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  • driver100

    Hi Kristie, I Finally mastered how to add a picture to my post and all of a sudden the format changes. The format thing above....the one on the right, that used to be easy to use has changed. Seems you may have to download pictures to your computer and then put them on.....way too much trouble IMO.

    Is there an easy way to do it using the image location still?

    April 5
    • Kirstie@Edmunds
      That's been fixed now. When you click on the little icon that looks like a piece of paper, you'll see the option to drag and drop a file, or upload from your computer. Right under that, there's a shaded pink box that says "Image URL". That's where you can type (or paste) the image location on the web. (
      If you can't see that box, clear your browser's cache and then reload the page. That did the trick for me. If you need help with clearing the cache, let me know what browser you use and I'll try to help.
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    March 27
  • bobd21

    Hi Kristie,

    I am negotiating on a 2014 A8L 3.0 TFSI, MSRP is $86,300. Sale price is $76,500. Plus BMW $3K conquest. Looking at a 3yr, 12k/mile lease with $3K down.

    Can you please confirm the MF and residual, also what is the sweet spot? Should I get 10K/yr or 15/yr instead? What is the best deal from a MF and residual perspective?

    Looks like I get an additional $1K rebate along with the $3K conquest money.

    For the 12k/yr, they are quoting .00110 and a residual of 50%. The money factor seems very high compared with the ones I see in your responses for this vehicle. Please advise. Thank again in advance!

    Thanks for your help! Trying to close the deal today or tomorrow.

    March 13
    • Kirstie@Edmunds
      Hi Bob, and glad you've joined our forums! I see you found our A8 Lease Questions discussion and posted there. Our resident leasing expert will see your question, probably as early as this evening. He's the one you want advice from, not me! I help manage the forums, so that's why you saw my name at the top of the discussion. If you don't get feedback later today, write back to me and I'll make sure he sees your question. He's pretty attentive.
    • bobd21
      Thank you Kristie, he did answer my question and I am all set. I appreciate the help.
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    February 19
  • rem00

    I am buying a premium Q5 with an MSRP of $47945. minimum money down, excellent credit, 12k miles. I got a $661/ mo lease price offer. Is that high or low.

    February 5
    • Kirstie@Edmunds
      Hi rem00 - please post in our 2014 Q5 Lease Questions discussion - you can find that here::
  • audifan123

    Hi. I have seen a few of your helpful posts in regards to these types of inquires. Looking for some assistance :) I was just at my dealer in New York today and got numbers on an 2014 A4 P+ ,12k a year/36 month lease. Looking to trade in my 2007 Audi A4 Quattro with 79,500k Appraised at $9,000.00 debt still owed on car $1,900.00. Was wondering if this is a good deal or not and if there's room to negotiate. See below a break down. Trade in: 2007 Audi A4 Prem. Package Milage:79,500k Purchased as Certified Pre Owned at the same dealer Also leased another A4 from this dealer. Appraised Trade Value: $9,000.00 Audi 2014 P+ 12k a year / 36 month lease MSRP:$44,680.00 L.E.V %: 54.00% Lease End Value: $24,127.20 Initial Cap Cost: $42,533.00 Trade In:$9,000.00 Loyalty: $1,500.00 Adjusted Cap Cost: $34,942.59 Sales Tax: $1,198.91 Money Factor: 0.00039 Amount Due at signing: $1,305.29 ( Came to 360 a month with no money out of pocket) Monthly Payment with down payment: $323.47

    February 2
  • imidazol97


    Richard64, now Sterlingdog, tried to recover his password on the new site. But that's not working.

    He asked me to email you to send him his password or help him recover it. He wasn't used to using it before because he always clicked on the email notices of new posts to log on. He has tried the two passwords he thought it had to be and neither works.

    Thanks and Happy New Year,


    January 3
    • Kirstie@Edmunds
      Thanks for the heads-up, Keith! I'll connect with him today by email and get him a new password. Happy New Year to you & your family as well.
  • b25nut


    This is the article that Craig did for Bloomberg: Thanks for the changes on the web site!

    January 2
    • Kirstie@Edmunds
      That's great! Thanks for helping out - nice quotes from you.
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    December 2013
  • houdini1

    My first post on the new format. This thing looks great. Congratulations.

    December 2013
    • Kirstie@Edmunds
      Thanks, houdini1! Glad to see you made it over here, even though the random icon assigned to you looks like it's got a zipper for a mouth. Hope that doesn't mean you'll be silent - ha!