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  • brian125
    @cardoc3 Neighbor ask about a trans flush / filter change in his 06 Sienna xle fwd model . At 93k He never changed before. I told him to check dip stick to see how Trans oil looks . Might be best to leave alone if dirty? He could drain fluid and if real dirty put back and seal up. Any thoughts on this tks Brian
    February 12
    • thecardoc3
      It's actually a myth to not do anything. The microscopic wear particles that are in the fluid are doing more harm than people realize. Most of the time that someone starts to suddenly wonder if servicing the transmission is a good idea or not is that they have begun to experience some type of a symptom whether they admit it or not. Servicing it might not prevent it from having an issue develop at this time, but it really doesn't out of the blue cause one. I suppose the best way to look at it as, what is going to happen, will happen, whether it is serviced or not at this point if a failure has started to occur. Some failures have the potential to be delayed or avoided if it does get serviced. .
    • brian125
  • maineflyer123
    I thought there might be a common fault like intake manifold leak on some 3.8s know what i mean? thanks for the replies,Paul
    December 2015
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  • turbo64
    And anything cardoc is leaning towards, I will push him over the edge to get it right.
    May 2015
  • scottie12
    Car Doc-I just put this on last night-and will have to pick up an unfixed car today -so anything in your experience that causes this?
    I have a 2010 HHR with 29k. Was-driving less than 20mph and the light came on-first thought I had a flat tire-sort of bounced-did not have-in addition I tried to stop and it kept going. tried to apply brakes again and seemed to not work-so I put it in 2nd gear and drove to dealership. turned off car. When salesperson drove it he said he did not find a problem with it. So I am really concerned that it will happen again and I will not be able to brake.
    Dealership called today and said can't find anything wrong-could this be a brake-rotor problem-would a problem with them affect the esc active alert? thanks for any help-I'm afraid to drive it........kathy
    May 2015
    • thecardoc3
      It would not be a brake rotor problem. At that low speed, do you ever use your left foot to apply the brakes? Even inadvertent touching of the pedal with the left foot, while the throttle is being applied can result in the system doing some undesirable things. Its a shame that you shut it off, as a technician may have been able to pull data at that point which may have provided some direction as to the cause.

      About the only other thing to ask is whether any trouble codes were recovered at all in any module in the car. The techs get paid for 18 minutes to try and find a given issue and if they go over that they are not only working for free, that non productive time hurts them when someone else reviews how much money they made the shop. So they have to see it acting up or else stop with your car and move onto one that they can confirm the issue on.
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    April 2015
  • frustrated99
    The gauges have all stopped working. I looked up on line ahwile back as to how to fix this problem and saw that if you hit the dashboard really hard with your fist the problem goes away. Tried this method a few times and it worked fine. Then that did not work. Saw a video on you-tube about how to remove the circuit cluster electronic board and solder the bad solder to fix it. I did this step and the circuit board checked out fine. Put it back together and it worked for 1 week. Now nothing works again and I don't know where to start looking next ?
    February 2015
  • rpolo
    The left rear brake has pressure and works fine ?
    January 2015
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