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Toyota Camry 2006 and earlier



  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    I think so. I am sure the latest factory incentive, cash back and low APR financing help them sell a lot of Camrys. I and my wife's friend just bought a 03 Camry SE a week ago. We missed the Washington's Birthday sale event but we bought ours in the latest summer sales event. I am sure there will be one for summer end sales around Labor Day.

    On the other hand, Honda year end sale only happens once a year with not too low APR on Civic and Accord. I think many past and potential Honda customers are losing confidence and faith on Honda because of its latest transmission and mechanic problems and slow on production on some high demand vehicles and mostly sold at MSRP.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I think it helps that the new Camrys are perceived as having increased value compared to prior generations, and have shown Toyota's attempt to reverse the evident decontenting of the 1997-2001 MYs.

    Food for thought:
    A 1994 Camry LE 4 cyl auto with ABS stickered at $20,900 in 1994 dollars.

    A 2003 Camry LE 4 cyl auto with ABS (and floormats) stickers at: $20,844 in 2003 dollars.

    Certainly, though I would agree that the 92-96 Camrys were the most solidly constructed and best stylistically, there is no doubt in my mind, having had every generation of Camry excepting the first, that the current is by far the best riding, quickest, most fuel efficient, safest, quietest, and most capable handler of all the 4cyls. we've had.

    (87 Base, 91 DX, 95 DX, 97 LE, 00 LE, 02 LE- first two were 4 year leases, next three were 3 year leases, and the 02 is a purchase.)

  • I was being sarcastic about the "isn't it just great" part. Why? I bought a 2003 Camry SE V6 half year ago and now they're offering a more powerful 210hp engine with 5 speed automatic transmission. Darn!

    As you might already know, I live in Canada. I have just checked the Canada's Toyota website and I looked at the specs. It clearly says that the engine size is still 3.0 (as opposed to 3.3 in which I have read in the past few discussions). Perhaps the 3.3 is offered elsewhere?

    If anyone knows the improvement in speed (0-60) with the VVTI please post a message here. I want to see what I have sacrificed by buying my car half a year early. My own reaches 60 in 8.1 seconds. I also would like to know if fuel economy is better with the new 5 speed automatic transmission. Is the car more quiet on freeways?

    I've found that my own gives out a pretty loud grunt when it reaches 140 km @ 3000 rpm or so. I'm guessing that the new V6 VVTI doesn't do that.

    My guess is that Toyota will stop selling 3.0 engines without VVTI once they get rid of them in their lots. My prediction is that there will only be two engines in the future available for the Camry. The 4 cyl VVTI and the V6 VVTI.

    I have read in another discussion here saying that VVTI and VTECs are cheap ways to improve power. I won't comment on that because I've never driven a car equipped with them. Their reasoning was that BMWs never equips their cars with them. Any comments on this?

    Finally, I am just wondering if the price will go up for the V6 Camry with the added VVTI.
  • everydayeveryday Posts: 53
    So you're that guy doing snow? angels in the middle of the street of that Camry SE commercial!
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    It happens. Automakers constantly make changes to equipment, powertrains, etc. Our 02 LE had power drivers seat and keyless entry as extra cost options. Now, they are standard.

    The speculation regarding the 3.3L V6 in the Camry is not as to it being the engine in the SE V6 now, but rather, starting for the 2004 MY.

    "I have read in another discussion here saying that VVTI and VTECs are cheap ways to improve power. I won't comment on that because I've never driven a car equipped with them. Their reasoning was that BMWs never equips their cars with them. Any comments on this?"

    These systems are technologically advanced, not "cheap" ways to improve power, if by "cheap" you mean "easy way out". BMW DOES use advanced valve timing systems, which I believe are called "VANOS". I will check this for you. What BMW DOES NOT DO is turbo or supercharge their engines, as the Bravarian King believes THAT is a "cheap" way to produce more power. OTOH, MB uses extensive supercharging.

    I can't speak to the Candian Market, but the VVTi V6 has been on sale in the US since February. The old V6s are no longer on the lots, at least not here in the high volume central Jersey area. I do not believe there was a price increase for the new engine. In fact, I'm virtually certain.

  • Thanks for your input. Now I understand what the other guy meant when he said "cheap" power.

    You should be glad that your 02 LE engine was all new and Toyota should be using them for the 4 cylinder Camrys for awhile. At least you only missed the chance to have standard keyless entry and power driver's seat.

    I, on the other hand, missed the chance to drive a more powerful car! I really want to know how much faster/powerful it is when it comes out.

    Enjoy your 02 Camry LE (WITH VVTI)!!! haha, sorry if I overexaggerated that. But I wished I had it in mine too!
  • masspectormasspector Posts: 509
    Coulda, shoulda, woulda. I have to go with alpha here. Things change. How could anyone in late 02 know that toyota was going to make this change? Toyota dealers may not have even known.

    I know it seems like you had the worst timing. It is not like you are talking two model years apart on your car and the newer one, it was a matter of a few months. That is why I always suggest extensive research and looking at cars for at least a few months. I would never buy a car on a whim or do it in a few days time.

    I OTOH was lucky. I started my search for a camry when the old v6 was still around and the newer one was just coming out. I, like you would have, decided to ignore the old v6. It was older technology and only a 4 spd auto and they were not being discounted any more for being older tech from what I could tell at the dealers. I drove the 4 and the 6 and decided that the 4 was fine and the 6 was not worth the extra $3000.

