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  • texanmade
    Hi Michael I'm looking at leasing a 2014 Honda Accord. They offered me 500 flex cash 0 down monthly payments at 550 a month including tax and maintenance and the lease protection honda care as well . The MSRP is 35,895.37 the agreed price is 34,8897.35. The residual value is 16,959.25. This is for a 2014 honda accord exl with navigation. Thanks
    April 23
  • reg007

    It's been a long time since I dealt with Cap Cost, money factor, residual, etc. Is it okay for me to ask for your expertise in regards to leasing a specific vehicle from a Colorado dealership? In other words, I'm not sure of all the "hidden" costs that increase the monthly and out of pocket expenses and need a better understanding of all the variables. Thanks in advance.

    April 22
    • Michaell@Edmunds
      Reg - please post your specific questions in the make/model discussion .. I'll be happy to answer any questions there.
    • reg007
      I'll put my thoughts together and post it soon. Thanks!
    • reg007
      I posted a longwinded question under Lexus. Thank you!
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    April 21
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    April 18
  • a5cabrio

    Amazing feedback on the Mazda3 - following up with the dealership now, thank you!

    April 16
  • socalcommuter

    Hi there,

    I posted this in the forums but wanted to know if I should jump on this deal right away.

    I was almost set on a Civic before this last minute Prius C lease offer.

    36 months/12000 miles per year MSRP ($20,115) Selling Price ($18414) Drive off - 1st Month payment + DMV = $570Monthly payment $231 (tax included)

    My best Civic quote is about $40-50 less expensive. My question is whether the added MPG boost is worth the extra $50/month.

    April 15
  • You’re practically family.
    April 14
  • dannys1

    I just received a quote on a 528 XI sedan. Lease for 36 months. 15K miles. . List price is $58,625 which includes, premium package, cold weather and driver assist (includes heads up display). Residual is 59%($34,588.75). $1,500 credit. Discount is $3,695.00. Due at signing is $2,406.81 which includes $637.51 first month payment, $725 bank fee (plus $50.75 tax on fee), $369 Doc Fee ($25.85 tax on fee[7%]), $385 for plates, registration etc. and $215.72 excise tax. MF =.00081 (I think). I am pulling ahead the last 4 months of my lease on a 328xi. What say you on this deal?

    April 11
  • tl10

    The $559.00 payment includes Philadelphia, PA tax at 11%.

    April 9
  • tl10

    Michaell@Edmunds here is my breakdown: Here is my revise breakdown with my trade included: Q50s with Navigation, cargo & weather mats package 39 months (10K miles)/ $559.00/ Amount due $2,500.04 Retail: $48,085.00 Savings: $3,210.00 Sale Price: $44,875.00 Government Fees: $73.50 Clerical Expense:$300.00 Acquisition:$700.00 Gross Cap: $48,747.30 Trade Allowance: $22,200.00 Trade Payoff:$24,998.80 Trade Equity: -2,798.80 Cash Down: $1,942.00 Net Cap Cost: $46,805.30

    I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

    April 9
  • tree1a

    Michaell@Edmunds did I get a good deal? got a 2014 lease RX350 sticker 50,030..then added on..the bodyside mouldings, the door edge guards and the wheel package at 1,299 and the thing I like the best the front body shield 895.00 keeps paint from chipping in front of car..traded in my old lexus for 7,000 it was a 2002 and I could not get a my monthly payments will be 305.00 dollars for 27 months...did I get a good deal? I am happy

    April 8
  • tl10
    $2000.00 down for the cap and fees
    April 8
  • benhurrm

    msrp 35530, sell price 29670.

    April 8
  • ez627

    Do you know how much AudiCare is? The invoice price? Thanks again

    April 4
  • ptbb35

    Did you get any extra/ad ons on the car (wheel locks, pin stripe)?

    March 29
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