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Toyota Celica (Hatchbacks / All Years)



  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    They are making 2005 Celicas but I'm sure the number is small so they will be hard to find. A dealer should be willing to do a dealer trade to get one if they want to sell you a car. Go to another dealer if that one won't work with you. If you really want a Toyota, you might want to look into the Scion TC, which is more or less the new Celica. It may only have 160 hp, but the larger 2.4 liter engine provides much better torque and is within a few tenths of a second of the performance of the GTS.


    The Eclipse is about to be redesigned. It's not being discontinued. An all new car with a supposed 260 hp 3.8 V6 will be introduced at the Detroit auto show tomorrow and should be available on the lots around April or May. You could get an excelllent deal on leftover 04 or 05 Eclipses, but the new 06 should be a much better car. But with the V6, this car is a totally different flavor from the Celica and TC.


    Another good option is the Tiburon GT-V6. The days of the unreliable Hyundai are long gone. The Tib's fit and finish is excellent and other then early 03 models, reliability has been very good. I used to own an 03 V6 and it was a great car. It never saw the dealer for any repairs in the year and half I owned it. It also retains pretty good resale.
  • zombozombo Posts: 89
    I recently sat in a TC at the local Toyota dealer,when my Matrix was in for service.Interior fit and finish is very nice,but it's truly a midget mobile designed for the Japanese home market!At 6"3"the top of my head actually stuck partially through the sunroof!That,combined with the extra weight it carries around,giving it so-so gas mileage, make it a very poor replacement for the Celica!
  • I am 6'0 and could not fit or get comfortable in it. I can get comfortable in the 05 Celica though.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    month's MT for a quick run-down of what they think of the tC as a replacement of the Celica. It loses out in a field of five - the only one they seem to like less is the Focus ST sedan (no surprise there!). Basically they call the tC a jack of all trades, master of none. The Celica was a focused sporty coupe. *tear in my eye*

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • I have to change my answer. I finally did drive the tC and I did adjust the seat all the way down. Now I could not only fit but I was comfortable as well.


    I wonder how comfortable those 00-05 Celicas are on a long trip.


    Coming from a 91 Celica GT, I have already noticed that neither car isn't quite to the same standards (just comparing the drivers seat). With 191,000 on the odometer, the durablilty of the interior is just amazing. Looks like it came off the showroom floor.


    However, the Celica is being sold in a couple days. I hope I can find a newer one to my liking.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    if you want a new one, you had better go get it before June, which is when the last of the new ones will head to dealers.


    There was a Celica in the parking lot at the drug store today that was completely TRD'ed out, and had these ENORMOUS rims on it, they were painted white and had to be 18s or maybe 19s. As sharp as the handling already is on this car, I just can't imagine spending a ton of money on much bigger rims. It would be better spent on stuff to make it accelerate faster.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • Yea, (2000 GTS) I agree. Just my opinion, but I think those huge tires are just going to exaggerate the effects of front wheel drive and 60/40 weight ratios of these types of cars. The car does hairpin turns with the 16" tires. Add a few pounds of air to stiffen them up, and, well, I feel I have a roadcourse-worthy car.


    Fit and finish-something I saw on a friend's 1990's Celica, the "Fish-nose" model, whatever years those were, and am seeing on my 2000 - one of the 2 hinges on the gas tank door has rusted profoundly, and the door sticks, squeaks, doesn't seem to be aligned properly. I don't see it-but I would think this would be an NHTSA issue, having to do with the emissions, and should be fixed for free.


    Tundradude-This is a tough car to ride in, period. It is so low, it is difficult to get in and out of. The seats do not provide lateral stability. Low back support is putrid. Some days I feel great physically, take a 15 minute ride, and get out feeling like a hospital stay is needed.


    Aside from the quirks, I LOVE this car. Any DRIVER should.


    Someday I gotta put in a radio that can interface directly with Sirius, and also play mp3's. Doesn't need FM, haha, never use that anymore.
  • dd123dd123 Posts: 52
    Hi Guys,

    I am thinking of buying this Celica.

    It is 91 model/135k miles/ red in color.

    Paint seems to be faded but otherwise car looks in pretty good condition.

    It is manual with 5 gears.

    The manual shifts very smooth and with short throws.

    I think it is turbo with 2.2L engine and Power SunRoof.

    The asking price is $1600 with new tyres and new cd player.


    Is it a good deal?

    I have heard that one should not buy turbo engines as they dont last long and give lots of trouble.


    I really like the car but scared to make a deal as I dont really have much time for repairs.

    Are Celicas usually quite reliable

    PLz reply asap




  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    are usually enormously reliable, with perhaps the exception of the Turbo All-Tracs. However, I would question whether you are really talking about one of those, which are quite rare and sought after and would likely cost a lot more than $1600 (unless it is totally trashed, which doesn't sound like it is the case). Not to mention, the turbos were 2.0L, whereas the GTs and GTSs were 2.2L.


    So my guess is you are talking about a (non-turbo) GTS, in which case I would say jump in without a care, assuming it drives fine with no funny noises or smells. They are very reliable and fun to boot, and at $1600 you can't really take a dunking if you've done the usual used car checks and not come up with anything.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • dd123dd123 Posts: 52
    I checked the engine and it says 2.2 litre so I guess it is non turbo according to you.
    No visible leakage, new tires, new cd player.
    The guy is selling bcaz he is moving to la from dallas so he is in kinda of urgency to just get rid of it.
    The car runs very good with no funny noise and got a clean carfax history.
    I really love the way manual was shifting.
    Let me see
    Thanks for your prompt reply.
  • I just sold my 91 Celica GT HB for $2500 with 191K. So a 2.2 Celica for 1600 with 135k sounds like a great deal if the car wasn't beat to death. Those Celicas will last a long time. However, all cars no matter what they are will eventually need some repairs and maintenance.

