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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe


  • ze_autobahn

    Hi Kyfdx,

    You seem to be the one with all the answers regarding leasing. Looking for the residual and money factor ona 2014 VW GTI. Looking at 36 month 30k or 36k mile lease here in Colorado.


    April 28
  • cwristbridge

    I was looking for the residual and money factor for a 2014 AWD Infiniti QX60 with Premium & Premium Plus packages. Specifically, a 10k miles/year lease. Thanks!

    April 25
  • cmmyers13

    Would you happen to have the MF and residual on the 2015 Audi A3 Premium 2.0 Quattro with cold weather and premium wheels at 36 months with 10K and with 12k?

    April 23
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    April 23
  • mshard


    I am currently trying to lease a 2014 BMW 428i convertible. Here are the terms, are they good? My issue is the payment. I am having an issue confirming this payment is correct.

    Lease term: 36 months/12,000 miles

    MSRP $58,725 Sales price: $54085 (Initial cap cost) Add cap cost: $? Adjusted Cap cost: $? Due at signing: $1,400 Money factor 0.00130 Residual: 62% Monthly payments: $630 plus $54 tax (tax rate 8.5%) Is this payment correct or is it high?

    I am also thinking of another configuration for MSRP $60,900 and Adjusted cap cost of $56260 same with everything else. I am in California.

    Please help???!!! ; )


    April 21
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    April 13
  • tomy3

    36 months, 12,000 mi. ,Quattro, Premium a5 conv.

    April 10
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    March 20
  • rose920

    I have recently leased a Mazda and am wondering if I can install an aftermarket remote starter. My salesperson says it would void the warranty but paying $500 for something my usual installer charges $239 for, seems outrageous. If you have an answer, please respond quickly and I am getting ready to do this. Thanks.

    March 16
  • jnad1

    Hi I was wondering if you hear about New Acura program? I heard new numbers were coming out yesterday?

    March 14
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    March 9
  • tiatinydog

    kyfdx, I would love some help on leasing in general. I am looking at a Jetta Sportwagon TDI, but have the Sorento, the CRV (we are Honda people), and the CX9 in mind as well. Can you tell me the one you like best, taking into account the reliability and the expected value it will hold? I know nothing about any of them except the CRV (have owned two in the past and 8 Hondas in all) and the Sorento cousin, the Santa Fe (which had major transmission issues about 140,000 miles). Also, I'm guessing it's possible to lease any new vehicle, whether the dealer is giving incentives or having a special, correct? I drive more than 12,000 a year but plan to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease (I did that with a 1997 CRV, and it was the easiest vehicle transaction I ever experienced). Finally, I don't know the .0000?? term you talk about, but in my limited knowledge it seems like the residual, purchase-at-end-of-lease is one of the mort important things. (I'm leasing to keep low payments.)

    March 8
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    March 7
  • erniesthebomb

    Ive learned plenty from your responses to lease questions regarding the 2014 Honda Sport(ie MF, cap cost, etc). However, one question still remains. What if you need to shorten the term of the lease from 36 months to 24? How do you calculate that into your negotiation. Thanks

    March 6
  • chalkie1


    Thanks for all your help.Can u tell me March lease programs on the c 250 sport sedan: MF's, 27/36 month residuals for a 12000/yr lease, and the dealer cash provided by the manufacturer?



    March 4
  • ras912

    Dear CarMan: You have been most valuable with your insight so thanks, in advance! Quick questions: is there loyalty cash available from BMW FS for existing customers? If so, does it replace the $2,000 build credit they are currently offering? Thank you.

    March 3
  • chalkie1

    Hi K!:

    Please help again. I need the March MF's and 27/36 mo residuals for s 12000 mile/yr lease on a C 250 sport sedan. Also need to know the Mfg/Dealer cash offered this month in addition to any dealer discount.



    March 3
  • veerman

    Hi Kristie, I wanted to add some more info on the lease. Please do share your input about my lease/MF rate:. **Leased an E350 in Feb 2014. 3 years/12,000 miles for 2014 E350,Paid $2500 Down. Monthly Lease Payment is $704. Final Capitalized Price: $53,100 **includes Acquisition Fee[$795] and maintenance for 3 years, plus Premium 1 Package, Lane tracking, Rear Deck Spoiler, Comfort Box, 3 Spoke Sport Steering Wheel, Keyless-Go Hands Free Access, 18" AMG Wheels, Lane Tracking Pkg: Blind Spot, Freight Charges.
    My Credit score is above 810, the dealership states that I am considered Tier1, I am getting the best interest rate 3.95 APR. However, in the lease papers, I noticed that they have applied the MF rate of 0.00265 and according to them, this MF rate is pretty much fixed and non-negotiable as it is set by Mercedes Leasing/Financial services and they have no control over it. I believed them and leased the car. Now to confirm the effective APR they used, I multiplied this MF rate of 0.00265x2400 and it arrived to an APR of 6.36% and not 3.95% that I was initially promised?? :( I have already leased the car. Reviews posted on Edmunds forums and MB Forums for e350 show the MF rate is actually lower than what I was offered and could have been negotiated?? I am confused here, as the 3.95% APR that I was shown in the estimate does not match up with the MF rate in the final lease papers. I had specifically asked the dealer about this MF Rate before signing the lease and the dealership states that this is fixed by MB Leasing company and that I can call up Mercedes Leasing directly and ask them about the Money Factor, But they simply cannot lower them. I have already leased the car now. I would appreciate any inputs in this and if I have any options here. Cheers!!

