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  • moped200

    I get maybe 23 mpg driving a 1971 dodge dart through a lot of traffic to felton ca. I put a gas can inside the car hooked up to the fuel pump. 3 speed. My 3 other dodges have been sittiing from registration/insurance issues. I think a full size dodge truck can get 24 mpg highway. Ramp. 225 cubic inch. I used to drive a dodge mini van. It can get up to 60 mpg on an extended flat spot. It gets about 33 or 34 driving highway speeds. 2.2 4 speed 4 cylinder. The dodge cams run slower and are called hemi. I think it means half a revolution. Easier to drive long distance. A 1.5 liter toyota with 5 speed can get maybe what 35 mpg?

    May 12
  • ushy66

    Karen- I posted a new discussion titled '2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata', but it did not seem to take. Please assist/check. Thanks. Jake

    May 1
    • Karen_CM
      It's here:

      Check your Profile page and click on My Discussions to quickly locate all you have created
    • ushy66
      Yes, I see it when I click on discussions under my handle, but shouldn't appear wjen I go to the Mazda forum pull-downs for Mazda MX-5 Miata? The same thing happened when I started another discussion under Mazda forum for the '2016 Mazda CX-9'; it shows when I go to my name/handle under discussions but not when I go to Mazda forums under Mazda CX-9. I dond't understand? Jake
  • ushy66

    Karen- This morning I tried to post a new discussion on the Jeep Grand Cherokee Forum, titled '2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee', but it did not post. I tried it twice, but no luck. Please help and advise. Jake

    April 22
    • Karen_CM
      Sorry for the slow response! Here is a link to the discussion you created.

      To quickly find all the discussions you have created, click on "My Discussions" in your Forums tools located on the right side of the page. You can also bookmark it (click on the star at top of discussion page) and then it will also appear in "My Bookmarks" list.

      Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything else.

  • slinger1

    Hi Karen, when I click on Participated in my sidebar I get a listing of my activity with some labeled Answered and a check mark and some without the check mark. What's the difference? Is there a place I can go to on here that explains all the forum shorthand and what things are? Thanks and keep up the good work! Al

    April 8
    • Karen_CM
      Those are the Q&A topics. When creating a topic, the member can choose it to be a discussion, poll, or Q&A. When another member posts a comment to a Q&A, it displays as "Answered". When someone, usually the person that asked the original question, votes for a response as the "Best Answer", a check mark displays next to "Answered."

      As for a FAQ, I've been trying to slot out some time to do that! Although it's been a few months on this new platform, even I'm not totally up to speed on all the best tips and tricks. I'll get to it...eventually. :-) In the meantime, don't hesitate to ask if you need assistance.
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    March 28
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    March 4
  • gagrice

    Karen, Why does the Stock Market thread stay at Jan 14th on my list? There have been several posts since then. Thank you, Gary

    January 21
    • Karen_CM
      As that discussion is not an automotive topic, it has been disabled from appearing as recently active.
  • fall2014

    I just joined the forum and am looking for lease information for 2014 RDX with NAV.

    January 20
    • Karen_CM
      This would be the place to ask your lease questions for that year/model.
  • kenym

    WHAT have you done to the site?? All my watched items are gone. The current items on my watched items go back 6 or 7 years. My username is kenym.

    January 10
    • Karen_CM
      Hi kenym!

      I know. If you haven't been around long, it's quite different from what we had. Essentially, the old platform was dying and that vendor was not being at all cooperative. We HAD to do something and this platform was the best fit for what members wanted. We had a long running discussion about this and did our best to find a platform that included all the features members have wanted for years. Of course, not everyone is going to like it, but we hope you will give it a chance.

      We migrated tens of thousands of discussions including millions of posts. Plus, migrating the member database so all could sign in to the new forums without being required to re-register. This was a huge undertaking and took months of long hours and hard work to accomplish. Unfortunately, one of the items that could not be migrated were members individual watched items.

      This link will take you to the new Forums landing page.

      If you are already logged in, your screen name will appear on the right of the page. Scroll down a bit and you will see "Welcome to the New Forums!". Click on that and it take you to the discussion. Moderators and other members have been posting some very helpful comments on how to successfully bookmark and navigate the new forums. We have also created a topic for Navigation tips that may be helpful to you,

      We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience! If there's anything else we can do to help, please don't hesitate to let us know.
    • hoodlatch
      I use to use the forums as a viable tool in trouble shooting car problems. Now it's impossible. I don't understand the part about the old forum was dying and has to change. The way it is now it's dis -functional and little use. Taking something simple and making it complicated is not an improvement.
  • marsha7

    I opened Edmunds in December and saw a page that made no sense, so I thought the site was down for repairs...I have learned that you have re-designed the site (for the 3rd or 4th time since 2001), and I am trying to find "my watched items" but it is apparently changed...

    Where do I start to learn the new way to do this?


    January 7
    • Karen_CM
      Hi Marsha7,

      Okay, here's the best way to find your way around the new digs.

      If you are already logged in, your screen name will appear on the right of the page. Scroll down a bit and you will see "Welcome to the New Forums!". Click on that and it take you to the discussion. Moderators and other members have been posting some very helpful comments on how to successfully bookmark and navigate the new forums. We have also created a topic for Navigation tips that may be helpful to you,

      Unfortunately, migrating individual member watched items wasn't possible. However, an easy way to find those is to click on Participated. This will display a list of the discussions where you have posted. Open the discussion and then click on the star at the top. It will turn yellow and that discussion will now be in your Bookmarks. When you log in, click on that to see the list of your favorite discussions.

      Hope this helps and welcome back!
  • jgt1

    Have a 2012 Elantra. Just mounted 4 new Cooper tires. Allignment, balance, air pressure are fine. However, once the car exceeds 60-65 mph, it begins to "drift and float". It will begin drifting in one direction (L or R), then the other. At the those speeds and above, I have to constantly compensate for this drifting and floating. Again, below 60+ mph, there are no issues.


    December 2013
  • jim1462

    karen, your revissed new car web site is terrible. what was an easy site to surf is now almost impossible.The consummer discussion(Pricee/Experience) is not eeasy to surt for past comments. Please go back to the way it waas.

    Merry Christmas

    December 2013
  • skobola

    Where are the forums that I used to follow? Why would Edmunds change the format and not let people opt for the old format?

    December 2013
  • gagrice

    What happened to "How does gas at $4 and higher impact you?" Or should we start a new one that says "how does $5 gas impact you?

    December 2013
  • caaz

    i cant find anything on this new format.. how do I get to a table of contents like real world mpg and all the other categories that used to be here?.. cant find anything now

    December 2013
  • tmart

    Where did the "watched items" go?????

    December 2013
    • Karen_CM
      Unfortunately, those would not migrate from the old platform to this one. Here it is Bookmarks. When you open a discussion, look for a star icon at the top. Click on that. It will turn yellow. Click on "My Bookmarks" and that discussion will appear there.