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SW Ohio
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Vehicle(s) that interest me
Anything fast
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Cadillac CTS 4


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    May 11
  • fezo
    Hey, gg. Somehow I missed the story on your wife and now can't find it. All I know is she's in China with no definite plans to come back. Awfully sorry to hear that.

    I've been lucky in the wife department. Took until I was 34 to secure the right one and she, perhaps wisely, spent a load of time before she figured out I was OK. Finally reached the point where she'd have to either have me arrested as a stalker or marry me. Fortunately she chose the latter. Coming up on 31 years.

    As best you can be at peace with yourself. Things like what is happening to you are pretty well out of your control which I understand is not something you're used to. Hang in. A Mustang convertible would probably help a great deal...

    Steve (fezo)
    April 26
    • graphicguy
      Hey...Steve...just saw this. Little late in responding. Thanks for the comments. Shame, for certain, but it is what it is.

      You're right...."peace with oneself". That is the key. Took me a few months, hard to pull the "divorce" trigger. But, I'm at peace with the decision and myself for making it.

      And, you're right! A Mustang Cobra Convertible would indeed lighten the weight on my shoulders.

      Thanks for the concern. Truly appreciated.

      Glad to hear you're getting better, too!
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  • shermajd

    Graphic Guy, you mention that you were able to help a friend buy a Honda recently at a very substantial discount. I also reside in SW OHIO, near Dayton. Do you mind telling me where you were able to get the deal on the Honda and how you determined your pricing? I see a lot of comments on the "deals" people get but no explanation as to how they got to those numbers. I am trying to determine how much incentive money the factory is giving the dealers to sell cars. I see comments about flex cash but no explanation as to how much they have to spend. Thanks John in Dayton

    February 2014
  • mark....don't get me wrong. I love the S4. It's just been very troublesome. Don't know where this is going to lead. But, we'll see. Thanks for your input.

    December 2013
  • markcincinnati

    At $55,000 (net), you can easily get into a well-optioned S4 Premium Plus. Clearly I don't know what would impress you -- and if this Audi doesn't do it for you, you can load up a IS 350 F-Sport and at full MSRP be @ less than $51,000. Of course of the two noted above, the S4 is the real performer with its sweet supercharged V6.

    The torque steer is something to overcome in the Volvo S60 T6 (Type R) but it is tough to get this car OVER $50,000. It may not do it for you due to the obvious FWD bias, but it is worth a test-drive if you're in the market at this dollar amount.

    So, while $55K won't get you into the SUPERCAR realm, you do have a number of choices that will stay under your price cap.

    It's a great time to be in the market (the $50K market) if you ax' me.


    December 2013
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