    March 1
  • voldermort

    Hi kyfdx,

    I had no idea about the $1500 of incentives. Is today the last day? I hope not! The dealer called me once, I was at a meeting, and asked him to call me back and he never did. I used TrueCar btw

    I'm looking at the sheet I printed out. It looks like this...

    Base Msrp - 39,800 Total Options - 4,150 (Cold Weather Pkg, Premium Package $4,150) Dest. Fee 925 Total MSRP - 44,875

    then -$5,485 (off a base MSRP of $39,800) Drive credit -$1,000 - 375 on options with an MSRP of $4,150 - 100 Amex Card Member (expires today)

    Dealer Price - $38,915 +Doc Fee 75 Total $38,990 (excluding NY Long Island tax, Title)

    Invoice MSRP - $36,616 total options - 3,775 Dest fee 925 Total Invoice $41,315 Add Doc Fee 75 Total Total $41,390

    This doesn't reflect the Drive credit of $1,000, $100 amex. So where is the $1,500 taken from. I am totally confused.

    What should be the best deal? Thank you kfdx.......

    I still don't know what the MF or residual is... I don't know what the monthly lease would be

    February 28
  • twatchko01

    Hi carman- Just spoke to my BMW dealer about the pull ahead program (of which I qualify for) and he is telling me that the left over 2013 X5d's have a residual of 50%? Is this true? I find that hard to believe. Do you know what the residual and MF would be for a 2013 X5d 3yrs/15k miles?
    Thanks, Tom

    February 22
  • outbackgirl3

    The only way I'm going to afford a Ford Flex SEL AWD is leasing. Can you give me any pointer how to go about doing it. The car I have in mind has an internet offer of $34337.00 This is Columbus, Ohio area. I have a 9 yr old van for trade in probably $1700. I've read get the purchase price first then tell them you want to lease??? I'm looking at what a car payment would be. Any help???

    February 20
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    February 13
  • tazzy8

    What are your thought on 2014 4WD EX-L Black / Grey interior---$33,442.95 tax / tags= $35,664.93

    $2500 down $440 a month on a lease Residual $20,304.00

    February 4
    • tazzy8
      Sorry Honda Pilot--
  • plina

    KYFDX just got a quote on an passat 3.6 SEL for36 months x $436.00/month with 12K/miles per year with $1,427.00(taxes) due at signing. What do you think?

    February 4
  • audifan123

    Hi Kyfdx i have seen a few of your helpful posts in regards to these types of inquires. Looking for some assistance :) I was just at my dealer in New York today and got numbers on an 2014 A4 P+ ,12k a year/36 month lease. Looking to trade in my 2007 Audi A4 Quattro with 79,500k Appraised at $9,000.00 debt still owed on car $1,900.00. Was wondering if this is a good deal or not and if there's room to negotiate. See below a break down.

    Trade in: 2007 Audi A4 Prem. Package Milage:79,500k Purchased as Certified Pre Owned at the same dealer Also leased another A4 from this dealer. Appraised Trade Value: $9,000.00

    Audi 2014 P+ 12k a year / 36 month lease MSRP:$44,680.00 L.E.V %: 54.00% Lease End Value: $24,127.20 Initial Cap Cost: $42,533.00 Trade In:$9,000.00 Loyalty: $1,500.00 Adjusted Cap Cost: $34,942.59 Sales Tax: $1,198.91 Money Factor: 0.00039 Amount Due at signing: $1,305.29 ( Came to 360 a month with no money out of pocket) Monthly Payment: $323.47

    February 2
  • baylornation

    Hi kyfdx- We are looking at leasing a 2014 IS250. I am in Texas. See below terms from the dealer.. I have tier 1 plus credit. What do you think? We aren't sure if we should put money towards a down payment, MSD's, etc? We are wanting a payment b/w $400-450. Any advice is much appreciated.

    The Money Factor for both 27 and 36 months will be .00080

    The residuals are 72% of msrp for 27 and 64% of msrp for 36 months

    Is250 MSRP $38,623 price $34,300

    Is250 fsport msrp $41,403 price $36,800

    January 29
  • aman27

    Hi Kyfdx,

    I am looking to lease a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland w/Advanced Tech. MSRP $49,185

    Can you tell me MF, Residual (10k), and expected payment with everything rolled into payment ?

    January 22
  • chalkie1

    Hey KYFDX;

    Can you tell me the current MF for a 24 month lease on a 2014 c250 sport sedan? How much less would it be for an auto pay option?

    January 21
  • knk

    Hello, trying to lease a 2014 Carrera S (C2S) this week. Would really appreciate it if you could give me the money factor, residual, and MRM for:

    -- Manual, 24 and 27 month lease, 12K and 15K miles -- PDK, 24 and 27 month lease, 12K and 15K miles

    Thanks much in advance.

    January 20
  • jasekro

    Hey theredo you have the MF/residuals for 36 months/12k miles for these models? 335xi, 435xi, 535xi, 535d and 550xi? Thanks!

    January 20