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Oldfarmer, I know you're interested in the Mustang ' I saw this in a GM discussion and because it lists 4 links to reviews that appear to be newly released now that Ford's embargo on 2015 information is off for the Mustang and because it's in another forum that competes with Edmunds in parts, I didn't think I should copy and quote.


Crossroads of America: I70 & I75
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    January 13
  • uplanderguy
    Keith, are you still enjoying your '14 Malibu? That dark, rusty-maroon color that's new this year is turning my head, and I see you can get the 1LT with the same wheels you have on yours I think. I like the Impala but I could see my wife parking it by feel, it's so large. I can't afford a new car for years with college for kid no. 2 coming up, but I'd definitely check out the '15 Malibu if I needed a new family car right now. Of course, can't post that publicly for fear of "That car's not competitive!!!!". [non-permissible content removed]. ;) Bill
    December 2014
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  • uplanderguy

    You had asked me before if I utilized a Malibu forum. I had but not for a long time, until this morning. I posted about quiet replacement tires, and a hump in the dash pad of my car which is small but I presume will get larger. I posted under "Auditor Bill":

    April 2014
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    February 2014
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