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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe


  • kyfdx changed his profile picture.
    March 4
  • kimcfadd
    Hi, Saw that you seem to be the go to person for this request. I'm looking for the money factors and residuals for a 2015 Grand Cherokee 4x4 Altitude and Linited, 12K miles / 36 mos.? I live in Ca. (not sure if that matters).

    Thank you for your time.
    February 6
  • ctenny11
    What is the MF and residual for the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland V8 4X4 for 12k and 15k miles, 36 & 39 month lease?
    January 30
  • ipic_0825
    Hi kyfdx,

    You were looking at my recent post about an Audi leasing question. I am looking at 3 cars so can you by chance give me MF and Residual for 36-39 month term / 18K miles (I drive a lot) on the following cars?

    2016 Audi Q5 2.0T premium plus package
    2016 BMW X3 xdrive28i and xdrive35i
    2016 BMW x4 xdrive28i


    January 3
  • triciab1
    HI kyfdx, do you happen to know the money factor for a 2016 eGolf SEL lease - 36 months / 12k miles? Thank you!
    January 3
  • javier0718884
    Do I take $13 to $15 less from $706 per month? or because the residual is 1% higher is another number? What should be the new number...

    Sorry to ask so many questions...
    December 2015
  • bellu
    Hi dewarsandsoda

    Congrats for your new vechile

    Question- The Gross Cap - $54512 you mentioned is the final price out of the door (Does this include CA tax, title, processing and destination charges).

    I am in VA and new to Benz, looking for similar configaration. Want to make sure I get it correct with the dealer.

    November 2015
  • need2nonow

    Do you happen to know the money factors (residual value, money factor and incentives) for a 3 year/45,000 mile lease of a Volvo XC70 AWD, Premier Wagon, in Buffalo, NY (tax rate 8.75%)?

    Thank you
    November 2015
  • drewpark21

    Do you know the money factor and residual value for the 2016 LX570? 36/15

    November 2015
  • ursamajor
    If a dealer refuses to apply "best" MF and residual terms which you and other Edmunds people quote, AND you have ordered a vehicle which has arrived, and don't want to accept another vehicle:

    Can you use another dealer (who would accede to the best terms available) to swap for the auto you ordered?

    I don't recall ever having a dealer not lease to me with best prevailing rates, but I'm a bit apprehensive, with the auto perhaps three weeks away from delivery.
    November 2015
  • neptune000
    What type of lease term and could you tell me the dealer?
    October 2015
  • maher2013
    hi ,
    what do you suggest would be a good offer on the ES350 deal
    October 2015
  • marc68
    Can you please tell me the mf and residual on a 4wd Explorer xlt in Michigan for 36m/12k ans24m/12k. Thanks
    October 2015
  • 1sttimegmc
    Hello, I'm potentially in the truck market, wife's lease is up in January on her 2013 accord, she may take my suv and I may lease a full size crew cab truck. It's mind numbing how many incentives are available only further convoluted by the restriction of cab configuration, engine, region etc.

    I like the tundra, ram, f150 in that order. What are the 3/36 money dacoits and residual %'s for each of these in crew cab form? And what do you feel is the best lease deal out there on a crew cab truck? Many thanks in advance.
    September 2015
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