    Sorry you missed out, you can always trade or at least go for test drives to see if you can tell any difference. Just file it away as a lesson learned. LOOK real hard, before you leap.
  • artc1688artc1688 Posts: 7
    Just bought a 03 Camry LE last week. Very happy with the car and forgot to purchase a mudguard...
    Anyone knows of a discounted place for a Camry mudguard?

  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    Beside ebaymotors, I would try in AZ. I just ordered several OEM accessories for my 03 SE. like all-weather mats ($65), mudguards ($55), wheel locks ($31) and cargo net ($25). If you local dealer cost you less than $60, go for it. $55 is the lowest I have found.
  • drmpdrmp Posts: 187
    I went to a local upholstery shop and asked for some kind of custom made color-matched seat cushion at the front portion of the seat bottom. It resulted to a longer seat bottom with slightly raised front portion that follows the contour of my thigh. Very very comfortable. Hope that helps.
  • masspectormasspector Posts: 509
    Did you ever figure out the issue with your moonroof? On page 34-35 of my manual it explains the moonroof operation and how to reset it if the battery is disconnected. Sounds like it is a one touch affair. Hope this helps.
  • paul29paul29 Posts: 178
    The grunt you feel at 140kph may be the lockup clutch disengaging (watch your tac for a 2/300 rpm rise) . The 4cyl does this at between 3800/4000 rpm . At this point and up you are working on the torque converter only.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    masspector - Congratulation on your XLE! That is a very good price. Isn't it V6 engine? My wife actually find out it is really an one touch power sunroof. She showed me by holding the open switch for at least a second, same thing with the close switch. The trick is I have to press and hold. In my Kia Sorento, I just have to press and open all the way.

    Our two weeks old 03 SE (4 cyl) has over 300 miles. So far, there is no problem. But like many people say the sport tuned suspension is kind of bumpy on city roads. And the sport seats are much likely to attract lint and hair. Also, it doesn't seem the rear headrests are adjustable.
  • Paul29 - Thanks for your explanation about the grunt I am hearing around 140km/h. As long as it's normal than it's okay. It's actually not loud at all, just loud enough so you can hear it. Actually it makes the car sound a little more sporty :)

    Lok888 - I had the feeling about the sports suspension when I first got my car half a year ago. Once you are accustomed to driving it, you will love it. I have found another advangtage of having a sports tuned suspension is that when you're carrying 3 passengers at the back (perhaps with luggage loaded in the trunk as well), the rear of the car doesn't drop down as much. With the previous generation 4 cylinder Camry, I used to bottom out a lot when going over bumps in such situations. Maybe higher ground clearance in this the new Camry plays a major factor here too.
  • masspectormasspector Posts: 509
    Glad you got that figured out on the moonroof.

    My XLE is the 4 cyl. I wish it was the v6 for that price. The v6 is only about $2000 more on a base model comparison, but with the options I wanted the difference in the 4 and 6 was more like $3000. This was due to market discounting on the 4 in my area.

    I think the price was pretty good. The dealers kept grumbling about a $1400 loser, but by my calculations it was about $300 below edmunds invoice price and a $1000 rebate. The rebate is no skin off them. I too was surprised when they accepted my offer with no mention of SET fees, etc. Then I sweated each step of finalizing the order and waiting for the car to get here. I was expecting at each turn for them to try and raise the price for some reason. They did not to my pleasant surprise. The only thing I disliked was that the doc fee was supposed to be $389 and they added in a $110 loan application fee to this doc fee to make it $499. I did not squabble too much since I was getting 2.99% for 60 months.
  • mark_wnymark_wny Posts: 64
    This weekend, I test drove the Camry - with both 4 cyl. and V-6. To my suprise, the V-6 did not seem significantly more powerful. Especially in low-end torque and accelerating from a stand-still, the 4 seemed to do pretty well. Which raises the question: why spring the extra $$ for the V-6? Where does the advantage start to be felt? On hills? In higher speed passing situations? I live in rural Western NY, where most driving is in the 35 - 55 mph range - 60 mph tops. Any advice from other board members will be appreciated.
  • dougb10dougb10 Burlington, Ontario, CanadaPosts: 185
    We bought a 4 cylinder XLE. We tried both the 4 and 6 versions. In our case, the price difference was just not worth it as the 4 cylinder has more than enough grunt. It is super quiet, smooth, and has unbelievable fuel economy. It also has a chain drive (as compared to a belt) which makes maintenance less costly.
    Drive them both for some time and make your own decision, but from where I sit, the 4 cylinder was a great choice. There seems to be ample reserve for passing and I do not feel it is under powered at all. I used to drive a Maxima SE so we have had previous experience with a very quick car. In summary, you can't go wrong either way, but the 4 version is just perfect for us.

  • masspectormasspector Posts: 509
    exactly what doug said. I was in the exact same situation and went with the 4 also. I agree it does not have from a dead stop powerful acceleration, but it is fine and I am sure I will be able to agjust to it ok. My last car was a 96 sable with the DOHC duratec V6. It has good off the line acceleration, but the camry V6 did not compare. It seemed a little more powerful in passing but the only reason i would pay the extra bucks over the 4 would be if it had really good dead stop acceleration, which it did not, just like doug said.
  • gonkrazgonkraz Posts: 19
    drmp Jun 13, 2003 7:19pm
    Thank you very much for the information.
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