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Audi A6



  • bluejlbbluejlb Posts: 2
    We have a 2000 2.7T w/ @ 18,000 miles on it. Up until this week we have had nothing but positive things to say about the car (fun to drive, quality of finish, interior, performance, handling, on and on). It was a present for my wife and she loves it. We took it into the dealer for a second time to check on a noticeable shimmy and address a few minor trim issues (cup holder not working, etc).

    The dealer has informed us that we have three bent wheels, and alluded to bent wheels being something that is not unusual for them to see. We live on a dirt road and have normal Michigan dirt road potholes, but nothing that has ever caused problems for other vehicles we have owned. The bill is @ $1200 for new wheels and alignment. (Ugh...)

    Has any other owner experienced anything like this? We don't drive the vehicle particularly hard, and I am quite concerned about whether this is going to be a recurring problem. We asked the dealer about other wheel options (higher profile, etc) and was told this is the only wheel that fits the 2.7T. If I am buying three new wheels I figured why not switch to something that will withstand our dirt road environment.

    We have gone from very satisfied owners who love the 2.7T (and I was considering getting one as well) to very disillusioned. I called the "Audi Customer Care line", after ten minutes on hold spoke to someone who was no help whatsoever, and who added to our frustration.

    If other potential owners who drive on dirt roads are looking into an A6 look carefully at this issue, no answers seem to be available from Audi.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Jack, sorry to hear about your wheels. Also sorry to hear about your lack of satisfaction from Audi Customer Care. Unfortunately, I've heard similar things before.

    I think it IS certainly possible that a potholed dirt road COULD cause this. If you're accustomed to steel wheeled cars, there's a big difference with alloy wheels; irrespective of whether they're on an Audi or any other car. The Audi's suspension wasn't designed for these conditions either. It's a sport sedan with plenty of aluminum in the suspension and I have to think that a potholed dirt road won't do it much good either. The Audi allroad might be a better choice. And though I'm no fan of trucks and SUV's, I must acknowledge they have their place.

    But the information you were given by the dealer is wrong. There are plenty of other wheels and tires that will fit on the 2.7T. And you can get four for less than $1200. One good source is Tire Rack. This is their URL:

    I can't guarantee you can find any alloy wheel that will be pothole proof, but the folks at Tire Rack are pretty knowledgeable, and could probably make a suggestion if there is anything.

    Good luck!

  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Joesephf2 Is your A6 a Fronttrak or Quattro?
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    I think timcar gave you some good advice. I've used Tire Rack on many occasions and would second his recommendation to check out other wheel options. I just did a quick check and there are many less expensive choices available to fit the A6 2.7T (I wish I had as many options for my allroad). You may wish to consider going to a 16 inch wheel with your replacement set - this would give you a taller sidewall and thus more "air" between the road and the outside wheel edge which would help cushion the ride. Bent wheels are more common when very low profile tires are used on larger-diameter wheels, and when you go in the other direction you would lessen the chance of your wheels getting bent, everything else being equal (given the same diameter, some wheels will be stronger and resist road damage better than others). With the 16 inch wheels you would give up some handling capability on dry roads, but this could be offset to some extent by your choice of tires. I would listen to the folks at Tire Rack and consider their recommendations.

    P.S. I saw a couple different 16 inch wheels available for $134 apiece, or just $536 for a set of four. Sixteen inch tires are cheaper than 17 inch ones too.
  • My '98 A6 is just out of warranty and two things are going wrong. My A/C display flashes for approx. 2 minutes when the car is first turned on then stops. Everything on the A/C works fine. Also, my gas gauge does not show the correct amount of fuel. Anyone experience these problems? P.S. Naturally I'm looking into an extended warranty - any recommendations here are welcome too.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,047
    Go to then look at the feature articles -- there is an article on Wheels (bent, etc.). FYI. Also agree, there are MANY wheels avail for this car.

    Also, THREE? bent wheels, wow -- I hit a pothole that was full of water last winter -- this hole was so deep there were already two Buicks and a small pickup truck in it. Unfortunately one of the wheels on my Audi did get bent. My insurance paid for it, minus the deductible ($250.00), the state of Kentucky paid $250.00 (the wheel, tire and four wheel alignment ran around $800!). I have hit many potholes here in Southern Ohio / Northern Kentucky -- several times the alignment was knocked out -- only once was a wheel damaged. Is it possible that the wheels were "bad?" I have had Audi bend over backwards to do things to "make it right," I think you should not give up with Audi, yet. Moreover, your auto insurance may pay for this, as did mine -- and my letters to the state highway kept of KY certainly worked too. Its just that is seems SO RARE for three wheels to be bent, especially if the car was NOT involved in an accident or crash. Audi should come to your aid, IMO.

    I have noticed that these low profile tires and alloy wheels (that are on many cars, not limited to Audis) are much softer (or more likely to be damaged in the case of the tires) than the steel wheels and higher profile tires that are on lower performance, lower priced cars. Perhaps this just goes with the territory.

    The most disturbing and [for you] disappointing part of your message is the apparent resolution (none) from Audi. Again, I encourage you to try Audi -- I usually write a letter to Audi Owner Loyalty -- Carol Glynn -- and then she forwards it to the correct party. I never blame anyone for the problem, I just state the facts and ask if anything can be done.

