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  • Anyone who's interested, I just got this back from regarding the different size spare tire in my X5 --

    I am with BMW of North America, LLC and your Owners' Circle inquiry has
    been forwarded to me for a response. All X5s come equipped with the
    same spare tire, no matter what wheels or package are on the vehicle.
    When BMW evaluated the possibility of using different spare sizes, we
    found the smaller wheel to require less space, thus increasing the trunk
    volume. If you should happen to need to use the spare, it will work
    with your vehicle. Please let us know if there is anything else we can
    help you with.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I think they do it because it is cheaper most likely. As long as the radius is the same you are OK. A 17" tire at 235 isn't too small either, it certainly isn't a donut or anything. It is the same size as on my MDX. As long as it is a "real tire" vs. spare quality (I think there actually are spare brands with cheaper rubber/radial ply) you should be able to drive all day on it and then some...

    What is the brand tire on the spare? Check out regarding tire information...they have a lot of good general information links to educate consumers.
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    The 17", 18", 19" and 20" tires on the X5 are very close in diameter. The width is another matter. It is my opinion that BMW chose not to design the spare tire cavity with the capacity for their widest tire (20") as that would have cut into cargo capacity and raised the load floor or reduced ground clearance. As pointed out earlier, they do put in an alloy rim and Michelin MXV4 Energy tire as a spare, certainly not the cheapest way out for them. Seems like a very reasonable solution to me.

  • I am thinking about getting the new X5 but, I am confused as to what features are worth the $
    So far I have:
    Premium Package
    Premium Sound
    Cold Weather
    Rear Package
    Heated Steering

    1. Is the Navigation System worth getting? I can configure it to play DVD's?
    2. If I do get the Navi I have to opt for a 6-CD changer. Is Nakamichi better than Alpine?
    3. What are the standard set of rims you get with X5 4.4 I have been unable to locate the pics.
    4. I do want a Overhead DVD but BMW sells this for 2500 I can get one a SONY one for 900. Would there be any issues configuring this?

    This is my first car and its a beemer so I am excited yet confused HELP !!!
  • bmwsellerbmwseller Posts: 200
    dude this is your first car and you're getting a brand new 4.4!!!!!!! WOW...must be nice.

    Regarding the options, the xenon headlights are a MUST. 90% more light.

    I love the DVD based nav and at the price point that you're at, I wouldn't do without it. It's fast, detailed and very reasonably priced.

    Don't mix after market electronics with any BMW factory equipment. Besides the BMW components will be covered under the full factory warranty and if you have a problem with it you can bring it back to your center and they'll take care of it.
    happy motoring from a jealous 'bimmer guy
  • art44art44 Posts: 12
    I believe Xenons are standard equipment on the 2004 X5 4.4.

    Go with the Navigation System. Nice toy.
    Forget the Premium Sound, it upgrades a substandard sound system to just barely adequate in my opinion. Your money is better spent on the Comfort Seats.

    The standard 4.4 rims are the style 74 star spoke alloys, I hope. I was researching a 2004 X5 4.4 with Premium, Sport, Rear Climate packages, and Navigation for my wife.

    It between that and a similarly equipped 2004 Cayenne S. Factors I'm considering: dealer discounts, resale value, cost of ownership (primarily maintenance).

    new beemer, 1) have you shopped around for prices?
                2) researched X5 quality issues?

    I haven't heard of any major problems with the X5's since late 2002. Anyone hear of on-going problems with X5's?
  • Thanks for the replies. I havent' been able to find out what are the standard set of wheels on the 4.4 X5 (I know it comes with the all weather tires). has a catalogue with showing some wheels but am not sure if its the european or the US model.
    I haven't really heard anything bad about the 2004. It seems like major issues were with the previous year models (mainly 2000-02). So far the reviews have been positive for 2004.
    Dealers have been stringy on prices from what I heard its because the they get only a fixed amount of 4.4's (2-3 a dealer) plus its winter time.
    I am thinking about going with the Navigation plus the 6-CD changer & chrome tips.
    Still thinking about the Sports Package.
  • I have one on order. I got
    Premium Package
    Premium Sound
    Cold Weather
    Rear Package
    Heated Steering

    I plan to install 2 screens in the headrests and get a 6-DVD changer installed in the back, which can also play CDs and MP3s.

    Xenons are standard on 4.4

    The standard rims are 18" on 4.4 (unless you get sport package)

    Sport package gives a harsher ride.
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    Park Distance Control. Wife's X5 has it and we spent the weekend going in and out a parking garage and it is GREAT. Also good at spotting neighbor kids and our kid's toys.

