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Acura Integra



  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    Call AAA- they can recommend a driving school that'll teach you to drive a standard. Trust me, as a former owner of two Integras, I can say that the five-speed is ten times the car the automatic is. You won't regret it!
  • I really appreciate your responses, especially to only1harry, for the excellent shopping tips. I was able to get a loan over the internet for 7.79%, however I will certainly find out if the dealer can beat that. I'm shooting for $18.8k out the door. Our sales tax in CA is 8.25 %

    jwgators - I would seriously consider what only1harry is suggesting for your transmission choice. Once you learn how to drive a stick, you will never want to go back to an automatic. If you're stuck on an auto tranny, I would suggest getting a vehicle with a V6 (Accord Coupe?) or Turbo (VW?). I have recently converted my roomate, an owner of a 4.3L Chevy S-10 Blazer w/Auto, after teaching him to drive my '84 Accord 5spd with only 86 hp! Good luck with your choice.
  • I know it might be more fun to drive a manual, but I really don't need to race or anything like that. My last car was a 93 Tercel, so anything is quick compared to it. But I appreciate the advice and maybe I will regret not taking it.
  • I noticed that there are some pretty good lease deals on Integra's according to Edmunds regional incentives page. The question I have though, is what down payment are they using to calculate the lease. The incentive page says, "Estimated monthly payment is based on a typical amount financed and down payment".

    How am I supposed to know what a "typical amount" is? Anyone have any ideas? I want to take advantage of the good deal, but I don't want to walk into the dealership not knowing what to expect.

  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    (why do people pick such difficult nicknames??)

    Send an e-mail to Edmunds. They would be the best ones to answer this question since they wrote it.. I 've e-mailed them a couple of times and got a response within 48hrs.
  • Thanx again Harry, well a salesman named “Daug” from Springfield Acura, NJ told me that they should be receiving the new Integras in September/2000. That’s why I decided to put money down cause he said if I didn’t there would be a long waiting list. But after you showed me a picture of the new possible 2001 Integra I’ve been thinking about getting my money back. Like I said before and I’ll say it again, the new Integra looks horrible (that is, if the one you showed me in the picture is the one actually coming out). I decided not to get my money back just yet because you never know. I want to go see it right in front of me before I decide to do anything else.

