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  • giomachine
    do you know what the torque specs are for the strut mount bolt its a 2001 hyundai santa fe
    March 18
  • harley_homer
    I am looking to buy a car in Woodland, CA. I live in Ohio, and need to find a classic car inspector to look at the vehicle and give me a report. Do you know of anyone in that area?

    btw...I was referred to you by another user. Thank you.
    March 6
  • antwont32
    Hey thanks alot whatever the problem is I put it on my friend computer and it said was missed fire from plug 5 and 02sorser
    March 5
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    February 26
  • wolf357
    The whole reason to do the engine swap is due to the 98 Sonoma's automatic transmission going out. I picked up the 95 S-10 hoping it is the same and just swap the transmission. Worst case is to do the engine swap. Back in August I changed the 2.2L in the 98 Sonoma and that was not an easy project. Bill
    February 15
  • skidman1

    Thx for the reply to '(Almost) Stuck Shift Lever - '96 Villager'. I just sent a reply.

    However, I don't see my post in the main forum anymore. Does it drop out if I choose 'Question' vs. 'Discussion'?

    Pls advise. Thx

    Oh yes, Can you detemine the peson's name for username 'Skidman'. That may have been my earlier username; I lost that file so can't look it up now.

    Fred English (Skidman1)
    February 7
  • 2p43
    Were you ever reimbursed for the repairs by either the dealer or the manufacturer? The Mini Cooper has a known defect in its panoramic sunroof. BMW has known of this since at least November 2013.

    February 5
  • djh82
    I have a 2011 Chevy equinox that has a reduced engine power and service stabilatrak system message that keeps appearing and I can't get answers from anyone from the dealership. Any help would be appreciated.
    January 27
  • trannyjake
    Yes, it is, sorry, I misquoted the story to me. But anyway, the button is on the end of the shift lever
    December 2014
  • francojg51
    I have a 2003 Ford Focus ZTW that is leaking water on the drivers side front by the tire. It only leaks after I have driven the car, I park it and it cools down. What could be causing this?
    December 2014
  • casey042254
    I want to store it for the winter
    November 2014
  • stevet99
    2001 Toyota Sequoia LTD, 115,000 miles, replaced cal & discs last year. Lately after 20 to 30 minutes of hgwy at 70mph touching the brakes to shave off 10 to 15mph causes heavy vibrations from the front brakes like the wheels aren't round. No lights, ABS or VSC, no noise from the ABS unit. Same in 2WD, 4WD, VSC on or off. Touch the brakes and it feels like slowing/stopping on washboard???

    November 2014
  • unicorn747
    unicorn747- I found out that I need to replace lower ball joints
    November 2014
  • agr3
    November 2014
  • MRG_Calsonsin
    MRG_Calsonsin: Hello I have a saturn aura XR 07 and I am having a problem on daily basis for the last couple of weeks.
    Car wont start after 3 attempts finally got started. Checked, battery terminal cable connectors got cleaned, and then the car started without problems. Drove the car to AutoZone in Pico Rivera and Fernando a customer service, tested both my alternator and battery, both tested good. Few hours later received couple messages on the driver cluster on for "Air bags" and the other one was for a "traction is off" On the past already experienced several electrical problems and took my
    car to the Cerritos, California GMC-Penske, paid $119.00 to ran diags. The service advisor informed that my radio was coded and that's way the radio does not turn on. Prior to take the car to the dealer replaced the battery and when the dealer ran the diags and declined to replace my radio, the service writer gave me the car keys, but the car wont start it, so they have to jump start my car. I, called the GMC in Chicago, Ill. and talked to a customer service and mentioned of lal the problems that I was experiecing with my 2007 Saturn-Aura, but I was told that there is no "Recalls" for any Electronic-Computer issues.
    It's very frustrating, I am dealing with car electronics issues for the last two years! I, can't trust this car for long distance
    trips car is unreliable and get nothing but troubles. A mechanich in my neighborhood, advise to follow-up with GMC and check if they have any new software to download to my 2007 Saturn Aura to clear any possible Computer Software Bug on the car. Really appreciate for any advice or help. Thank you.
    November 2014
  • chriskukan
    Great advice you give, Thanks. I do have a question I have a 2007 Chev. Impala the transmission was slipping real bad so i did a fluid filter change, the fluid was black, but no metal pieces, or shavings so I then put a can of seafoam in then the fluid,the car was 100% better,but there is a slip every once in a while, should i change the filter and fluid again? Or is that the best its going to be?
    November 2014
  • pjw400

