine for the First time: the 3.0 liter 200 hp Duratek in the Escape/Tribute. Even on the 2 liter engine it wore out first, and when you rebuilt it at a cost of about $2500, it was too worn out to last. Imagine how it will hold up with an engine that is 50% bigger! Fortunately, the Mazda 626, the Ford Contour, and the Escape are closer to the same weight, so it won't have 50% more work to do moving them. Personally, I like transmissions that are so rugged that they wear out last! You can count on them, but they are expensive, and Escape is Not expensive. We live in a throwaway technology because there is always something new and inexpensive around the corner. That would be the new CVT (continuously variable transmission) that Ford is about to introduce on a vehicle in 2001. This new AT has no shift points and no slip and saves 15% 0n fuel. ZF Batavia in Batavia, Ohio is building it as well as the "beefed-up" CD4-E. Ford is already using the CVT in Europe and expects to ramp up to 1 million per year by 2005. Our CD4-E looks like a make-do hand-me-down that won't be fixed any further. Next year a new 2.3 liter I4 engine will be the base engine for Escape and it is surely a better match for the CD4-E. It would be bliss if the V6 would come with a properly sized CVT next year but as we have seen, Ford takes its time to do anything.
  • Is Ford going to have a new transmission on the Escape?
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    I consider a "beefed-up" CD4-E applied on a 3.0 liter engine to be a "new transmission" since it should have required significant changes and testing and this result has not yet been fully tested in production or the marketplace. Yes, you could say we have a "new" transmission now. As always, when you actually buy a car you take what's there. My post was just to share my own caution with you and others. That's why we're here, right? As far as the CVT, you can't buy that now and I don't expect it soon enough from Ford to influence my current buying decision on Escape.
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    If Ford is such a bad company, they would not stay in business. Ford has one of the better reputations in the market. That is not to say that they do not have an occassional problems. We are dealing with a constantly changing market that does not allow any manufacturer the luxury of bullet proofing everything. These people that are telling you all these negative things about Ford are probably big on 'their' brand with all sorts of excuses why it is superior. Ford does a great job of building vehicles, just don't expect perfection and don't expect good advice from naysayers. They are too full of sour grapes to be objective.
  • How many peole experienced the fuel smell when they start the Tribute/Escape in warm?
  • hanushanus Posts: 1
    I did a lot of reading before I leased my escape and recieved delivery last Friday (I always buy out at end of lease-because I take good car of my vehicles). I leased sight unseen and was pleasantly surprised when delivered. I also sold a 90 Jeep Cherokee for this lease, and own a 98 Explorer. The roominess is great-same size as the Cherokee as best I can tell. Smaller than the Explorer (4 dr). Got all options except side air & steps. It is 4 wheel drive. No problems but have only driven it 100 miles. I would recommend vehicle. Rides good and handles like a car not the big feel of the Explorer. Size is perfect for me. No problems as I have read on the other posts, but again only 6 days and 100 miles.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    Ford delayed implementation until at least year end due to regulatory snags in California.
  • I noticed you mentioned that you leased your escape! What kind of rates did you get? What are your monthly payments?

    I was considering leasing it, but the prices were too high. I was going to wait for an incentive of some sort.
  • jimjetjimjet Posts: 27
    I'm just in the browsing stage, I'm always browsing - actually bought a 2000 V6 5sp Mystique last Dec - very satisfied with it.
    One feature I really appreciate on the Escape are the TWO grab-handles each for both the driver and front passenger. Very practical assistance for entry and exit. The Honda CRV doesn't have any.

    I've heard a rumor that a 2.3 litre four cylinder will be offered in the next year or two. That's when I'll get serious about buying. What excellent dimensions this Escape has - inside and out. Good luck to all - take your time and order it exactly as you want.
  • Has anyone received a better deal? I am feeling pretty good about the purchase and am waiting for the catch...I just ordered my Escape FWD XLT V6 3.0 with moonroof, privacy glass, and side step bars in wedgewood blue. The edmunds and KBB listed the DEALER INVOICE at $20, 868. I got mine for $118 LESS than the invoice $20,750 delivered! No extra advertising/paperwork crap! Just state tax. Now, I have to wait for what seems like forever to get it. This dealer said, "I'm not going to tell you what you want to hear, I'm telling you the probably won't have it until about April." Anyone else have to wait about 4 1/2 months? He mentioned about a fire in the warehouse as well as other problems. Any thoughts?
  • You can feel very good about you purchase! The Escape is in high demand and low supply. Most people buying them off the showroom are paying at MSRP or even above!

    I got mine for about $300 under list. You did great!


    And, re. the sad news of delivery date, your dealer might be a bit too pessimistic.

    Also, make sure you get the actual order number from your dealer! That way you can track your purchase through Ford's Customer Service Center.
  • So i posted before i read. Looks like many got the same amazing deal I did and eVeRyOnE is waiting. Well, I'm joining the club. At least I know what problems to look for when mine arrives. I am devestated by the MPG issue. Boy I hope 10MPG is an exception. I spent all I had on my new Escape and will be pinching pennies. Yeesh. By the way, I never considered the side-step bars being a messy-pant-leg problem. I just liked the way they looked. And what is the benefit of 16 inch wheels rather than 15? Maybe I can change my order.
  • I've just ordered my Escape. The delivery date is February 23rd. That's seems better then most of the dates, which I've seen posted here.
    I'm not too sure about the price, though. I've ordered a XLT 4WD, black, 3.0 V6 engine, Leather group, Power Moonroof, Privacy glass, Front Side Airbags.
    The invoice price is $23,196.
    I'm paying $23,891 for the car, including all fees AND the destination charge, excluding tax and license, but no other hidden charges.
    Does this sound reasonable?
  • tronsrtronsr Posts: 46
    Go to {the fifth recall was announced for units built between 10/12 and 11/16 for wiper motor failure.At least mine is still not scheduled so by the time they build mine, maybe all the "kinks" will be corrected {I HOPE}.
  • I wouldn't worry about your mpg yet, beastycat. I ignored the advice in the owner's manual about not checking mpg until I broke it in, and found I recieved 18.3 mpg on my second tank of gas (all city driving). Since then, my mpg has varied between 20 mpg for city and 23 mpg on mostly interstate driving (averaging 80 mph). I too have a 6 cylinder 2WD XLT and the performance is incredible for an SUV. Also, the owner's manual says to use 87 octane fuel, so you'll save a bit there too.
  • Thank you for your kind words PTMCCAIN and SCTERRELL. By the way PT, I too went to gaze at the Escapes at the Claycomo plant. HUNDREDS! Wondering if you, or anyone for that matter, could explain to me how to track my order. I have the VIN # but was not given an actual finish date. I did check out the FORD customer service web site but couldn't figure it out. I would love to get a delivery estimate. THANKS
  • Just passed the 1K miles point. I keep VERY accurate mileage records. Getting 15 mpg in my to-from work commute in Phila city traffic with the V-6 and 4x4. The mileage is increasing with each fill-up. (For comparison, I used a severely underpowered 93 Escort and got 22.5 mpg over 7 years in same commute.) The Escape is great, no problems to date. Great seating position and interior room for a 'small' vehicle, plenty of power. Could nit-pick about the interior, but overall very happy.
  • Beasty cat, I would highly recommend that you join Yahoo's Esape Club. There are close to 1000 people on it and we are up to 10,000 messages. Lots of info there. There is a FAQ in the photo section that explains how to track orders through Ford's "Vehicle Order Processing Center" or VOPC.

    Check it out.
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