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  • JLS99 was a Dakota you were diagnosing.... do you know what it could be from my symptoms?

    April 4
  • JLS99

    Hello! Just came across an old post of yours regarding overheating on your Dakota... did you ever resolve it? I am having virtually the SAME problem. I recently had the thermostat replaced at a dealer. I was afraid my head gaskets were leaking. Coolant was blowing out my overflow regularly. The dealer pinged the culprit as a bad rad cap not holding pressure. all was fine for about a month. Then I noticed I'd start the truck on a cold morning, and turn the heat on while getting ready for work. after 20 mins, the temp gage was good, but no heat until I started to drive it. seconds later, heat! a few days later while sitting idle, with the heat blowing, it started blowing cool air, until I started moving again. With the outside temps in the 50s and sitting in traffic, the temp gage started rising recently, and it's at 240 degrees. drive off, it cools down. I've had the rad replaced two years ago (accident) and flushed recently trying to resolve the losing coolant issue (it was the rad cap

    April 4