    Can you provide your expertise for OTD for a 2015 Toyota Camry XLE, 2.5L 4CYL, 6-Speed Automatic, in the State of Illinois, listed below is what was e-mailed to me from Continental Toyota , Hodgkins, IL.? Is this a good deal or not?

    package: CF carpet/Trunk Mat set
    Accessories: BD Blind Spot Monitor, CP Convenience Package; EE Entune Premium Audio with Navigation, FE 50 State Emissions, SR Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof, WX Wireless Charging, BM Body Side Molding, EF Rear Bumper Applique

    MSRP: $30,498
    Internet Pricing $28,587

    Wheel Lock $77
    Door Guard $147
    Remote Start $699 - Automate 5304A

    Doc Fee's $166.27
    Filing Fee $25
    Plates $196
    Cook County Fee $15
    Taxes 9.5% $2,821.62

    Grand Total $32,733.89

    The quote is from Continental Toyota (Amanda Woosley), Hodgkins, IL The dealer mentioned another dealership have this 2015 Toyota Camry which have majority of what I wanted but items I did not request like CF carpet/trunk mat set, EF rear bumper applique.

    Pam (pjw400)
    November 2014
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    October 2014
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    October 2014
  • brian125
    How do you bring another website blue highlighted onto this board to show a reference like you did with the salvage post?
    October 2014
  • alternator
    Is there still a way to get Email notification of new answers to one's questions?

    Ken Massey
    September 2014
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    July 2014
  • rgn26301

    Good day sir. Do u know where i may find the high pressure switch for ac on a 2004 ford expedition?

    June 2014
  • roadburner

    I saw that our favorite "Professional Automotive Technician" took you to the woodshed for discussing catalyst cleaning/regeneration.. Why do we ever doubt him? He is NEVER wrong. I noticed that he quit replying to me a week or so before he quit posting in the Tales From Under the Hood - perhaps I was increasing his blood pressure to a dangerous degree...

    May 2014
  • stumped59

    stumped59Posts: 3

    April 7 edited April 7

    1990 Buick Century W/3.3 won't run/start after reaching operating temp., no fuel pressure at rail

    MrShift@EdmundsPosts: 43,584

    April 5
    I think if I remember correctly that your fuel pump circuit is tied into your oil pressure sensor--so I'd look at that sensor as a possible culprit.

    stumped59Posts: 3

    April 7 edited April 7

    MrShift you are right and Thank you for your response. By research I have done the Fuel Pump Relay and the Oil Pressure Sensor operate parallel to each other and have been told by others that might be a possible culprit, but have also read that the Oil Pressure Sensor or and asking for as many opinions as I can get. The Oil Pressure Sensor works when oil pressure hits approx. 5 - 10 lbs. If I understand correctly, at cranking of engine it is in Open loop and goes to Closed loop (Computer Control) at engine operating temp. is reached. Does that mean that basically that in Open Loop that Fuel Pump Relay is in control of Fuel Pump and when the engine reaches temps. Computer goes to Closed Loop then the Oil Pressure Sensor takes control (and drops fuel pump relay) and that if it is bad that is why it shuts off the fuel pump because the Computer is not reading any signal from the sensor because it was not intended to shut engine down just for low oil pressure? I ask because I saw a video that if relay or sensor did not work the other one would to supply power to fuel pump. Or is that just during the cranking of the engine?

    April 2014
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    April 2014
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    April 2014
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    March 2014
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    March 2014
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    February 2014
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