    We drove 1300 miles in the X5 this weekend, seeing lots of rain. It was great to drive this rig. I'd like a tad more space, but this thing eats up the miles.

    We put a 9" TV/DVD on the console ($199 Toshiba at Best Buy) and it helped keep the 3 and 6 year old entertained. I thought about the $2000+ BMW system, but didn't have time to get it installed. We will only use the DVD 3 or 4 times a year, so we're staying with the $200 special. 'Course, if you're keeping up with the Jones's, this won't cut it.

    Happy Motoring,

  • art44art44 Posts: 12
    Please elaborate on the 9" TV/DVD. Is it a portable DVD player with a TV? I'm not upto speed on current consumer electronics and would like to avoid getting sucked into a $2000+ DVD player option from BMW. For $199, it appears to be the smart way to go.
  • That link did not work for me. I'm assuming it is the Edmund's First Drive of the X3 that can be found on the Edmunds Home page?
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    that I bought from Best Buy. It's in their regular TV section. CC and WM, etc. have them as well. I went with BB because I prefer the Toshiba brand over the competitors. The key is making sure it fits the console and that the unit has a 12v adaptor. From my experience, most 9" TVs do have 12v adaptors. Downside, it's big. Upside, it's cheap and won't be used for everyday, just for vacation trips.

    We added a pair of headphones (at $8 each) and a $5 splitter to take one output to the 2 headphones and we were good to go. Added an 48" bungee cord from Lowe's to tie down. They had a heavy duty cord with plastic coated ends vs. the metal ends.

    BB also had a 12" AudioVox unit in their car stereo section for $800 that was very nice and much lighter and included cordless headphones. Its downside was that the external speakers were detachable and looked like something waiting to be mis-placed. We decided to go the cheap route in case we didn't like it. Rather waste $200 than $800.

    BTW, the unit was flawless and earned its keep.

    Happy Motoring,

  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    Sorry about that - let me try that link again:

    Finally, a True 3 Series Killer

    First Drive: 2004 BMW X3

    Talk about it here:

    BMW X3 - 2004 (I think Kirstie must have renamed the discussion title overnight to fix the '05 designation).

    Steve, Host
  • art44art44 Posts: 12
    Thanks for the helpful info. I'll have to stop by Best Buy and check out their selection of portable TV/DVD combos. Oh yeah, headphones are a must. After a half hour of cartoons, I'd be ready to scream. p.s. decided to order the PDC on the X5. Small price to pay for peace of mind. Thanks again.
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    now enjoy the X5.

    Happy Motoring,

  • ksomanksoman Posts: 590
    buried in the payment estimator... there is no direct way to get this info, but anyways:
    2004 2.5 X3 without options $30,995
    2004 3.0 X3 without options $36,995

    same ball park as the 3.

    compare that to 2004 3.0 X5 without options at $40,995... the 2003 X5 to 2004 X5 spread is $800

  • art44art44 Posts: 12
    I getting conflicting information regarding the On-Board Nav for the 2004 X5. According to the BMWusa website, the Nav option comes with and in-dash cassette player and deletes the in-dash CD player. According to several dealerships that I've contacted, they insist that the 2004 X5 will have an in-dash CD player with the Nav option like the other BMW models. Which piece of information is more accurate? Thanks in advance for any updated info.
  • 1. According to the 2004 brochures, the navigation system requires deletion of the in-dash CD player. Brochure is consistent with website.

    2. From the experiences that I've had, I wouldn't rely on dealer assertions on any specs that you really care about.

    Along the same lines, before I order my '04 4.4, I wanted to be sure that the 2004s still have the "folding rear view mirrors", as indicated in the brochures (to make garage ingress/egress easier). The BMW dealer I spoke with said that some have them, and some don't . . . you can't be sure what you're going to get! Go figure.
  • art44art44 Posts: 12
    Doubly puzzling is BMW USA's customer service. I sent them an email inquiring about the Nav and received a reply stating that they were not in a position to comment on the configuration future vehicles?? So I decided to call the toll free number listed on the website and the rep that I spoke to told me matter of factly that the Navs will all have the CD player because that is their current direction with that technology. Guess we just have to sit back and wait for the 04's to start rolling in to get the final word.
  • Well, I can speak from real experiance. We just took delivery of our 2004 w/ navigation and it is a cassette, not a CD behind the screen. We were told by our rep that he expected it to be a CD since the 3 series are now coming that way. You just never know with BMW until the units show up. It also came with the folding mirrors (part of the self dimming mirror option). Hope this helps.
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