    I can’t remember which issue of “Car&Driver” I saw it in but they had a picture of a possible 2001 Integra and it looked much better then the one you showed me. It kinda looked like a mixed between the NSX and the Integra (Which I think is a much better way to go). The one you showed me, which looked more like a mix between the Prelude and I don’t know what else certainly not an Integra (is not the way to go). Right now I’m just going to wait and see and I know what you mean about them not giving me my money back in a quick fashion if I decide not to buy. And by the time they do give it back to me they have already made it up in interest anyways, hee hee! Them dealer guys know too much but then again if I have to sue them for 10 times the amount I put down then I’ll do so. Like that instead of buying an Integra I’ll buy a brand new 2001 four wheel drive BMW M3 cash!!!!!!!!!!! HEE HEE :-)
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    Didn't you only put down like $100 or something? Don't tell me you gave them like $20K???? Is this your first new car? Dealer always try and get you to put down thousands of dollars so your money can sit in their bank account and make them interest or they invest it and make money while you wait and wait.. I 've bought 5 new cars and 2 of them had a $100 deposit just to hold it until I made up my mind or while I was shopping around. The others I didn't put anything down and told the guy, "yeah if you sell the car within a day or two, then it's my loss, don't worry about it!". The cars were still there a few days later. Most guys I know that bought a Type-R just gave their name & ph# as the dealer had a list and it was first come first serve. Anyway I guarantee you we won't see the new Integra in showroom in September because all Integras in the past came out in late October.
    Where is Springfield Acura? Is that near Berkeley Heights? The reason I 'm asking is because that's where I work and there is a Springfield Avenue that I know goes through several towns.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    I looked it up on Yahoo maps. It's about 15-20min. from where I work. That's good to know in case I have problems with my GSR. I didn't know if there was an Acura dealer in that area. I 'm not too familiar with those towns because I live in NY and I all I do is get on 24 to 78 to 287 to 87 (New York State Thruway). I stay on the major highways. I regularly see a '00 yellow Type-R on 78 and in Berkeley Heights. I 'm pretty sure it's the same guy. Hey, we 'll be autocross racing this Sunday at the Meadowland. It's a BMW event sponsored by the M-Club. There will be at least 3 Type-R's there (one is my brother's '98), a couple of GSR's and a Prelude SH if you want to come and watch or even participate. It doesn't matter what you drive. It's a lot of fun. Most ITR owners race their cars so com'on over and watch because you 'll probably be doing this next year if you buy a Type-R. Besides, most Type-R owners in the area know each other so come and meet them and tell them you 'll be a '01 ITR owner :) I 'll know all those guys there. We usually go racing together and kick BMW butt. Hopefully Jeff will be there in his modified (suspension) '98 ITR and will kick major M3 butt!
    I love his car. An ITR is good enough stock, but with modified suspension and race tires, it's just amazing. You can't miss it. We 'll be using one of the parking lots there. Look for red cones and the cars. All the other parking lots will be empty so it's easy to find us. I can give you the lot # if you 're interested, once I look it up at the web site.
  • Thanx for telling me about the races in the Meadowlands. Tell me the lot # just in case I decide to go. The only problem is that at the moment I don’t have an automobile. That’s why I’m in the process of buying a new one. After you told me that the new Integras won’t be coming out until May or something like that I decided to check with other Acura Dealers and you are correct none of the other Acura Dealers I called told me that the new Integras are coming out in “September”. One tried to tell me in October but I think that’s bull sh’t also. I don’t think I’ll be able to wait that long for the new Integra typeRs since I need a car now. Being that the new Integra type r is a bit out of reach for me because of time and the current ones seem to be sold-out. What would be the next best thing to the Acura Integra Type R (for the money). My second pick has always been the Prelude SH. What do you think about that???
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    My friend has a black '99 Prelude SH and he races with us. Very nice car. I 've been in it a couple of times and once I went on a run with him (autocross racing). I was impressed. It was as good as my modded GSR. Stock to stock it handles better than a GSR. More torque too. He 'll be at the Meadowlands this Sunday. He is leasing it for 2yrs. I know they run like $24-25K if you were to buy them. The Active Torque system (ATTS) works really well at the track. He does 3 wheeling all the time! We have him on video with the inside rear wheel off the ground several times, just like the Type-Rs. It also has a respectable top speed of 140mph (GSR is 134 stock)
    Another friend of mine has a black '98 base Prelude and races at Limerock, CT every summer. That's a touch road course! Definitely the 2nd best choice after the Type-R. Have you read last year's R&T October (or Nov.) issue? They tested 7 sports coupes (& hatchbacks). The base Prelude came in 1st overall, Eclipse was 2nd, Celica GT-S 3d, Integra GSR 4th, VW VR6 5th, and Imperza 2.5 & Cougar 6th & last. Very good comparison test.
  • To anybody who thinks you have any idea what the next-gen Integra will be like, your probably wrong. I mean, Honda has traditionally been very tight-lipped about its upcoming models and concrete info is practically impossible to come by. I really hope they use a modified, longer-wheelbase version of the s2000 platform rather than the civic platform like the previous 3 generations. This would turn the integra into a true sports car.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    There has been a lot of talk and articles that Honda will NOT be using the Civic platform again for the '01 Integra.
    I do disagree with your other statment though.. The Type-R is a true sports car. It has awesome handling and great braking capabilities. The Civic platform is not a bad one at all. The Type-R's is just more reinforced and rigid due to some strategically welded steel plates on the subframe, larger suspension bushings, stiffer springs & shocks with larger antiroll bars supplimented by Limited Slip differential and big brakes. 6.2sec 0-60 and 14.8 in the 1/4 also classify it as a sports car. I 've spent $1300 on suspension upgrades on my '99 GSR and it's still no Type-R. At autocross racing yesterday I drove my brother's Type-R and it was just a much more balanced car, more neutral, and did everything faster: corner, accelerate and brake. No wonder I haven't been able to match his times yet. Now I 'm going with more aggressive suspension stuff & brakes and start selling what I got :(
  • If you're drooling over a Type-R so much and trying to emulate one, why don't you just cut to the chase and get one? Wouldn't that be easier than trying to turn a GSR wannabe into a Type-R? Easier but not as much fun as tinkering maybe? Just wondering.

