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Viva Las Cruces
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minivans, hatchbacks wagons, hybrids
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Road Trip! Follow me on Twitter @SteveForumsHost
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2009 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT


  • jpolakoff
    what is the RV and MF for a lease on a 2015 ES 350 in Illinois????
    December 26
  • 95subby
    Are you aware of service repair manuals that can be downloaded at Edmunds? I was able to get one for a 2000 300M from that car's forum here.
    November 29
    • stever
      Check your wall - I responded over there.
  • sb55

    November 18
  • sb55
    I don't know if the photo made it:(
    November 18
  • sb55
    Thanks for the great info. Leaving VT in the winter is always weather dependent. I checked out El Paso and airfare is more $ than ABQ and mostly needs 2 stops rather than 1 from here. Since we want to see some landscape a drive is no problem, that may be the way to go.
    BTW, I put snows on the Miata and will take it our occasionally in the winter. I bought it to drive! If we did end up wintering there, I could rent a trailer and tow it down so I could drive top down most of the year. The photo is how I got here before I lived on the Lake full time.
    November 18
  • okb78
    You remember what I e-mailed you about on the tall guy who drives a clown car? Well that clown car is a Chevy Aveo Hatchback, and he said what you pretty much told me. He had to put the seat all way back and no one can sit behind him. I think I will stick with the Ford Edge or Chevy Captiva Sport. However, I did see a couple of cars (mostly Buick) that might fit me, but then again, I might look like Shaq in the Buick commercial.
    October 24
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    October 7
  • mdunne70
    thanks. So start at the 1600.00 and hope for competition.
    September 22
    • stever
      Hi, looks like I overlooked your message the other day. Hard to say - $1,600 may be too low (vs. say, $1,800 but brian125 would tell you to start that low). Please keep us posted on the Forum.
  • carolinabob
    Since Edmunds has a 2014 Rogue, maybe you can address the mood light question? All 2014's have them per brochure, but neither dealer nor Nissan customer assistance knows. Thanks.
    September 20
  • oldfitdoc
    Is tlncup still on board to help with vin # ?
    September 13
  • wolfraj


    I need some guidance on buying Acura maintenance for 4yr/40k miles and extended warranty for 7 year / 70k miles. I plan to buy them from Acura for peace of mind. Any ideal price range which you would suggest to negotiate ?

    September 9
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    September 7
  • g_s24

    Steve, Thanks for taking time to respond to my query. So in case of buying a car like BMW 328i, is the maintainence too much after the warranty runs out ? And since this is a volume model I think there'll be a lot of cars in the resale market after the 4 year window and resale would be too low. This resale and future maintenance costs were the only factors made me think if leasing would be a good option. Thanks again.

    July 31
  • lovinmylexus

    Steve, I just leased a 2014 Lexus ES300h and want to know if I got a good deal from a Southern California Lexus dealer, or if I was duped and should avoid going back to them in the future. MSRP $39,500 plus installed options worth $6,427, plus delivery fee $910, for a total sticker price of $46,837. 27 month lease with 12,000 miles/year allowance. Paid $2500 down (sadly, I read your discussion about MSDs too late). Residual value: $31,380. First month paid by Lexus, so I owe 26 months at $499/month, including taxes.

    July 30
  • parmiller


    I am looking to lease a Chevy Equinox LTZ 2014. 10,000 mi per yr 24 or 36 months market value of $31200 before incentives. What would monthly payments be and downpayment.

    July 23
  • sarahj10
    I am looking to lease a 2015 rx350, state is NH, MSRP is 50,254. Net cap cost is 47,200 (46500 + 700 loss on my trade). I'm looking to do a 36 mo/17k lease. There is 1200 in fees due at signing, nothing down. They've offered me 587/mo, is that a good deal?
    July 11
  • yeoda

    Hi Stever, Test drive new 2014 Toyota Corolla LE ECO in DFW area in Texas with dealer options such as tinted windows, back up camera, wheels lock and body protection coatings today. Their OTD price with dealer fees = $18,813. I have not negotiated the price yet. Is this a good deal? I would like to see your opinion on the OTD price. Thank you.

    July 5
  • tennis101

    Hi! sent email saying I responded incorrectly to your great answer to my rx 350 lexus body style question--My apologies! So new to all this! Thank you for your very prompt and informative answer. Terrific job on your end! Thanks again.


    July 2
  • mpurba

    Hi Stever,

    Thank you for your response to my post! Just want to make sure that I understood your previous comment/post, that $16,000 or $16,781 (OTD price) is a good deal? Thank you!

    Best Regards, Mpurba

    July 1
    • stever
      Yes, your deal does sound good to me. Your $16,781 number is around $1,000 below TMV (which is basically the average selling price of a certified Accord).
    • mpurba
      Thank you Stever.
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    June 27
  • klb96

    96 Ford Windstar. I've put it on a slow trickle charge, and it has held the charge. It originally began when my "door ajar" chime came on, but I sprayed all of the doors with WD40, and all the dose were closed, so I yanked the door chime fuse, and the interior lights fuse. I have a sneaky suspicion that it is indeed an electrical problem, but I don't know where/how to began. Can you tell me how to test fuse shorts with a digital multimeter?

    June 3
  • boeing787


    June 2
  • billiamt11

    My 97 villager has a thermal idle adjustment on the throtle body, and it has an o-ring that might be leaking. Mine has a small drop of water occasionally but the level of coolant stays about the same I just keep an I on it........

    June 1
  • crossover2hunt

    Hi Stever, Looking for suggestions, making some, too!

    Empty-nester [non-permissible content removed] dog twohusband and I are both in need of higher seats, due to joint and back issues. Is there a place ANYwhere that lists driver seat height (either total range or the highest setting) on cars?????? I recommend that this spec be included in all listings. The car co's should know this!

    Secondly, my hubby is not interested in driving a low-end Mommy car, but does want the higher driver's seat height. He does not "need" SUV/wagon volume per se- he just thinks he may have to get SUV type to get a high driver's seat to replace his BMW sedan in next 12- 18 months. He always borrows my SUV on weekends to avoid folding himself into his BMW!! He is looking seriously at Tesla X (no idea if the seat will be high enough or when it will come out...) What cars should he look at that are manly and executive and have a high seat????

    If you think there is someone else I should also contact about this, please let me know. Than

    May 23
  • Crrently shopping for a used minivan

    May 19
  • 1989 Plymouth Voyager. Busted the brake equalizer gizmo on this road.

    May 16
  • ushy66

    Hi Stever- Thanks for your help with the '2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata' discussion I started; can you also help me by doing the same thing for the new discussion '2016 Mazda CX-9' I started on the same day as the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata? Also Stever, would it be possible for you to intercede and merge/blend the two discussions I started for the '2015 Subaru Outback' (I have owned two outbacks in the past and enjoyed them a lot)? I started the second 2015 Subaru Outback discussion because I couldn't find the first, thinking somehow that the first was somehow deleted, and didn't find it until recently when Karen said I could display all my discussions by going to my name/handle and clicking on 'My Discussions'. I I'm a fan of the performance oriented MazdaSpeed3, MazdaSpeed6 (wish they'd bring this one back), and especially like the performance and handling of the Mazda MX-5 Miata over the years, almost buying a 2014 MT MX-5, but will probably wait and buy a 4th gen 2016 or 2017. Thanks! Jake

    May 3
    • stever
      '99 Nissan Quest pushing 200k. Gonna be close whether it makes it or gets sold.