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  • brian125
    How do you bring another website blue highlighted onto this board to show a reference like you did with the salvage post?
    October 4
  • alternator
    Is there still a way to get Email notification of new answers to one's questions?

    Ken Massey
    September 21
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    July 29
  • rgn26301

    Good day sir. Do u know where i may find the high pressure switch for ac on a 2004 ford expedition?

    June 30
  • roadburner

    I saw that our favorite "Professional Automotive Technician" took you to the woodshed for discussing catalyst cleaning/regeneration.. Why do we ever doubt him? He is NEVER wrong. I noticed that he quit replying to me a week or so before he quit posting in the Tales From Under the Hood - perhaps I was increasing his blood pressure to a dangerous degree...

    May 8
  • stumped59

    stumped59Posts: 3

    April 7 edited April 7

    1990 Buick Century W/3.3 won't run/start after reaching operating temp., no fuel pressure at rail

    Answers MrShift@EdmundsPosts: 43,584

    April 5 I think if I remember correctly that your fuel pump circuit is tied into your oil pressure sensor--so I'd look at that sensor as a possible culprit.

    stumped59Posts: 3

    April 7 edited April 7

    MrShift you are right and Thank you for your response. By research I have done the Fuel Pump Relay and the Oil Pressure Sensor operate parallel to each other and have been told by others that might be a possible culprit, but have also read that the Oil Pressure Sensor or and asking for as many opinions as I can get. The Oil Pressure Sensor works when oil pressure hits approx. 5 - 10 lbs. If I understand correctly, at cranking of engine it is in Open loop and goes to Closed loop (Computer Control) at engine operating temp. is reached. Does that mean that basically that in Open Loop that Fuel Pump Relay is in control of Fuel Pump and when the engine reaches temps. Computer goes to Closed Loop then the Oil Pressure Sensor takes control (and drops fuel pump relay) and that if it is bad that is why it shuts off the fuel pump because the Computer is not reading any signal from the sensor because it was not intended to shut engine down just for low oil pressure? I ask because I saw a video that if relay or sensor did not work the other one would to supply power to fuel pump. Or is that just during the cranking of the engine?

    April 10
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    April 7
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    March 24
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    February 14
  • phil2000

    I did some additional testing. After reaching 65 mph I accelerated to 80 mph (won't say where for legal reasons :)) The problem did not get progressively worst. Matter of fact it stayed constant and even subsided some. Steering was fine, it seemed to track left slightly. I will try going into neutral. I have an automatic with CVT wiill I damage anything doing that?

    February 4
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    January 25
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    January 19
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    January 14
  • yukon03xl

    I replaced the wheel speed sensors and the truck runs fine now thanks to all who helped.

    January 9
  • doe511

    can you help me with info on how to replace the front bumper cover on a 99 honda accord lx?

    January 8
  • jswig

    My outlook just does nothing in drive and reverse. Acts like its in neutral all the time. The check engine is on also. Any ideas to what the problem could be?

    January 7
  • ron52

    Sorry. I posted to the wrong page. My apologies

    December 2013
  • ron52

    Hi, I have a 1997 Toyota Avalon. A couple of months ago I noticed the starter occasionally not doing anything when turning the ignition key the first time. Nothing no noise at all. Warning lights, radio and such all would come on but nothing from the starter. I would try a second time and the car would start right up. This got progressively more frequent and the car wouldn't start on the second try. I took it in to a mechanic who said the battery was okay so it must be the starter. He put in a new factory starter and all was fine for about a month and then the same thing happened. I was stranded after driving the car for ten minutes, turning off, and then ten minutes later trying to start and would get nothing. No click, nothing. Again warning lights and radio would work. This time after trying for an hour and even trying to jump start, I got nothing and had it towed. The next morning the mechanic said the car started right up and they couldn't repeat my problem.

    December 2013
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    December 2013
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