    About my 1987 Integra, I watched it turn over 280,000 on the way to work this morning. I'm putting about 450 miles a week on it as my weekly commute is about 210 miles from home. I have no hesitation about going any where any time with it and don't wonder if it will be dependable. Every time I think about trading it in I talk myself out of it by saying it's paid for, and costs very little to operate. On average, about $600 per year goes into maintenance now, which includes preventive maintenance. That's way less than car payments.

    I bought it new. It's a LS 4 door hatch with 5 speed. I bought a 4 door 'cause I wanted something I could grow into if I got married and eventually had kids (and now do). Plus, I hate 2 door cars, the seat belts are too hard to reach. I wanted a hatchback so I could haul stuff around, since I only had one car. It was and is the ideal car for me, an excellent compromise between a fun car and a practical car.

    As for your questions, it still has the original gear box. I'm on my 2nd clutch, replaced I think at about 120k, back in the days when I used to drive hard and fast. I take it a bit easier now adays, still fast but a bit easier on the starts.

    As for major maintenance, so far I have replaced clutch at 120k, 2 inner cv joints at about 230k, water pump twice as part of recommended pm (can you say interference engine?), alternator at about 200k, fuel injectors at 250k, a brake diverter valve, and maybe a few other miscellaneous items you might expect like brake rotors, other pm type things like plug wires, and then the wear items like brake pads, tires, etc.
  • aaplnkeaaplnke Posts: 1
    What is the going price that is good for the Acura mentioned above? I got a $17900 before tax, title and registration. Can I bargain down another $500, you think? Thanks for the help!

  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    That's a very good price considering sticker on an LS auto is almost $2K more! Yes, you could go down another $300-500 because I believe is around $17.5K for an LS auto I guess due to the $1500 factory-dealer incentives. Check them out and compare.

    PS. I recommend the 5-sp. Faster and more fun to drive plus it will save you $700-800 and you 'll have a lot less problems with the tranny down the road.
  • Has anyone had Remote Keyless Entry installed on their Integra? Should I get it installed by the dealer or go somewhere else to get it done? How much should I expect to pay?

  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    These rankings were released recently by J.D. Power & Assoc. and rank the auto manufacturers by individual problems experienced per 100 vehicles.
    As you can see, Acura leads everyone.

    Results of J.D. Power's Initial Quality Study. Problems reported per 100 vehicles.
    I 'm a little surprised to see VW way down there with Huyndai and the like. Makes you feel good you own an Acura doesn't it? Honda is #7, not bad looking at the names that are ahead of it..

