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  • debbieure

    I have a 2010 Chevy Impala that all of this happened to me Sunday with the Engine light and traction control light and Engine Power reduced. Pat Clemons Chevrolet Dealership in Boone, Ia has my car now and they are replacing my throttle body assembly hopefully by tommorrow. Will this fix my problem. I am really concerned as this is our only vehicle and I have to drive 20 miles one way to work. It is going to cost me $475.00 as my car has 101,000 miles on it and is no longer covered under the warranty.

    March 19
  • samdem

    I have Buick Enclave 2008 CXL ,I have leaky interior every time it rains.I read some complaints from web sites it's some recal than I call GM maybe my car is one of those and they told me it is not so I did try to fix it myself cleaning those drains so many times I replace the sunroof rubber sealant with new but nothing works.Please some one knows what's happening with this models,some idea please .

    February 23
  • brandisangels
    My 2011 impala did this exact thing this morning driving dwn rd an the service traction light came on as well as engine light an it reduced speed to 40 mph an would not go no faster I have horrible corrosion on the battery so I got out poured coke on the battery an the speed picked back up again my car just hit 84,000 miles I see a lot of this happening on this so is there a recall or something we can do to prevent having to spend a fourtune an try an fix it ?
    February 10