    My car had power everything, sunroof, 6-speaker radio, cruise control, fog lights, rear window wiper, and AC. This were the options on the car.

    I ended up replacing my car with a xB. I haven't got it yet. I have been driving my Mom's 90 GT-S.
  • As in previous chats with Nippononly, I want the 350Z but is it worth 30k$. Should I just get an 05 Celica GTS with the TRD supercharger as this type of boost wont affect my warranty? I would be getting automatic, how much boost would the supercharger give me hp wise /torque wise? The Celica has everything good except it could use just a little more torque. But the good thing about the Celica is when you dont feel like driving hard, it will hibernate like a corolla and give you a smooth ride and 26 mpg. Pretty good for a sporty car that gives that level of performance. Now the Z which still as of 05 models has a suspension problem that eats tires anywhere from 3-8 K miles,which some owners get warrantied and some dont is my other choice. Not to mention that in my opinion the celica has better fit and finish, might be more reliable, and will surely get better mpg's when just cruising.I need to get automatic because of my traffic situation or I would consider the RX-8 but with 197hp/165lbs trq, and 3000lbs I didn't feel the auto Rx getting up and running off the line or any other time like the Z does.
  • zingerzinger Posts: 61
    I have a 2000 GTS 6 speed. I like it but have always been a little disappointed with the lack of torque. On the highway it is very apparent. I have been comparing the 350Z and GTO and have been thinking of trading.

    I have noticed very few Red 6 SP GTS's for sale.

    It does seem as though the 350Z would be the perfect car -plenty of torque with the V6 and great handling. I have read about the tire, shifter, paint, problems and they are concerning.

    The paint on my Celica chips just as easily.
  • The Celica has plenty of hp and torque for its weight and it packs punch due to its light weight. I dont really feel any slumps in performance except when running againt a v-8 and even then when I do catch them they have to slow down due to the average cars handling and steering limitations.This is something I will miss if i get another car as I have not experienced another car with this kind of handling since my 94 RX-7 R2 Twin Turbo. 255hp and 2750 lbs of weight.That is what most cars have problems with they might have enough liters in engine size and maybe the right amount of cylinders but they are always too heavy and never have the right handling to drive the car the way the engine was made to run. What good is a high performance engine when as soon as you start pushing it you have to step on the brake because the frame of the car feels like it is 2 car lengths behind in the wrong direction.You know toyota has the right idea when the Lotus Elise is using a GTS engine with 190 hps.Weighs less than 2000lbs, heard one time it weighs 1777lbs but not sure,supercar performance with a Celica engine.Never mind waiting on a supra, just tune the Celica engine maybe to 2.0,2.2,2.4 liters get 250 hps and price it around 27,500 and that would fix everything. People will spend that money as they spend more with the Z and if 250 hps is sitting in a 2700lb celica I think it will beat the rx-8 and the Z
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    thought they didn't sell the GTS with an automatic any more? So if you are going to get an '05, it won't be auto. But you likely meant getting a GT with the S/C to net out at 200 hp or so? As light as this car is, that would be a ROCKET. I think you are onto something there. My only question would be: have you checked whether there are any durability issues related to putting the TRD engine in front of the automatic without upgrading the auto? And do the TRD engines get reflashed ECUs?

    zinger - have you sat in a 350Z and driven it? Not only does it feel huge and heavy to drive, but it is claustrophobic as all heck. The windows are at cheek level and there is barely space for two people in the front seats.

    I would LOVE to see Toyota continue this model, using a reprogrammed and beefed up version of the Camry's engine. Heck, Honda gets 200 hp out of their 2.4L Accord engine in the TSX, why couldn't Toyota one-up them and pull 225, 240 hp out of its own? Of course, it would probably require lengthening the Celica's hood, so it would get bigger and we don't want it to get too big. But I think they could hold any increase in size to a minimum.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • I think if you arder them you will be able to get an automatic GTS. Dont know about the reflashing of the ecu but i would assume that kind of adjustment would be done by the tech at the time of install.Also the TRD charger is warrantied with the bumper to bumper so i would not worry about durability.For sure a new Supra is coming but I dont think until Sept 2007 at the earliest. At that point,maybe a year afer the bugs are worked out i will change the Z for it.That saying I end up in the Nissan. There is a new eclipse GT with 260hp/260trq coming out this year that is suppose to be close to the Z but it will weigh to much and just be a little too low in power to catch the Z. The only thing that will make the big difference in these two cars is the transmission gearing. But anyway I dont like the way mitsu looks or drives and the fit and finish is bad. The old eclipse gt had 200 hp but was too heavy so you would hit the gas and the frame would drad behind, did have cool exhuast note.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    the new Eclipse will be as big as a two-door Galant and weigh a whopping 3500 pounds!!!

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • zingerzinger Posts: 61
    I have driven it. To me the windows are at the same height as the Celica. Of course the windshield is much better in the Celica. Honestly it didnt seem any more claustrophobic. The clutch is more forgiving and you dont have to shift as much to avoid driveline shutter.

    It will still be very difficult to give up my GTS if I ever do.
  • 1violinist1violinist Posts: 338
    I had a 1982 Celica with "22R engine" and 5 spd manual that I enjoyed very much. I've never driven a Celica with the 6 spd manual. Is it better than the 5 spd manual? Someone posted on this form that they have the 6 spd but wish they had the 5 spd -- is there a problem with the 6 spd or is it just tricky to find the right gear? does the 6 spd get better mileage than the 5 spd?
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