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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe


  • neptune000
    What type of lease term and could you tell me the dealer?
    October 2015
  • maher2013
    hi ,
    what do you suggest would be a good offer on the ES350 deal
    October 2015
  • marc68
    Can you please tell me the mf and residual on a 4wd Explorer xlt in Michigan for 36m/12k ans24m/12k. Thanks
    October 2015
  • 1sttimegmc
    Hello, I'm potentially in the truck market, wife's lease is up in January on her 2013 accord, she may take my suv and I may lease a full size crew cab truck. It's mind numbing how many incentives are available only further convoluted by the restriction of cab configuration, engine, region etc.

    I like the tundra, ram, f150 in that order. What are the 3/36 money dacoits and residual %'s for each of these in crew cab form? And what do you feel is the best lease deal out there on a crew cab truck? Many thanks in advance.
    September 2015
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    September 2015
  • sqwubill
    Hello there, anyone has the 1000 coupon code can share? Thanks a lot!
    September 2015
  • ursamajor
    2016 Audi A4 Quattro, Convenience Plus with $ 1,000 credit, wood trim. Dealer quotes cap. cost at $ 36, 760, MSRP $ 40,800; MF .00100, resid. 56%; 36 mos., 10k miles/yr; Los Angeles resident, sales tax 9.0%. I'm a repeat customer, but am ordering the vehicle, so the $ 500 credit is not applied (and not reflected in these numbers) until arrival and signing of the lease. MF and residual may change between now and car arrival.

    1. Are the MF, residual and repeat Audi lessee credits correct?
    2. Is this a good deal? Is ~$ 4k reduction from MSRP in line at this time, for this model?

    Thank you
    August 2015
  • em123
    I recently leased a Trax (gross capitalized cost $24,500) for 24/months at $245/month, $0 down payment but $1050 in taxes and other fees up front (including first months payment waived).. does anyone know if this was a good deal or was I ripped off? Thanks!
    August 2015
  • sweeneytodd
  • reallybigarse
    Hi kyfdx, trying to figure out if the following is a good deal: 2015 Durango AWD, MSRP $44,720 sales price $39,010 - NJ. $3,000 down, $399/month, 36 months, 10k/year. Does not include tax, title, tags,, 1st month or dealership doc fee. Many thanks!
    July 2015
  • equipiuqe

    I am in the process of leasing a Buick Encore 1SB in Ohio. I see on Edmunds that incentives for this month includes two Conquest Bonus Cash offers for non-GM lessees; one valued at $1500 ending 8/31/15 and another one $1000 ending 8/3/15. Is that correct? Are these combinable? I appreciate if you could help me. Thanks.
    July 2015
  • neopho
    Can you tell me how does the lease cash work? Thanks a lot!
    July 2015
  • gq1718
      I want to know if I'm getting a good deal on a Lexus IS 250 2015 basic 
    12,000 miles 
    36 month 
    2 years of   Maintenance  
    1,000 dollars down 
    315 month with tax in 
    July 2015
  • deadmoer
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Could you please tell the MF and Residual for 2015 new Q40 AWD with Moonroof and Navigation plus packages.
    Lease is 24 months and 10K miles per year.

    Thanks in advance.
    July 2015
  • abhiku
    Good morning,

    Could you please let me know the MF and Residual for 2015 Leaf SV.

    24/7500 miles
    24/10K miles

    Thank you
    July 2015
  • sbmws
    Hi 59% or 56% for 15k? Is the % off the msrp or negotiated sales price. In other words, for a 68k msrp x5 that i negotiate down to 64k, would my residual be 56% of 64k or 68k? Also, what is the mf for june on 36/15k yr? Thanks
    June 2015
  • poe7
    Hi, I finally got priced for a car.
    But it doesn't seem right. I like to know if you can help me with this.

    MSRP = 43415
    Negotiated price = 39089
    Dealer inventory tax = 73.41
    sales tax = 2443.06
    doc fees =340.25
    Total due = 41945.72

    reidual = 26969.38
    MF = .00175

    They quoted me 15k/36month for 557.27

    I know I can get the MF lowered to .001
    For some reason I am getting my calculation at $429.35 base on the number they gave me.
    I don't know if I am doing something wrong.

    I took the MSRP x .62 = 26917.3 (residual)
    39089-26917.3 = 12171.7
    12171.7/36 months = 338.10/month
    interest rate = 39089 + 26917.3 = 66006.3 * .001 = 66 (interest)
    338.10 + 66 = 404.10 base lease payment
    404.10 + 6.25% (tax rate) - $429.35 a month.

    Feels like they are taxing the car at the entire amount. I thought I was only getting taxed on the amount that I lease for?
    Please advice...
    June 2015
  • z9scotty
    Thank you for your interest in my question. I hope someone can give me some good advice.
    June 2015
  • brian125
    Can u provide me lease numbers for May on the 2015 Malibu LT model 24/10k and 36/12k.

    LT1 and LT2 packages. Is the lease money different w/ these two

    May 2015
  • n0213537
    can you tell me what's best and if i can get better? i'm in texas and turning in a current lexus gs lease

    2015 mercedes CLA Mercedes CLA.jpg

    2015 demo mercedes c300 with 6800 miles Mercedes C300 sedan demo with 6800 miles.jpg

    2015 lexus is250 sedan Lexus IS250 sedan.jpg
    May 2015
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    May 2015
  • felinos11
    Hi! any advice you would give me before purchasing an used 2013 or 2014 series 3 awd? what about the price, how do you negotiate with the dealer or how do you figure out what the car is really worth? I know how to do the match for new cars because nada has dealer invoice and mrsp, but I don't know if there is such thing for used cars...Thanks!
    May 2015
  • muffinflavored
    Thank you so much for all of your kind help!
    April 2015
  • wassupbee
    My calculation tells me differently. 
    Negotiated Price= $64799 x residual .60= $38,879
    $64,799- $38,879= $25,920/36= $720
    64,799+38,879 = 103,678 x .00081 (7 MSD) = $84
    $720 + $84 = $804.
    KYFDX, what am I missing? 
    I am cysj's brother. 
    Also, is BMW's MSD according to monthly payments? For example, if monthly payment is $700, the max (7) you could put down would be $4900? 
    April 2015
  • familyman15
    I need some advice regarding a low credit score lease thru Honda. It is for a 2015 AWD SE. The local dealership was able to get honda to approve us but the terms are painful and i just wanted to get a gut check before signing. The money factor quoted was .0056 and they said honda wanted 5000 total due at signing. The payment for a 12K 36 mod was quoted at 540.00 a month with a selling price of 30700.00 and a list price of 37000 msrp. Thanks for any insight you can provide a quick response would be very helpful because we are in serious need ( our old car died)

    Thanks so much
    April 2015
  • antraneek
    Looking into leasing a 2015 E400 Sedan
    MSRP 69,350
    Selling price 62,500
    36 months 10k 
    what's should my payment be? (Credit Is Excellent)
    $3000 Down
    $5000 Upside down

    What's the money factor and residual for the 2015 E400 Sedan?

    Thank you in advance 
    April 2015
    • antraneek
      I live in socal if that helps :)
  • gocard1
    Do you know the residuals and money factors for the 2015 Mercedes SL 550 for March for a 30, 33 and 36 month lease with 10k miles per year?

    Any differences if it is a leftover 2014?

    March 2015
  • browndog77
    Thank you for answering my question, hoping you can answer another.
    March 2015
  • degeo
    Thank u very much.
    March 2015
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    March 2015
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