    I have found Audi generally helpful.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,047
    The A6 has had "bad fuel sensors" or something like that since the beginning, in fact my wife's TT also had it. My 1999, 2000 A6's had them replaced free and all was well. My 2001 A6 4.2 has had no such problems.

    I was told this was NOT just an Audi problem -- they buy parts from VDO or Bosch or some other mfg as does BMW and Merc -- I was told that some of the Mercs had the same problems as the Audis (bad fuel guage or fuel sending unit).

    It was or should be a recall item and even if you are OOW, you should get the problem fixed free.
  • desaljsdesaljs Posts: 24
    If you are driving on Goodyear RS-A's I believe the ride could be rough due to these tires. My 1997 A6 quattro avant came with these tires in the same size (205/55/16). They lasted about 40,000 miles and I just replaced them with Firestone SH 30's. The ride quality improved somewhat, and noise levels were significantly improved, espically on cement highways. The wet road performance was greatly improved. It could all be due to the tires.
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    Bluejlb, just to let you know, there are a ton of companies that advertise in mags like European car that will fix bent alloys. I had three square BBS wheels that i sent out and had fixed for $125 each which included straightening, refinishing and R&R and balance the tires. Whatever you do, don't throw them away without trying to fix them.

    Tirerack is definitly the best source for great wheel and tire prices. Good luck.
  • mariobgoodemariobgoode Posts: 114
    To Bluejlb: I agree with Bertram60. Don't throw them away. Check out the website for an article which came out last week about the repair of alloy wheels. It could save you some money and aggravation. Also, don't forget to ask around if your neighbors had experienced the same problem with their cars. Maybe you can identify the problem and come up with a solution or avoid a repetition of the problem entirely. Good luck. Mario
  • josephf2josephf2 Posts: 3
    Thanks for those who responded to the above. I do have a FrontTrak with standard 16" wheels and know there is a difference in the rear suspension between it and the quattro. I am though very disappointed with the harshness of the ride; especially with the market segment/price of the car. For those who are potential buyers, you need to really find some pot holes and test this car relative to your other considerations. I test drove my vehicle in a relatively new part of town.
  • lms37lms37 Posts: 8
    For anyone interested out there, I just saw on Audiworld where someone posted great pictures of the new colors for the A6. They're beautiful! I was about ready to buy a 2001, but will probably hold out for the 2002 aqua blue or atlas grey. Check them out if you're interested, under "2002 A6 colors", Audiworld forum.
  • tubeytubey Posts: 39
    A note of caution: I believe those are the European selections on Audiworld. We usually get a more limited range over here. I had actually posted a comment that the aquablue looked like my car's Jaspis Green, a choice that Audi dropped from North America after 2000.
  • moimememoimeme Posts: 28
    If you're willing to order your car (and wait the 4-6 months), you can get any of the planned colors OR, for a slight premium plus cost of materials, you can get the car done any way you'd like. Want something truly custom? All you need is money!

    My next purchase will be a ming blue TT roadster, with blue top and the baseball glove seats. As close to red, white and blue as I can get. Hope the Germans don't get offended and ship me all the defective parts on that one...
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,047
    Where on the WebSite are the colors, I can only find the "current" colors?
  • I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of how the A6 is selling and if there
    are any dealer incentives, low apr or attractive lease deals.

    I'm guessing after reading Edmunds report that the 2.7t is selling better than the 2.8
    based on performance and price.

    Also, does anyone know how much longer the A6 has before it gets a re-design?

  • Mark,

    The colors can be found on page 5 of the A6 forum at Audiworld. Here is a link:

    Scott in Central Florida

  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    The 2002 A6 has been "refreshed", and should be in showrooms in about 4 months. This isn't a complete redesign, but sounds like a fairly thorough refinement and improvement of many of the dynamic qualities of the existing A6. The body is very close to the current version. Audi World has an article with pictures of a detailed German press release in English. Remember, the car will look different with US bumpers. Best guess for a completely new A6 is 2004.
  • simplesimple Posts: 7
    We just bought a '98 A6 with (among other options) the warm weather package. It has a rear sunshade and solar glass sunroof. Instead of a retractable sunshade and a glass moonroof, it has a fixed sunshade. From the outside, you can see metal elements in the glass.

    Does anyone know if this roof has some sort of function? Is it a solar panel? No one up here in the Northeast seems to know...I guess this feature is more common in the south.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,047
    If it is the same as was on my A8, the panel is glass and it appears as if there is a Radiator of some sort sandwiched in there.

    The panel is indeed solar.

    It is used to produce electricity to cool the car while it is parked with the engine off.

    You may also have a switch on your climate control which is called REST -- which heats the car in the winter with the engine off (based on the heat of the engine).

    The solar panel creates electricity rather than drawing from the battery -- the electricity powers the fan motors which are, theoretically at least, used to expel hot air from the car when it is summer and parked in the sun. There should be someway to activate this feature -- like I said I had a 1997 A8 and I think there was a button on the dash to turn the feature on.

    Doesn't your dealer know?
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