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Viva Las Cruces
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Viva Las Cruces
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minivans, hatchbacks, wagons, hybrids
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  • yoyoyoyo125
    Paid 24750 for 2017 accord exL 4 cylinder
    27250 otd
    Good price or bad in your opinion?
    Atlanta Ga
    October 8
    • stever
      Looks very good to me at ~$2,500 below invoice - posted in the discussion:

      Enjoy the new ride!
    • yoyoyoyo125
      Thanks for the input
  • Sribalaji
    2017 Camry XLE
    With 0% and the $500 rebate, price would come out to $23,550, plus taxes and fees. The MSRP is $27,479 (it includes wheel locks, all weather floor liners and cargo tray). Is this a deal?
    Location: Wisconsin (5.6% tax) Thanks
    September 23
    • stever
      It does sound like a deal. Invoice is $24,953 so your quote is $1,500 below that. Seems especially good considering that this is the start of the new model year.

      I think it's a wash and "free" money is always good, but you may want to play around with the Low APR vs. Cash Back Calculator to see if the $2,000 incentive is an even better deal. Here's that link:

      Note that the TMV average with the $2,000 incentive is $23,635. Here's the link for playing with the invoice and TMV numbers:

      Good luck and please let me know how it goes!
  • x__zartan__x
    Hi Stever. You seem to be of big help in this forum. I am in the process of buying a 2016 xle highlander awd. They asking price was $40,493 plus taxes and fees including all weather mats and cargo mats and a protection package which consisted of wheel locks, rear bumper protector, door edge guards, body side molding.
    We agreed on a price of $37,000 plus taxes and fees including the above rest. A OTD price of $40,500. Is this a good deal or am I getting taken like a sucker because I am a women. This is dealership is in Queens, NY. Thank you.
    September 9
    • stever
      Funny, I was just looking up numbers for central Queens when you PM'd me. Stay tuned, I'm drafting a response over in the discussion (
  • lseibe1
    @stever, I am currently in the market for a CR-V EX-L without Nav. Unfortunately, my area in Baton Rouge, Louisiana was hit hard with rain and several parishes flooded. Which means thousands of ppl are in the market for vehicles as well. Don't know if this is a good or bad thing for me. Anyways, I was hoping to negotiate an OTD price of $27,500-$28,000 for that model in this area. But our tax is insane here (9.5%) so I'm not sure if this price with fees is possible. Any info on invoice price around the area would be very helpful. Thank you.
    September 8
    • lseibe1
      I also forgot to mention it would be a 2WD.
    • stever
      I replied in your forums discussion:

      And no, with everyone looking for replacement vehicles the dealers are way busy and not dealing much.
  • crv_2016
    Sorry I did not get that. Brand new CRV 2016 EX -AWD OTD for 27800, you think it is a good deal?
    September 7
    • stever
      We like to see deals on CR-Vs from $500 to $2,500 below invoice (best deals are around DC). Some parts of California, like LA, have been getting $1,000 off invoice or a little bit better (Bay Area).

      Fees in California are around 10%.

      So a $25,000 car would be $27,500 OTD.

      Invoice is $26,526 on the EX-AWD so it looks like your deal was around $1,200 below invoice. So a little bit better than "good".

  • samsung2016

    Buying a used CPO 2012 CRV EX-L, 21300 miles in great shape, buying the car for $20,300 in NJ. The car was driven by older gentlemen. What do you think?
    September 4
    • stever
      Answered in your CPO discussion (good deal).
  • azdc2016
    Hi everyone. We are looking at a 2016 Honda crv touring 2wd model. Quoted 28,990 which looks like this broken down. Inv 31138.50 minus HB 638.00, minus factory 750.00, 760.00 = 28990 with included 250 for accessories. Doc fee 80.00
    govt fee 328.75, taxes 2487.02 (8.5%), Zurich or Total aftmrkt 189.00
    So out the door 32,074.77
    Original msrp 32825.00.
    Sacramento region 95816
    September 1
    • stever
      Hope you found my response in the forum at
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