    Acura 91
    Lexus 103
    Infiniti 107
    BMW 118
    Toyota 118
    Porsche 122
    Honda 126
    Buick 130
    Mercedes-Benz 134
    Jaguar 137
    Plymouth 137
    Saab 138
    Lincoln 139
    Audi 141
    Mercury 143
    Cadillac 146
    Volvo 150
    Chrysler 151
    Mazda 153
    Nissan 153
    Industry Average 154
    Oldsmobile 162
    Ford 162
    Saturn 164
    Mitsubishi 166
    Pontiac 167
    Chevrolet 168
    Dodge 174
    GNC 175
    Jeep 188
    Land Rover 192
    Isuzu 193
    Subaru 199
    VW 200
    Hyundai 203
    Daewoo 211
    Suzuki 224
    Kia 251
  • m_lesm_les Posts: 9
    when and why did honda remove the hatchback release lever from inside the integra? i just went to trade my 1994 for a 2000 and discovered this nonsense. instead of popping the hatch from inside when you are loading, you must turn off the car, remove the key, get out and walk around to the back and insert the key. any ideas about why this was done? what model year? thanks.
  • dlong6dlong6 Posts: 1
    you do not have to have the key to open the hatchback. if the doors are unlocked the hatch is unlocked as well .
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    This change started with the '98 models. The front bumper and lights was not the only thing they changed :) The hatch release is now part of the Power lock system.
    What's kind of bad about this though, is that if your car is locked and lets you go back to get something out of your trunk, when you unlock the hatch door, all your doors are now open. If you happened to forget to lock the hatch door when you 're done, your regular doors are left unlocked too.
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    That is one of the few faults with the central locking. My fiance's blue '98 LS 3-door has that system. I like it because with a quick key motion she only unlocks the driver's door, with a hold, she can then open the passenger door and hatch. What I don't like about the system is you can't lock the doors while the driver's door is open whether or not the key is in the ignition. To lock the car when you get out, you either have to hold the door handle open while you hit the lock button or you have to manually lock the door with the key after you close it. Personally, I can't wait to get her something else because I hate 2-door cars. I'm looking for a silver '98-'00 LS/GS 4-door in silver, automatic, to replace it, that or a nice used 3.2TL.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    Hondas & Acuras have had this for probably about 14yrs now. You don't have to get out to lock the driver's door! All you have to do, while still sitting inside with the door half opened, is hold the inside door handle (lever) open and with your pointer finger hit the power lock button. It's very easy and you 'll get used to it in a couple of days.
    I also do the same with my '97 Civic that doesn't have power door locks but a big plastic lock lever on the inside. I think I use my middle finger to push that in towards the door (because it's further away) while my other fingers keep the inside door handle open :) I 'm not 100% though because I do it unconciously and don't think about it :) I too used to either hold the outside door handle open and reach in to lock the door or use the key, until my brother told me how to do it while still in the car (he owned a '95 LS at the time and now a Type-R). This was after I had the car for at least 6mos and he saw me use the key.. The Integra I figured out by myself :)
  • Only1Harry is right about being able to lock the door from inside when the lever is pulled. I have always liked this feature of Hondas (& Acuras). The lock button is always right next to the interior open handle, so with one graceful action, I can open the door and lock it at the same time.

    Much much easier than on other makes where you have to do the awkward hold the handle up while closing the door.
  • I've a 1990 RS auto. w/76000 miles on it. Every morning i've to warm it up at least 10 min. before it can hit the road, otherwise it'll only goes 35-40 miles per hrs. for at least 3-4 miles before the power kick in.(2nd gear?) But once the spped kicked in...i can fly w/ it. Any ideas??? :( No problem w/ the engine per computer dino.)
  • sionsion Posts: 14
    Guys i just found my integra '93
    front windshield (is this how the front
    glass is called in english ?) broken today ...
    i have a comprehensive with a $500 deductible ...
    any ideas where i can get a cheap one online
    and any estimates on how much the whole
    thing, including work might cost ?!

  • I can't find the button to turn off the maintenance required indicator on my 96 Integra LS. Am I blind or is the manual misleading? Thanks.
  • I've seen conflicting information about when the new version of Integra will be available from Spring 2001 to Fall 2001. Has anyone heard anything definite?

  • Hi, I recently test drove an automatic 2000 Integra LS and thought it shifted hard. I could feel the car slightly hesitate when I would speed up or slow down. It was even more noticeable with the cruise control. Is this normal? Or was the car I test drove faulty? Thanks
  • It was likely normal. The Integra has never been noted for its performance with the automatic. It's a car meant to have a 5-speed, pure and simple. Drive a manual example; it's a night and day difference. The 5-speed is an absolute dream to drive. If you can't or won't drive a manual, frankly, I'd look elsewhere, perhaps at an Accord V6 coupe.
  • Can someone please send me some pictures of the 2001 Integra if you got please!! Thanks..
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