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cski ·

Mid size sedans 2.0


West Springfield, VA
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Vehicle(s) that interest me
mid-size sedans/sport sedans
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Network Engineer
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2012 Kia Optima EX


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  • Mid size sedans 2.0

    June 17
  • brian125

    cski, My son said get the BC racing coil overs. They are better made last longer and quiet. worth the extra $$............ Both made from same company. The Megans & BCs are very similar, except in the following regards. The Megans have pillow ball front and rear mounts, while the BC just have in front. Son thinks a pillowball rear is overkill. Both have height and dampening adjustment. Both have camber plates in front.

    Now, the main difference with the BCs is that they have a larger diameter shock body which has a lot of advantages, especially ride and durability.

    So, it comes down to price, all are similarly priced. But the BC really seem to be better built and a more complete package. My son said get the BCs. He installed them with his friend it was not hard. I would find a house mechanic for 75 a side

    Check out : Import image racing my son said there are other goodies you could replace on your kia that will Improve your suspension when the time come

    May 25
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